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The Last Six

Six years ago today, our family was officially made complete.

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Six years ago today, we welcomed the funniest, sunniest little boy on the planet into our lives. 


Today I sent him off to his almost-last day of kindergarten with a hastily put together "special birthday snack" to share with his friends. 


It is, embarrassingly, just 22 plastic sandwich bags with only five or six Doritos each, because that was the only store-bought, nut-free snack we had on hand that was both unopened and non-stale. Because I completely forgot about the special birthday snack. Until Ike reminded me last night, and I watched his face fall as he recognized the signature OH SHIT expression on mine. 


It's hard to be the Baby Ike, sometimes.

He was actually thrilled about the Doritos, since I think he's only ever had them at parties, or perhaps as someone else's special birthday snack. "My friends are going to LOVE these chips," he declared confidently as we packed them up. (It came out more as my fwends are going to WUV deez chips, which of course we're working on, but dang it the lisp just makes everything he says sound even cuter.)


He's much better about eating his dinner now. He loves helping us cook it, too,



He takes it very seriously, and loves point out to his brothers exactly what he made. Then he watches their faces expectantly while they taste it, anxiously waiting for their approval.

His big brothers mean a lot to him.

   IMG_20170514_144632 (1)

They drive each other crazy, of course, with Ezra and Ike alternating wildly between squabbling/tattling/IIIII-KKKKKEEEEEEE-as-a-seven-syllable-wording....and being "best buddies" who sleep in the same bed at night. (Because that keeps bad dreams from happening.) 

Noah and Ike don't really play together much, but Noah super patiently taught Ike how to play Minecraft this year He's proud of how good his little brother is at it now. Ike loves anything and everything that Noah likes. (Which is sweet, but means Ike is more into crap like this than say, good ol' Blues Clues or Sesame Street.) 

They all still treat bumping into each other at school like it's a rare celebrity sighting. They're apparently even allowed to jump out of line to give each other hugs, because the teachers are all endlessly delighted by The Storch Boys Who Hug Each Other.

 IMG_20170519_180559 (1)

Happy sixth birthday, Big Kid Baby Ike.

(Thanks for letting us still call you Baby Ike from time to time.)

(And no, he still doesn't want a haircut. That's fine too.)



i always kind of eyeroll comments where people are all "wow can't believe your kid is x age, etc." since we don't really know each other but dang, can't believe that little guy is 6 already. happy birthday!

Amy Perry

Have to agree with Janine -- I can't believe Ike is 6 already! I've followed you since before Erza was born and even I feel like your kids are just getting too old! Happy birthday to Ike. Thank you for sharing your family with us. <3


Happy birthday Ike! You're one awesome kid!


I have also been reading since before Ike was born, and I remember checking out the blog multiple times a day waiting for an imminent announcement! Happy birthday big kid baby Ike! (Are you sure it's not *Noah* who's 6?? Or Ezra maybe???)


Aw! Happy Birthday to Ike! He's such a cutie and sibling love is awesome. (It probably makes all the sibling fighting worth it, but I can only say that because I'm away from it right now. Ask me later tonight and I may have another answer.)


happy big #6 Big Kid Baby Ike!

(thus begins my 6 week countdown to Avery's 6th birthday - Ike's always kicks off my party panic)
Off to Amazon some shit :)


Our littlest who completed our family turned 5 last November, and I always told our three that 5 was when you weren't a baby any longer --- you are officially a 'little kid.' Well, with the last one I had to caveat, you aren't a BABY anymore, but you'll always be MY baby. Sweet pictures and I love the stories of his and your life.


They're so darn cute!! Happy birthday, Ike!

Sue W

Happy Six, Baby Kid Almost A Teenager Ike! I hope 6 is a great year for you!


So now I'm crying because I was pregnant with my first baby when you had Ike (and I'd been reading your blog fooooorrrevvver) and now I'm pregnant with my last baby and just holy crap. Sunrise/Sunset and all that. Even though I know the next few years with 3 kids will be crazy-town I feel like I'm going to blink and this guy will be finishing kindergarten. I hope my kids hug when they see each other at school.


Man, I still remember the post when you announced that Ezra was on the way and now *Ike* is SIX?! Holy wow. Happy birthday to him! :) <3


Happy birthday sweet boy! He still was the biggest eyed baby I've seen! So adorbs! It's weird that he is 6 becuase my OLDEST is 6.... and I thought Ike was a baby.... hmm... *does not compute*

Heather Laura Clarke

I LOVE The Storch Boys Who Hug Each Other. Totally worth letting them out of line for that kind of cuteness!


No, YOU'RE crying! Baby Ike getting big just reminds me of my baby getting big - his 4th birthday is next month, maybe I can talk him into stopping there?
Big hugs to big kid Ike! Happy Birthday!



And he is just so flipping adorable. How do you not eat him up?


Happy Birthday Ike! I still have a pavlovian response to your sons birthday posts because so for so many years you had those photo montages set to music.....as soon as I see a birthday post my throat catches and I start to tear up and make the ugly cry face. While I am glad to no longer sit at my desk and cry at work through no fault of my own, I do miss those birthday videos.

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