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Sinking Ships, Both Real & Allegorical

It's Friday! Therefore, time for what doesn't happen quite enough to constitute a "tradition" but happens just enough to maybe be a "thing," here are some  photos I took this week that didn't quite find their way into their own post. 

Did you know they made a Broadway musical about the Titantic? Like a TAKES ITSELF SUPER SERIOUSLY LES MIZ-STYLE OPERATIC SPECTACLE MULTIPLE TONY AWARD WINNING musical?  That opened the same year as Titanic: The Movie came out has absolutely nothing to do with Titanic: The Movie? Much like David S. Pumpkins, it's its ownnnn thang.

I somehow had no idea, and probably would have accused you of lying presenting alternative facts, but now I can confirm it does exist, as I have seen Titanic: The Musical with my own eyes. 

(Not on Broadway, obviously. But in Northern Virginia, OBVIOUSLY.)


(I do not think I was supposed to take this picture. Do not tell anyone, especially the Internet.)

My review: The staging was impressively 100% amazing, especially since the original Broadway production was NOT designed for this small, theater-in-the-round 360° setup. The cast was uniformly excellent, as was the orchestra, which somehow managed to cram onto a tiny gangplank near our seats: 


(I nearly tripped four times just getting up here; God bless the soul who had to lug a HARP.)

On the other hand, I cannot remember a single solitary song or melody, other than one early on that included the lyric TIIIIII-TANNNNNNN-IC. A bit on the nose, perhaps?

Also, spoiler alert: Giant floating metaphor for man's hubris hits symbolic iceberg and everybody dies.

Unless they were rich or had a convenient romantic plotline late in the first act. 


This was out in the lobby. I took this picture for Noah who was like, "Okay yeah a boat that's cool I guess." JEEZ TOUGH CROWD.


This was in the stairwell. Coincidence? If so, 10pts good job universe. If not, points to sneaky theater person, you're doing the lord's work. 

(God. Does anyone even remember the whole "CARNAGE!" stuff anymore? It was like 17,232 Twitter newscycles ago. This felt like a HOT FRESH TAKE when my friend took the picture; then again I'm still quoting SNL sketches from Halloween so obviously topical humor is not my forte.)

Anyway. This is fine. Beau is fine.


(Okay, this picture is technically cheating because I already Instagrammed it, but I need to include it here because I have yet to capture a more IT ME facial expression than this one. I am this face, this face is all of us, and all of us need to stop reading the news so close to bedtime.) 



I saw Titanic at Kennedy center years okay and it was AWFUL. I understand that this is a redo and is better.


Can we meme this picture up?


Snort! Thanks for the David Pumpkins reminder!

Cheryl S.

I saw Titanic the musical YEARS ago. It is the only show I have every walked out of. It was beyond awful. We left at intermission.

Sounds like maybe they've revamped it.

Fraulein N

I do remember David S. Pumpkins (and yeah, it still makes me laugh), but I do not remember the CARNAGE thing at all. Or maybe I never saw it while it was hot? Lord, I don't know. Twitter moves so fast.

Auntie G

The Forbidden Broadway parody of this show is...much better than this show. The "Wake Up! Wake Up!" number in Act II makes me laugh inappropriately.


My daughter and husband were in this musical at our local community theatre. It was actually pretty good but felt a bit of a letdown because they did Les Miz the year before.


Haha at the bottom of this post the ad displayed to me is for some baby store and showed many baby products, an adorable but surprised baby, and the headline "FREE BABY SAMPLES" -- I did not know that was a thing! Would we all have fewer kids had we only been able to try the sampler platter first?! Anyway, thought you might appreciate the laugh that it certainly gave me!


David S. Pumpkins, yessss!

"And the skeletons are...?"



"American Carnage is the name of Donald’s newest aftershave, which combines top notes of Bengay and Purell with a heady rush of Metamucil, the digestive powder that Donald also uses as a bronzer."

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