To Amy From Dad

This post is sponsored by Legacybox. After my dad died and my mom downsized to an apartment, I inherited multiple bags and boxes of family albums, loose photos, random clippings and mementos. I believe the idea was that as I am laughingly (lolingly) considered to be one of the more "tech savvy" types in the family, I was best suited for the task of scanning and digitizing the sprawling heaps of ephemera. That...never happened. You're shocked, I know. I went through everything and did my best to sort it into categories, but ultimately it all returned to the various bags... Read more →

The Month of Too Much Pizza

This post is sponsored by Blue Apron. We skipped three straight weeks of Blue Apron during the kitchen remodel. We didn't want to, especially since each of those weeks would've included at least one of our all-time favorite meals from last year, plus something new that we were dyyyyyyying to try. (Queso and pepper arepas, anyone?) But, you know. NO KITCHEN. We took a couple weak stabs at using the grill, but even that only worked if the meal required little to no prep work, which we were doing on the dining room table, surrounded by clutter and construction dust.... Read more →

For the Next Time You Feel Like Dipping Potato Chips In Chocolate Ice Cream

This post is sponsored by LOLA. GO AWAY BOYS. THIS POST IS ABOUT LADY BUSINESS. So here's a thing that happens to me. Tell me if this happens to you. I realize I am running dangerously low on a Certain Essential Item. I make a mental note to purchase Certain Essential Item the next time I'm at the store. Fast forward to the next time I am at the store: There's a thing that I need. What was that thing? I feel like it was important OH LOOK THERE'S A SALE ON GOLDFISH AND SCENTED CANDLES. And then I come... Read more →

Get Your Prep On

This post is sponsored by Blue Apron. (Tomato, watermelon & farro salad with seared halloumi) In the comments on my last post for Blue Apron, a few of you cried foul on the claim that all the recipes can all be made in under 45 minutes, and wanted to know if I was some kind of knife skills wizard, or if I was just straight up lying like a dirty lying liar, a fraud, a cog in the Blue Apron Misinformation Machine. To which I say, calm your tin foiled butts, I don't cook with a stopwatch running, maybe sometimes... Read more →

The Bed in a Box That’s Now In My Office

This post is sponsored by Leesa. Stay tuned for big ol' discount at the end! Somewhere (admittedly low) on our New House Features priority list, was space for a proper, grown-up guest bedroom. Our friends and family have endured years of sleeper sofas and futons, less-than-ideal bathroom set-ups and minimal privacy. I really hoped we might end up with a house that at least allowed us to offer them a room with an actual door. That's a tall order for a family of five, especially since any bonus bedroom or den would need to serve as my office. So it... Read more →

Ceiba vs. Carpet

This post is sponsored by BarkBox. YO FELLOW DAWGS. CHECK OUT MY NEW CRIB. So we're not the only ones who got a new house. In preparation for moving Ceiba into a place chock full 'o carpet (because Ceiba likes to pee on carpet, loves to pee on carpet, is valedictorian of peeing on carpet), we decided to try re-crate training her while still at the old house. I admit I wasn't really sure how to go about crate training an older dog, especially since the LAST THING I wanted to do was stress her out right before the move... Read more →

Snacks on the Road

This post is sponsored by NatureBox. So a long long time ago (I can still remember) when planning out possible topics for another NatureBox post, I decided I would write something workout and weightlifting related. Maybe go through my routines, and then talk about the diet changes I’ve made (no more hardcore calorie restrictions for this gal) and my favorite pre- and post-workout snacks (carbs first, protein after). Which conveniently, I get delivered from NatureBox! See? Easy post that writes itself! Maybe I could try my hand at some super #inspirational #fitness #selfies. (Turns out I’m not the sort of... Read more →


This post is sponsored by A couple weeks ago, I bought some flowers. For myself. In the grand tradition of Treat Yo Self, I ordered not one, but TWO giant bouquets of gloriously happy-colored flowers. I ordered two because I received two promo codes as part of the compensation for this post, although I THINK MAYBE TECHNICALLY they gave me two codes so I could send a bouquet to someone else. Yeah. Screw that. (oooohhhh) (ahhhhh) However, I was kind and generous enough to write myself a note to accompany my flowers: Dear Self of Next Week, Congratulations of... Read more →

Cooking is My Constant

This post is sponsored by Blue Apron. If I may brag a little, just for a moment (lolololol), I am pretty proud that in spite of all the bonkers-level craziness of the past month, I've managed to keep life fairly stable and predictable for the kids. True, we weren't able to spring for a ton of camps or trips to the beach this summer, but we had lots of playtime and fun in the backyard, bubbles and running through the sprinkler and making the most out of a $10 inflatable kiddie pool. And family dinners out on the back deck... Read more →

Our Week Without Blue Apron

This post is sponsored by Blue Apron. Since we signed up for Blue Apron last summer, we’ve only skipped a small handful of weeks. Usually because of holidays and travel schedules, when we knew we wouldn’t be able to prepare the meals when the ingredients were still super fresh. We skipped a week this month because we were going to have a string of back-to-back weeknight plans, so it didn’t make sense to have three meals’ worth of ingredients sitting in the fridge until the weekend. Besides, Jason said, he had a few recipes bookmarked he’d like to try the... Read more →