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Alright Already

Annoyance Doesn't Take a Vacation

La la la, at home today, taking my very first personal day in like, ever.

Plan for the day:

1) Sleep the FUCK IN.
2) Wake up, go online and find that dozens more people submitted movies for the B&B auditions.
2) Check email for final section of group school project that was supposed to sent to me on Wednesday by group member #4.
3) Put all parts of school project together, apply my super-editing-powers, email it off to our group's long-lost fifth member who hasn't done a goddamned thing but claims to be a good editor because she "edited my high school newspaper!" Fine, bitch, edit away.
4) Pop-Tarts.
5) Take the WRX in for 15,000 mile service. Get better service than I got here.
6) Doctor's appointment. Blood-letting. Out-of-pocket lab tests. Grr.
7) Simpsons Hit & Run.

The day so far:

1) Woke up at 7 a.m. Was spotted and outed as awake by cat. Was permanently awaken by cat with the crying and the pacing and the jumping on my head.
2) Not. A. One. You have the weekend. Get cracking.
3) Did not receive final part of project from mysterious group member #4. Seethed. Realized I'm going to spend all weekend waiting for this. Tattled to the rest of the group. So there.
4) We have no Pop-Tarts.

I might as well be at work, I'm having that much fun. If you need me, I'll be downstairs kicking and running over Springfieldians.



Run over people a few times for me. Friggin' husband TURNED off the alarm this morning and I woke up 30 minutes before I had to be at work.

i'm sooooo divorcing his ass. just watch me.


Oh no! Do I try to do another installment of B&B? Or do I work and try not get my ass fired today?

Decisions, decisions...


We know the truth, Amy. You're standing in front of your mirror practicing your ass dusting technique.



might as well be at work??!! come on now..even without the poptarts work is never preferable to being lazy at home on the couch with a remote/tivo in hand.. loving max in your lap..


Your day is remarkably like mine. Well, minus the crack use and beastiality magazines. But it's just a hobby.


Oh my...I woke up Pop-Tartless this morning and it wasn't a pleasant experience. Apologies for not submitting any additional episodes but I figured two might be enough...and I was really busy with that whole work thing (I know, that's no excuse).

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