Annoyance Doesn't Take a Vacation

Alright Already

Gah! So sorry peeps...I wrote this last night and then accidently saved it as a draft instead of pulishing an idiot. A very, very cranky idiot. So step off. See? There I go. I didn't mean that. I love! I love!

Sorry to have kept all, like, five of you in suspense, but today? Crazy. Insane. In the membrane.

No, Lauren and I actually received a very happy number of submissions for our Bold & The Bloglicious casting call...most of you were shy and just emailed them and seriously? You people crack us up. No need to be are funny and loved and all that.

But unfortunately, a winner had to be chosen. And that winner is...dum da da DUM...

Chris of!

(And the crowd goes wild!)

Chris submitted two of which was admittedly just meh, but one of which was the shiznit. It had porn. It had a sumo wrestler. It had a movie-within-a-movie called "Forrest Hump."

Part One
Part Two, the Almighty Winner

But we also had a very, very close second. In fact, it was so close, we're going to put her in the soap too. Just not quite yet. But soon, moppets, very soon. Why? Because she made me the Devil. Me! The Devil! I was all evil and crazy and shit. Mad, mad props to Zoot, our second winner. Check hers out.

And now, ladies and gentlemen...the World Wide Web premier of the latest episode of The Bold & The Bloglicious, featuring Chris Cactus, a.k.a. Butch Stryker!

Click me, babies.


Chris (Butch)

I'd like to thank the Academy...oh...wait...wrong place. Sorry. Anyway, thank you. I'm honored! :-)


Woo. Double Woo. And a Super Duper Double Woo for Chris. Good job - without weird sumo wrestlers in our lives, we'd all be two-bit porn stars, now wouldnt we?


You two can make checks payable to...


Damn. If I'd only had time to plan, I could have made a whole episode about farts, thereby swaying the Russian judges.


That's funny! But it's not helping me recover from my soap addiction.

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