Believe it or not, I have real thoughts. And opinions. About things! And I would like nothing more in the world than to spend some time putting these thoughts and opinions (about things! actual real-life things!) into words. Sentences even. But Noah won't take a nap. He screamed in his crib for a very long time, and when I poked my head in to make sure everything was okay he put his arms out for me and did this breathing-in sobby thing, and I am sorry, but YOU try being a Nap Hardass when YOUR kid does the breathing-in sobby thing. I'm out. So instead of my words about things,* I present a few of Noah's words about things. Noah Talks from amalah (We really have unpacked all the boxes, more or less. That's our new patio furniture (from Target, of course) that was just delivered this week. Okay, maybe last week. Okay, maybe you just need to quit with the judging right now.) *Things that may or may not include whether we should do Clomid again and/or just how much turkey bacon one person can consume in one day before it's considered excessive. Read more →