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DIY Hairz

Ezra decided he needed a haircut.

So Ezra decided to find some scissors. And did...this. 


The childhood self-haircut rite of passage.


He even went over it with the thinning shears

So the front was at least easily correctable with a short enough cut, but he also decided to take care of some random bedhead/cowlick things he had going on elsewhere. He cut them straight off at the root. We didn't know about that part until the barber finished up and noticed that...oh. Your kid has a couple bald spots now, sorry. 

But wait. Some of that hair looks kind of...blond? 


And that face looks suspiciously up to no good?





So Ike also decided to cut off a random patch of his hair, right off the top of his head, where it is currently sticking straight up and out, Little Rascals style. I thought maybe this was a sign that Ike finally wanted a shorter haircut, but nope. Nope nope nope. He just did it because Ezra did it. I coaxed him into the barber's chair for a very tiny trim that didn't really help camouflage the hacked-off portion at all, but at least his bangs are more or less straight. He was pleased with the results, however, and later stopped to admire his reflection in a window as a breeze blew his still-acceptably-long hair around. 

"I look so handsome right now," he observed. 

Well, it's a look, I guess. 



Is it wrong of me to actually really like Ezra's look? So punk awesome.


My (now 23 year old) daughter cut her bangs all the way back to the middle of her head. All the way to the scalp. She had long beautiful blonde hair, and of course, the next day was picture day. I cried......

maria reilly

were you not wanting to cut his mane so he protested?? He looks like a young man now..WOW!! beautiful little boy!!


"I look so handsome right now"

*cry-laughing emoji*

Sue W

I had a Chatty Cathy doll back in the day. I cutted mah own hairz byself to look like Chatty Cathy. Just one more reason for my mother to dislike me. She wanted me to be Shirley Temple.
I like Mighty Zah's look! Oh, and we need a Valentine's Day ring update on him please. Since he never made it to my house!


Lol, my twin girls cut each others hair for that right of passage. A short bob for each was the result, so not too bad. It definitely could have been worse. You know, I actually cannot recall Nick doing it. He's done PLENTY of other things (hello poison control!) but not the hair.


Those big bown eyes are just the cuetest! Lovely boys!

Be thankful its just hairs:)
My 8 year old has taken to chopping up his school uniform.(we live Ireland most school have them) Snip snip snip at random bits... pants... jumper... hoodie - all crested and kinda expensive!! Also he is the oldest so it was totally supposed to be handed down to this brothers.
Very difficult to contain the rage!! :) AAHHHHH

Angela G

I had a dream last night wherein my 4 year old- who has the most lovely waist length honey blonde hair cut her hair up to her scalp in the back, and maybe cut the baby's beautiful dark curls off too? This led me to ask why I care so much about their hair as to have nightmares about it?!


My 6yo cut her own hair, once twice, over and over again, until I ended up at the hairdressers the day we left to see my mother, watching my baby girl get a buzz cut. Good times.
(Actually, she took one look in the mirror, and with eyes shining wide, declared it "perfect!" So you go, girl. Be you. But leave the scissors alone.
And she des the clothes thing, too. Sigh,)


My 4 year old found the clippers - and buzzed a row from front to back - all the way to the bone! He thought he looked fabulous and was shocked that the rest had to be buzzed off. Wore a hat to preschool for a week straight! Has not, and will never, try that again!

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