Delirium Etc.
Ask Amalah Again



That is one huge drink. When I was in Vegas, the largest drink I had was at the Paris, it came in a souvenier glass shaped like the Paris Balloon, but it was no where near the the size of that thing.


I am afraid of the big green drink. Very afraid.

your adoring handmaiden

A drink is really, really big when you can fit your whole head in the glass! Love how the blue electicity comes out behind your head in that shot!


But did you get the keep the sphere? Thats the big question.


Loving that even though there were a plethora of straws for the borg masses, you two decided to tackle the green beast on your own!


Your Star Trek drink looked positively delish. Watch out though...alcohol tends to make you do things that you wouldn’t normally do, and with all those advertisements for Celine Dion’s show just never know! :)

I think you should wear the new shirt anyway. The best t-shirts are the ones that don't look absolutely "perfect." :)


Was that skirt? Because that is a seriously cute skirt. I could almost understand why the jerkface employee manhandled...but not quite. Jerkface.


You're so pretty with the pretty bringing the pretty. No, I am NOT drunk. Did you get my text message? BORED.


Those pictures? Most excellent, I must say. Thank you for sharing your Vegas goodness with the rest of us who were, sadly, not able to join you. Not that we were invited. Hey! Why weren't we invited? :-)

I'm with Martha - that drink? Somewhat intimidating.


Anything that blatantly green cannot be good for one's liver, I don't care if it tastes like it came from the Land of Milk and Honey.


so were the tigers located next to the dolphins? mmm.. really big fish :)


Coleen, forget the food coloring...anything that BIG cannot be good for your liver. Though there was a lot of ice in it, which is water, which is good to drink. So that probably canceled all the bad stuff out, right?

New Jan Brady

Looks like you and Jason had a good time! Yay for huge green drinks.

I can't believe they put my ass up out there at Bally's. They PROMISED they wouldn't!

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