Lazy Thursday Photo Round-Up

WRITER'S BLOCK. DAMN IT. I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING INTERESTING TO WRITE ABOUT. BUT NOT WRITING MEANS I SHOULD FIND SOMETHING TO CLEAN AND/OR TAKE A SHOWER AND I DON'T FEEL LIKE DOING EITHER OF THOSE THINGS. WHY AM I YELLING. HEY LET'S LOOK AT SOME RANDOM PHOTOS FROM MY PHONE. One of the many blurry photos that still fail to fully capture the spirit of the boys' favorite game, "Everybody Jump Off The Arm Of The Couch And Pile Up On Mom." Play it today with your own 140+ pounds' worth of boy-children! Ike diagnosed me with a bad case... Read more →


Jason and the boys are pretty into the World Cup. I am...sometimes in the room while the games are on. I can appreciate the whole thing — especially if we're out viewing it at a family-friendly dining establishment that boasts an excellent beer selection and decent fries, so I can feel like we're all bonding while also stuffing my face for 90+ solid minutes — but my overall enthusiasm for/interest in soccer remains at this level: But watching the games has definitely sparked the boys' (previously tepid-to-nonexistent) interest in the game, and they've been dragging the soccer goals and ball... Read more →

The Week's Stunning Accomplishments

1) Get ready to be wildly impressed, because it's been quite a week. Obviously. 2) I gave my children over to the cult of Minecraft in exchange for not being bothered for the next 48 solid hours. Noah played Minecraft for the first time at a friend's house last weekend, and went predictably nuts over it. At least, I assume that's a predictable reaction? Minecraft seems to be one of those things that every kid his age is going nuts over, and another one of those things that pushes me deeper and deeper into Uncool Mom Territory, because Noah goes... Read more →

Ready For Our Close-Up

Back in May, we had another lovely family photo session with the lovely Wendy of Blue Lily Photography. Our shoot was in Rock Creek Park in the early evening, so we decided to head into the city a little early and get dinner at our favorite pizza spot. We all got dressed up, spruced up, and made it to the restaurant just in time to beat the dinner rush and snag a big table in the back. As soon as we sat down, I surveyed my dapperly dressed offspring and was like, oh, shit. I'd had them all wear their... Read more →

School Year Scorecard, Three Kids Version

In honor of today, Ezra and Ike's first official day of summer vacation, and Noah's second-to-last day of second grade (an occasion we already marked by accidentally oversleeping until 15 minutes before it was time to catch the bus), let's review how we did this year, logistically speaking: (All results are estimates, except for the ones that are not.) Number of times we missed the bus: One Number of times we almost-but-not-quite missed the bus: Way more than that Boxes of cereal consumed by children: Epic Gallons of milk consumed by children: Mind-boggling Bananas consumed by children: There's probably an... Read more →

A Is For Awesome

It figured, I guess. After a fantastic week of zig, it was time to zag. Noah came home on Thursday (post-poetry reading, which was ADORABLE) with a big fat envelope of assessment results. And there it is. I've been trying to write about this since Friday, I've started and stopped and deleted huge scads of text and then CTRL-Z'd them back because they seemed like better than nothing. I finally just started over this morning; apologies if this mostly turns out to be disjointed and rambling. Not long after the psychiatrist finally said the word "Autism" out loud to me... Read more →

Halp I Can't Stop Eating All The Biscuits

Happy day after Mother's Day, y'all! I hope your Sunday morning celebrations were dispatched with ruthless efficiency. And maybe some extra butter on your toast. My Mother's Day actually started on Saturday night, very late, at a very, very (veryveryvery) inconvenient moment when one of my children barged into our bedroom to find out if it was midnight yet, and thus, "time for Mother's Day hugs." Me: NO IT IS NOT. DO NOT TURN ON THAT LIGHT DO NOT COME ANY CLOSER GO BACK TO BED. I was much more welcoming of the hugs the next morning. We'd agreed on... Read more →

Strepped Out

Noah's been sick since Saturday. Another round of strep, milder this time, but still. STILL. When trying to decide what topic to write about yesterday, and ranking the thrilling options on a scale of "That'll Do, Pig" to "gurl no1 currr," I typed "sick" into my blog's search field, just to see. Over 700 results, 10 solid pages of posts, 10 posts to a page, and every single one another repetive riff on someone in the household being sick. Colds, fevers, stomach bugs, viruses, flus and infections of all colors and stripes. Quite a few (DOZENS) of them are basically... Read more →

Lowered Eggspectations

So here's what you missed, during the Great Blog Outage of a Few Days of 2014: Me as a real-time walking exhibit of Pinterest Fail, because I decided to get obsessive over Easter eggs for some reason. Easter is not my holiday jam. I always forget about it, and when it comes on the heels of a week-long break from school I'm generally just sort of over life in general. My own mom used to go All Out for Easter — baskets were like a mini-Christmas morning! there was a cake shaped like a bunny and a big fancy meal... Read more →

We're Home! Now I Need A Vacation.

Greetings from slightly-more-than-halfway-through Spring Break 2014, which shall forever be known as the time I decided it would be a good idea to go back to Colonial Williamsburg for a couple (non-sponsored, on our own dime) days. Despite what you may have read elsewhere, let me assure you that attendance levels at Colonial Williamsburg are JUST FINE, BORDERING ON BEYOND BONKERS right now. Since our last trip was solidly in the low season, we arrived with a false sense of confidence and at a distinct disadvantage to everyone else, who showed up with things like "plans" and "dinner reservations" and... Read more →