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Behold! The Green Wristband of Power!


The ladies. Amy has only just recently realized that the beer, it is green. Ew. This may also be soon after I was told the disturbing truth about that milkshake song. Ew ew.


Amy and the Chick-fil-A cow, who is totally up in her light. Stack of green plastic cups? Multiplying.


Our friend's shoe. This picture taken at his request.


The Festival has run out of green plastic cups. And yet we drink on.


The last known photo of the evening. Our blurry friends soon vanished into a Random Minivan, and Amy and Jason went home. To bed. To sleep. Because we're the lamiest lames who ever lamed.



That pic of you and the cow? Priceless. Also - your friends shoe was in the article in this month's GQ entitled "The last 6 pairs of shoes you'll ever need" or somthing like that. So he? Only, at maximum, 5 pairs of shoes away from never needed to buy shoes again. Just thought he might want to know that...


I think I see Judith Light in the background in that one shot.

Jan effing-Brady

I don't know what's cuter. You giving the International Green Wristband of Power sign, or the fact that you and Jason are wearing festive green shirts!


Jan effing-Brady

And dude? I think I saw that shoe on a "have you seen me?" postcard recently. Mike's got some 'splainin to do.


Green beer, ugh ugh ugh,. great pics tho :))

Don´t shoot me, I think you look like Jenny Garth (is that her name? the one from BH 90210?) in that first picture!

Jan effing-Brady

Judith Light does not approve of Jennie Garth. She steals all her Lifetime movie roles.


(I just emailed this to Sweety, but I think it needs to be shared.)

Everyone ALWAYS used to tell me I looked like Jennie Garth/Kelly from 90120. Always. I was mistaken for her by autograph seekers on not one, but TWO different occasions. Wheee!

So then this one time? This guy at a party started pointing at me and saying, "Oh my GOD! You look EXACTLY like that woman on TV! You are her TWIN!"

So of course, I was all flattered and said, "Yeah, Jennie Garth, I get that all the time."

Him: "No, no, not her. I forget her name, but whoa, it's scary."

Me: "JENNIE GARTH. Kelly from 90210."

Him: "No, no! The MOM from FAMILY TIES."

Me: (stunned silence)


Me: (more stunned silence)

Jason, my loving husband: "You know, I never noticed before? But yeah, a little bit."


HAAAAAAAAA. That's one of my favoritest stories ever, for real.


Just wanted to pop in and let ya know that I'm back from my trip! Hey, I love the photos you posted, and yanno what? You do look like Jennie Garth. LOL.. Must be weird getting stopped for autographs eh? Very cool indeed!

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