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Baby Max and the Unbearable Cuteness

So I was going to do this whole Max-related post to preface the following, but I? Do not have time. Plus it's starting to sound all cutesy-wutesy crazy cat ladyish, so obviously I want to punch myself in my own damn face now. Maybe some other time.

For now? I think this is all the cutesy-wutesy-ness the world can handle. And by "this" I mean Max's baby pictures, from when he was all brand new.

These were taken in the dark times. The pre-digital camera times. They've been preserved on a FLOPPY DISK. They're old. And blurry. But still? So cute.

So very, very cute.




He's sooooo cute!
My cat does the nook thing too!
Ours is a deep nook (TV armoire), she used to be able to turn around and look at us. Now she's too big, she has to back up. Do we go and help her before she falls to the ground? NOOOOOOO! Do we point and laugh hysterically? Yessss!

Tjej (Irma)

AHH! AHHH! AHHHH! that's just too cute. I can't handle it.

Fav one is the one where's he's sitting in the hand. ;-)


Sweet Pictures. Makes me want to go home and check on my babies.


I have a cat that I found as a kitten. She was at my High School trying to get IN. I thought she was crazy. However then I saw the snow. I opened the door and she ran in and hopped on my shoulder. seriously she HOPPED up there. And just sat there while I tried to find someone to call the pound for her. They wouldn't. So I demanded to be suspended so I could take care of her. We never did find her real home so she was adopted into our family. She'd fall off my shoulder when she got to big to sit there. It was very funny. Cute cat pictures. And I feel sorry for you when your cat wails (Siamese always WAIL, never meow)


Awwww.... that is too cute. Makes me long for the days when my kitties were small enough to sleep on my shoulder. (And one did. I think he thought he was a parrot at first, because he liked to perch on any shoulder he could find.)


I want a cat now! Bah!


Holy furryness! What adorable cuteness!!


Also! I forgot! The camera that took these pictures was not so blurry just because of the unbearable was blurry because it fell out of a roller coaster. Really! I went upside down and the camera went...well, down.

I found it, put my film back in, taped it shut and then used it for five more years.


Awwww that's too cute!!!! Do you think I can shrink my cats back to that size again? So I could make a couple of those TOO cute pictures.. hmmm...


Oh my god how cute is that kitten

feisty girl

Oh my goodness, that was the best post EVER!!! I love baby pictures. Of any form.


Wow! I SO thought I commented on these but I guess I just IMed you instead. These are adorable. I've never seen either of our two cats as kittens - one was a stray we adopted from outside when he was one, the other was my wife's cat before I even knew her. I'll just have to live vicariously through your cute kitty pictures.

Now, the rollercoaster - there's a story. Do tell!


okay. cat ladies. reeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr.


Dude, the site! Explain the redesign, please. I'm officially jealous.


I love the design! You bet your ass I'm hailing the queen! :-)

Jan effing-Brady

Ahhhh! Your new site design is the CUTEST thing ever. You rock as the Queen of Everything.


What's the deal with the new design!? I miss the cherries!! (Though, I do like this new theme.)


Baby, why are all the links at the bottom?

And shut up, Marcia.

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