The Metrorail Commandments, Fin
Soap Scum

8 Things

1) It’s Friday! Much rejoicing, blah.

2) Two of the meanest freaking geese ever have taken up residence in my parking garage at work. They strut around and make a racket and honk honk honk all the livelong day. Also: Bird shit. Everywhere. And as I was walking in from my car this morning I passed them. Innocently. I mean the birds no ill will. I don’t want to steal their nest. I didn’t even look at the girl goose. But then the boy goose freaking charged at me. Wings wide open, honking like hell…running right at me. So what did I do when threatened by a goose? I ran like the scared little chicken I am. Fast. And I may have shrieked a little bit.

3) Ok, and for everyone who freaked out on my behalf over my boss reading this site, let me back up on the drama queenness. VP Mike is cool, dawgs. I'm totally down with him reading. Like once? He threw a party and invited the whole team over for Maryland crabs. I love me some crabs. And there were Jello shots there, people. Jello shots. He rocks. He also sent me an email yesterday with the subject line “You’re Not Fired…Not Yet Anyway.” See? Cool.

This would also be a good time to point out that I really don’t do too much work-related kvetching on this site. Work is work, and I actually like my job and about 63.5% of my coworkers. All the work trash-talk can be found on my other site,, or in my upcoming tell-all book about the seedy underside of financial newsletter publishing. Neither of which exist. Yet. Either way, send money!

4) Lots more parts to The Bold and The Bloglicious saga have arrived. Please see sidebar for more hilarity, purple pouting and lots of in-jokes.

5) Eve³ brought Krispy Kremes today. Oh my gawd. Straight from heaven, that girl.

6) I have a five-page paper on conflict resolution due on Sunday. Have I started it? Hell no.

7) Any "Casual Friday" that still requires me to wear heels, stockings and dryclean-only pants is NOT CASUAL. Oooh look at me! I’m not wearing a jacket! Look at me go with my crazy-casual dress slacks and sweater with NO JACKET! Anarchy, I tell you.

8) Oh my GOD I have a paper DUE in TWO DAYS that I have NOT STARTED.



I would like to point out that the B&B can be used as research for your conflict resolution paper. And how fun would it be to end every sentence in "Yo"?

And? You may not be getting fired, but could you please have Mike fire me?? I have no boss and I'm doing a shitty job bossin' myself around.


The Bold and the Blogilicious?

Do i get a part?


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