A Memorandum
Haiku Smackdown, New & Improved



I'm going to Florida tomorrow morning. For work, though, before y'all amp up your "Yay! Have fun! Get some sun, etc." comments. I'll be back late (laaaate) Wednesday night.


1) I'm going to miss not one, but TWO episodes of American Idol. I'm going to miss Gilmore Girls and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Scrubs. The Apprentice. South Park. These are two momentous days of television and my lone TiVo will not be able to handle it all. Decisions must be made. I may also, a little bit, miss my husband.

2) I'm going to be in the Atlanta airport for a mere 48 minutes tomorrow, and then again on Wednesday. 48 minutes of being so close, and yet so far away from Miss Doxie and all the fun we could have in the non-airport part of Atlanta.

3) I have to write new and revised rules in preparation of Thursday's Haiku Smackdown, to be held right here. But because of this trip I need to write them today. And I don't wanna. I also need to write a clever and witty Actual Smackdown post for the Actual Smackdown, then save it as a draft and set a publishing time because Lord knows I ain't getting up Thursday morn at the crack of dawn to placate all you krazy 'ku-ers.

4) Packing. I hate packing. If I am ever really rich I am going to hire someone to pack for me. A full-time packing person. He or she will pack my lunch, suitcase, gym bag AND switch between the black and brown purses for me each morning to match my shoes.

5) I'm so sleepy today that the best post I could come up with was five reasons I don't want to go on this trip...and yet I could only think of four reasons. And this could very well be the last post until Thursday. And this could very well be the worst post ever. You are all going to leave me and find another blogger that you love more than me while I'm away and there's nothing to be done about it.

I hate you, Florida. You also look totally fat today.



Leave the Queen of the Universe? Never! And ANY post with Lisa, aka "The Lizard Queen" is totally, the best post ever.

Be safe. I wont say "have fun" because, well, its WORK, but you CAN be safe. I think. Cant you?


If it makes you feel any better, tomorrow's Queer Eye is a rerun.


It'll be OK. It could be worse - you could be stuck with a co-worker that you hate because he reminds you of this guy that you used to date but dumped because he was so bland he made you CRAZY, and he could keep trying to talk to you even though you don't want to talk to him on a good day, never mind on a day when you've just had a big fight and broken up with your new wonderful boyfriend and thusly are absolutely miserable.

At least it'll be warm? And not smelly? And you'll be back soon! Soon! And we will still love you.


It could be the worsest. You could have broken your foot dancing to stupid Johnny and his fiddle-playing.


Find a blogger we love more than you? Whatcha talking about woman?

And Dawnie? You can write a long-ass sentence when you wanna! :-)

Have a safe trip. We'll all be here waiting for you :-)

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