Look Out We Got Some Middle-Aged Badasses Over Here







This is Poppi! (That's her rescue name that may or may not stick; we've yet to come to a consensus on any other one suggestion.) She's a teeny tiny little five-month-old puppy baby who already has 20 pounds on Beau. She's going to be a bit...uh, bigger than the hamsters and ferrets we like to pass off as dogs around here. 


We knew She Was It probably 30 seconds after meeting her. We've introduced Beau to a LOT of adoptable dogs over the past month -- we never met one who was his instant BFF like this girl. They were off leash together in our backyard after 10 minutes or so and were clearly perfect playmates for each other. 

She's a pittie mix...our guess is either Dalmatian or Labrador, but who knows, who really cares. She is sweet as a pie that you take one bite of and then say, "this pie is way too damn sweet, like dial it back on the sweet, PIE."


She's been in foster care since she was around eight weeks old (was a shelter puppy before that). She lived with multiple cats and dogs (including one with a spinal injury and a wheelchair, so she's truly a gentle little/big thing), plus three children under the age of five, because her foster mom was a goddamn saint and/or even crazier than us.  She's a bit pudgy thanks to those food-dropping toddlers, but something tells me she won't have too much trouble slimming down around here, even with a daily feast of Floor Cheerios. 



Beau couldn't ask for a better buddy. She has that endless puppy energy but is super submissive (aka Will Tolerate Head Humping) and laid back. They wrestled and tussled and ran around for hours and hours and HOURS, until they were both clearly exhausted and ready to drop but still refused to stop with the wrestling and tussling. I enforced very early bedtimes for everyone last night. 


(She's DYING to play with the cats but so far is okay with them keeping their distance. Unless Beau chases one of them like an asshole. Then she'll follow his lead because we haven't had the talk about peer pressure with her yet.)

There was a point yesterday when she realized her foster people were gone and maybe not coming back. That was a sad little point. She didn't really want to be around anybody, all of a sudden. 


(Or maybe she just liked the way the air conditioning floor vent felt on her butt?)

20170704_223000137_iOS 20170704_223000137_iOS

We let her be for a little while after that.


That part is hard, little girl. We get it. 


But she's really settling in well. I'd really prepped for a much tougher/more gradual transition this time around, but she's just so super chill and happy to go with whatever flow we have going. Everybody loves her already (duh). The boys can't get over how cuddly and affectionate she is with them already, and find that classic I Have No Idea How Big I Am But Am Certain I Fit On Even The Smallest Of Laps thing to be endlessly hilarious.

Beau was a bit of a grumpy old man this morning when he realized she was still here...he's having sharing issues with his toys and chews (which we did anticipate -- his favorite chews still trigger a bit of defensiveness and he tends to hoard them) and he is understandably a bit jealous of all the attention she's getting. We're trying to compensate and spoil him a bit, but he was clearly irritated by her continued presence when he first woke up. She kept begging to play and he kept ignoring her...for all of maybe an hour and a half.

Then they were back to running around out back and having a grand old time. 


I'm so happy she found us. Welcome home, baby girl! 




YAY and AWWWWWWW but please stop making me want a doggo. Please?


She's beautiful! And so lucky to have found such a wonderful home. Congratulations!

Heather Laura Clarke



Aww. Congratulations!

C Hend

I think your dog's name is Pie. :)


Geez, way to make me cry Any! Seriously, I'm verklempt over here.

I'm so happy for all of you guys! I can't wait to read about her adventures with your family. :')


Congratulations! She looks like a giant compared to your other pets. I look forward to hearing hehat the cats think of her.


I also think Pie is her name.


She's beautiful.


Poppi Pie!

She is beautiful and sweet and I'm happy your furry family is complete.


My pit bull and I approve!

And what about Piper?


Leia! It goes with the theme of the others and is a bit of a tribute.


Congratulations, and I second Leia (or Pie, or maybe I just want pie right now).

Katie H.

She's ADORBS! So glad you... wait... SHE FOUND YOU! It's all a circle of life thing. I can't believe the's only 5 months old - gonna big a big girl!


So happy for you, Storch family!


She is SO CUTE!

I'd love to hear more about your decision to adopt a pit bull mix. I grew up in an area where pit bulls were raised/abused and were often violent, through no fault of their own.

But I've read nothing but good things about them as pets and our shelter is filled with them and they are tempting. But I'm leery just because of their (probably unearned) reputation.


Bella! (means Beautiful)


Yay!!!! Welcome home sweet girl!!!! What about "Belle"? It fits with Beau's frenchy sounding name! Or is that too confusing if both doggos have B names? Hmmm


Yaaaaaaay!!! All the yay! We brought our pittie mix home almost a year ago (she joined our 4 year old lab mix) and it was the best decision we've ever made. Congratulations! Also, Poppi is an adorable name and I want to kiss her sweet face because I'm weird and kiss other people's dogs.


She is precious. And that sad dog in the corner photo made my heart hurt.


Congratulations! She's wonderful and her sweetness shines through. Here's to many, many fine doggie adventures ahead!

Mary Casey

I just added a second dog to my household (a blind treeing walker coonhound...I am even crazier than you guys are), and my original dog is still kind of wondering what is going on. He's very patient with his new housemate, but he also almost rolls his eyes at me sometimes, like, "Really? What is WITH this guy?" And my cat is spending a lot of time on the back of the couch or on the stairs, peering down at them (judgmentally, I imagine) from above.

Yay for a new dog for you! I have been looking forward to this (inasmuch as you can look forward to some IIFs getting a new dog so that you can read funny stories about their household after the new addition).


We may disagree on politics but we are in total agreement with doggy love and pitties are the best. Two of my sons have pits and the third has a mix. There names are Oskie, Charlie and Ceaser. They are awesome dogs and my heart hurts sometimes because I love them so much. Congrats

Cassandra Sanchez

We have a rescue pittie too and she is THE best dog we have ever had!!! Enjoy her! I definitely think her name should be Poppi Pie!!! ❤️


She has to be named Ginger Pye of course! ☺️


Congrats! She's sweet as pie indeed. Just a word, from one pittie owner to another - if there starts to be a problem, with Beau or the kids or the cats or unknown dogs or whatever - get a trainer in ASAP. early intervention can make all the difference. Also follow "Bad Rap" on facebook for lots of cute pittie pictures, training info, etc!

Sue W.

Miss Poppi is so cute! I'm in with the Poppi Pie naming group, although I DO like Leia. No matter, she will be loved no matter WHAT you call her! Welcome to the family, sweet girl.


as the proud mommy to two fabulous/hilarious/crazee pit rescues? YAY, YAY, YAY!!! :)

lucky girl...so glad she found y'all!!!

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