Your Regularly Scheduled Funny
Post-Smackdown: "Ow. Stop Smacking."

Haiku Smackdown!!

You know, I was going to post something semi-funny today regarding 1) my hair and 2) the pair of big red wax lips (a la Rocky Horror) that Sprocketeer gave me, but seriously? Nothing could possibly be as funny as the crazy Haiku battle that has completely overtaken my comments board here. It's a regular laff riot folks, and totally creative to boot. Go read how brilliant readers are. All five of them.

My boss just walked in and announced, "You are all totally nuts." No argument here.



IDEA!! Lauren and I have come up with The Idea. Haiku Smackdown Thursdays! We'll rotate hosts every week. Thursday's have Must See we have Must Do Haiku.


That is the most AWESOME idea I've heard since I heard MYSELF say "Hey, MrZoot - lets get TiVo".

I'm on board.


Dude, thanks for the mad props, but the brilliance was all yours.

Shit, am I going to have to break down and get COMMENTS?

You kids are killing me!


I heart Haiku Smackdown Thursdays more than anything already.

See? readers = brilliant.


There's even haiku over at Hussfied. Thanks, zoot!


Okay, I feel like shit this morning. Anyone else?


Holy hell. I left drunken comments ALL OVER the damn Internet last night. And then was on the phone with Lauren recounting the smashing success of Haiku Smackdown 1.0 until TWO IN THE MORNING.

And now I'm at work and feel like death on toast.


I received no drunken comments. I feel used. AND like shit too Coleen.


Where ARE you?


You have more than five readers! I just am not clever enough to jump in...also I am months late in reading but now I have posted twice in one day. And now Amalah thinks Stacy is a loser because not only did she not work so she could catch up on all the amalah there is to offer, but now she has neglected to make dinner, watch American Idol and study for finals so that she eventually finishes school because she can't.stop.reading. You are like crack. I have no life now.

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