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When Pop Tarts Remake the Classics

Ok, so I'll admit Mandy Moore is kind of cute...and while she appears to be a perfectly capable actress, are they seriously trying to sell her as the heir apparent to Audrey Hepburn? (Though she's probably better than the godawful Hepwitt.)  What's with this teenybopper remake of Roman Holiday they're advertising?

"Aw, look at the poor president's daughter. She works so hard being all proper and diplomatic and just wants to have a little fun with a cute boy and his moped!"

Somewhere, right now, a pitch meeting is going on at some second-rate entertainment rag..."Hey! Why don't we get the Bush twins to write a review of the new Mandy Moore movie!"

And it must be stopped.



I am upset about this posting because I thought it was going to be about chocolate fudge, blueberry iced, or cinnamon (Pop Tarts that is...the world's perfect food).


How dare you criticize the Great Amalah's postings, Very Jewish/Very Crazy Girl...and after she gave you that nice spider plant for Hanukkah too!

Oh, by the way, that Toll House cookie/candy bar thing? Most delicious thing I have ever tasted.

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