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TiVo Betrayal

Woke up this morning and was absolutely beside myself with glee when I discovered that TiVo had recorded an old ep of Absolutely Fabulous for me last night.  TiVo, sweetie darling, how did you know?

So after finally chasing Jason away from his zillion old Star Trek episodes (Starring! Captain! James T. Kirk and a cast! Of!  Thousands!) I settled down to watch the Brit-style drunken debauchery of Edina and Patsy and secretly note how similar my friends and I can be to them sometimes...and...and...

ROSEANNE??  The hell?  Damn you Oxygen channel!  Not only does 99% of your programming suck but you mislabel Roseanne as Absolutely Fabulous??

Hate, hate, HATE you so much.  It was supposed to be the ep in Morocco where they sell Saffy into white slavery and then have all sorts of hashish-induced visions INCLUDING the one where we find out Pats may have possibly been a man for a period of time. And instead you give me a post-shark-jump Roseanne wih the wrong Becky and everything.

You hear me Oxygen?  HATE!


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