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Haiku Smackdown IV: I Know What You Did Last Thursday

Thank goodness it's Wednesday, because Wednesday means I can be lazy and just post some crap about tomorrow's Thursday Haiku Smackdown.

Tomorrow morning, get your 'ku on over at Zoot's. She'll have a post and a little fluffy comments board all ready for you.

She also made the Smackdown its very own website! It rocks and is so pretty. It also very nearly killed her, so y'all better sing her some major 5-7-5 praises tomorrow.

Now (and I know this may confuse some people) is NOT going to be hosting the Smackdown. Like, ever. Because all of us? Are dirty, filthy hits-and-comments whores. We're not giving up our mad Thursday traffic just to make it a little easier on you. Sorry about that. But will be your portal to all things haiku -- results, haiku count, permanent archives, and of course, the location of the next Smackdown. So love it, bookmark it, sacrifice small animals to it, whatever. Just don't post your 'kus there because we'll laugh at you.

Obligatory crap for newbies: Haikus are poems. They don't...wait, I don't need to tell you all this basic stuff's all on the website! Whee! So go to (what's that address again? and read about Smackdowns Through History, all our stupid rules and also how brilliant Miss Zoot is.



First: Amy? Your comments dont remember me and my "personal info". And after the night we spent together? Your comments dont love me, do they?

Second: YEAH ME. Thanks for pimpin' me and our new site out. I tell you, if only I could have as good luck designing my own blog, MrZoot would actually get WORK done once in awhile at work.


That Smack down website rocks!! Oh.. and in 3 hours it will be thursday here :)

Kristi I have to say that I have OFFICIALLY borrowed (note -- I did not steal. Stealing is bad!) your haiku smackdown. My 5th grade students, all of the 5th grade students in our building, are officially going to smackdown. But low-tech style. Yeah, we're smackin' down on the bulletin board in the hallway. And by order of the old cranky teachers, no yo will be allowed.


Really, as one who helped come up with the whole smackdown thing, I'm honestly gratified to see Kristi's post. That is VERY VERY cool and I'm totally okay with stealing an idea for a purpose such as that.

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