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By popular demand (one person, but that's all it takes around here), the interview went fan-tab-u-lous. Getting me an assistant y'all. And she already lurves me.

Although everyone gave me great suggestions for interview behavior (all involving the Muppet finger puppets, oddly enough), I kinda winged it. (Wung it? See, this is why I need an assistant.) I sort of cleaned my office, but still couldn't find her resume under the pile o' crap on my desk at first. Then I misplaced the list of standard interview bullshit I'd been given, and I dropped my pen and kinda dinged my head on my desk when I was getting it.

Endearing though, right?

Anyway, we talked and tawwked and she seems smart and eager and bored out of her mind at her current job. So yeah, plenty of life and soul to suck out in the months to come.

And! Then! My boss's boss's boss stopped by to tell that when he talked to her, all she'd talked about was me! Me! Meeeeee! That she was interested in the job before but then she met me and I was so funny and nice and smart and totally where she wants to be so I could totally be a mentor and she could learn a lot and like, just totally. She wants the job. Rawk.

So hopefully she's not totally psycho and/or directly after my job. Because God help me, I'll sic the Muppet posse after her.



That's awesome! Glad it went well...and I hope you don't have to break out the finger puppets. That could get messy.


Three words: All About Eve.

Watch your back, missy.


I am glad to hear how well the interview went. Seems as though you really made an impression on that gal. Just watch your back. Then again, maybe she was being totally and honestly sincere!

Never hurts to have someone else give you high praise to the big boss!! Good luck!

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