It's AIM-ah-lah, Seriously.

I'm Amy. Hiya.

I live somewhere in the general whereabouts of Washington, DC with my foodie/techie/hottie husband Jason, our Siamese cat Max and our Miniature Pinscher dog Ceiba (SAY-bah). .

Oh! Right. I also had a baby recently more than one whole goddamned year ago oh my hell. His name is Noah, and dude. I don't even know where to begin in telling you how amazing he is. That's pretty much all this website is about nowadays. Is a compulsion, far beyond my control. Sorry.

(But not really.)

This website chronicles some really pointless times in my life when I would post drunk and take pictures of my shoes. There was a brief interlude of about a hundred million entries about being pregnant, then a bunch of tantrums about breastfeeding, and now it's back to drunk posts about shoes. All full-circle-like.

I was an editor for a financial publishing company until about 10 minutes ago. Now I'm all freelancing, baby.

I write a "best-of" blog for called Mom's Daily Dose. I affectionately call it the Quaalude Blog: The One I Am Not Allowed To Curse On. Yes, I get paid to read blogs and then write about my favorites. Yes, I am a Terrifying and All-Powerful Blogging Overlord. Yes, I have a wish list, why do you ask? (So does Noah.) (If you are the type of hatemailer who gets all bent out of shape about wish lists, please disregard the previous two sentences.)

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I write an advice column called the Advice Smackdown. I used to write it for this site, but now it's over at They let me curse, except for the F-word. Questions about pretty much anything are accepted, although most of them tend to be about hair products. I have a lot of hair products, although I do not claim to have good hair or to know anything about anything, ever. Send your deep personal (or hair) problems to

The ads on this website will help pay for Noah's future therapy for being a baby of the blog era.

I love Coach bags, TiVo, Indian food and very high heels. I hate parking lots, picky eaters and unsolicited assvice. I am absolutely terrified of volcanoes.

Oh, and it's pronounced AIM-ah-lah. With a long A, like Amy, with a little "a lah" noise on the end. I know! First the dog's baffling name, now this. Amalah does not rhyme with koala or momalah. It's a Yiddish nickname, and it's pretty if you say it right. If you say it wrong, I will glare at you and possibly sigh tiredly. Then I'll shrug my shoulders and tell you it doesn't matter, because even my mom says it wrong.