Haiku Smackdown IV: I Know What You Did Last Thursday
Today I Shall Eat Lettuce Like a Little Bunny

Today is Why I Created the Got Nuthin' Category In the First Place

Jeez, where have I been all day? Well, two places. No wait, three. Shit, four. Ok. Four places.

1) Haiku Smackdown at Zoot's place. At last count? Over 580 haikus, not including people with the mad multiple verse post action. Tis a site to behold.

2) Work. Duh.

3) A bridal shower for a coworker that I COMPLETELY forgot about until 10:30. The shower was at 12:30. I freaked out about a gift (in haiku form, of course) until 11:30 when I went out and got the always thoughtful and appropriate gift of a wad of cash. Then I ate some cake.

4) Over at JLBrigade.com, composing what may be either the most brilliant photo essay of my life or the post that will totally get my ass sued by crazy Who's the Boss? fans. Confused? Well then, I think you better go read it for yo'self.



Hello? FIVE places. You also chatted with me. :(


Actually, I think that would be SIX places Missy. I believe I say you at the airbrush shop getting that last JLBridage picture put on a t-shirt because girl? that picture is MADE for airbrush art and I saw you there - do NOT deny it, you and your airbrush tony luvs angela shirt.


I SAW you, not I SAY you. Your comments section hates me and makes me make dumb typos and never remembers me, never ever. So I cry.

Oh What-EVER. Now look at what Typepad is doing to me

In an effort to combat malicious comment posting by scripts, I've enabled a feature that requires a weblog commenter to wait a short amount of time before being able to post again. Please try to post your comment again in a short while. Thanks for your patience.

What? Me? MAlicious? NEVER.

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