Shut Up, It's Still Wednesday For 2 More Hours
What's up Aiken?


HAAAATTTTEEEEE. Haaaaaaaaattttttttttttteeeeeee.

That's directed at no one person or no one thing in particular. Just a nice, general feeling of loathiness.

I'm tired. I'm still (STILL) on Vegas time. I've had a headache for four days straight now. Unbelievable deadlines at work. Memorial Day weekend traffic started on Tuesday. Clomid. Cicadas. Crazy Haiku Smackdown drama.

(Yes, really.)

(But don't even ask. Seriously.)

Anyway, I need to pack tonight because I'm driving to Philadelphia tomorrow night. Like every other idiot in the whole blessed world. Months and months ago, I bought Phillies tickets for my dad and I, which is cool. I did not flip the calendar page, however, to realize that I bought tickets for EFFING MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND. This is not cool. But what can you do? Welcome to Bigdumbassmoronville, population: you and seventy

And here I sit, staring into space, wondering what the hell I planned to write about a whole 10 minutes ago, because I have completely forgotten.

Something about...hate? Maybe?



But, Amy, you're going AGAINST the flow. Everyone in Philadelphia will be headed down the shore. With me.

(I am SO MAD that you are going to be in town and I'm gone. But not really. For I shall be on the beach. Without drinks, but still on the beach. Must go pack now.)


Hope your headache clears up soon Amy and that you have a great weekend. Enjoy the game... now is that basketball or hockey?

feisty girl

Ku' drama? And I missed it? Damn work.


There is no 'ku drama. Just like there is no spoon.


Ah. I've never been to Philly - I would go even if it was this weekend - well, because I'm a big loser with no life who would jump at the chance to do anything out of the ordinary.

have fun girl.

Round vibrating bed guy long as you're spreading the hate - you can hate my cough and this stubborn bronchitis. "It should clear up by Friday", My ass.


Have a dramaless weekend...and fun with your dad :-)


Hope the drive from DC to Philly is not as bad as the drive from Chicago to Indiana was. Lots of happy thoughts on no drama your way.


Do have fun, and do be good...

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