Blogging Works...And I've Got Proof
Happy Easter

Good Gracious Friday

It's been quite a week.

I have gotten dressed every morning from a huge pile of clothing that is sitting on the floor next to the ironing board.

After making a resolution to eat healthier, I brought an orange, carrot sticks, dried fruit and yogurt to snack on every day. And every day, after I ate all this, I went into the kitchen and bought a candy bar from somebody's kid's fundraising box. Every day. And quite often a king size.

I ate potentially tainted yogurt on Wednesday and have lived in fear ever since.

I also got confused Wednesday night and thought that I'd TiVo'd the American Idol results show instead of a new Apprentice. Am so totally over AI; am so totally going to marry Apprentice. Panicked for a good 20 minutes and called my precious TiVo a bad name. I blame the yogurt.

Every post I wrote this week sucked. No, don't bother arguing, they sucked. They were neither interesting nor well-written. The one about This Guy? Full of weird wordy descriptions of peoples' movements in elevators and whatnot that did not mask the fact that the story just wasn't that good, much like this sentence.

I just noticed that I never changed my watch for Daylight Savings. So either I have been unconciously doing math this whole time or I merely existed in a different time zone all week and nobody told me because I am just not that important.

But luckily? This week is over now. And I get to leave soon. The Formerly Worst Eight Pages of Text Ever That Weren't That Horrendous This Month are all off to the printer. And I'm off to go get blood removed from my veins via a big needle for reasons that surprisingly, have nothing to do with the tainted yogurt.

Anyway. Happy Easter and all that. Eggs and candy and bunnies. Or church, if you're good like that. I shall be working to build a chapel. For me. Made entirely out of Cadbury Creme Eggs. And then I shall worship the sugary gooey goodness and think of better post topics for next week. Promise.



That's quite the full week. And good luck with that chapel. I hear Peeps make good building material as well. Happy Easter :-)


Oh...and by the way, on a more serious note, no post this week sucked in the least bit. But you forgot to mention the beauty that was this week's Haiku Smackdown! Pshaw!


I don't know about anyone else, but I was seriously diggin the That Guy story. It led me to a whole "pondering the origins of the word 'fucktard'" thing. *lol*

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