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All the President's Pissed-Off Men

12:31 a.m.

For the past two hours, we've been watching (and enjoying) All the President's Men, a movie which, I am horrified to admit, I'd never seen.

It reminded me of why I wanted to be a journalist, and why I failed so miserably at my attempts to become one. I've read almost all of Woodward and Bernstein's Watergate stories. I seriously have a copy of Post Ombudsman Bill Green's amazing post-Janet Cooke-scandal story (in which both Woodward and Ben Bradlee play major roles) in my desk drawer at work, printed out from LEXIS-NEXUS. And y'all can just shut the proper fuck up about that.

Anyway, the point is that I was enjoying this movie. I was staying awake for this movie. I spotted Meredith Baxter-Birney in this movie. Haaaaah.

So we're at the part right after they fucked up the Halderman angle. They've found out they're being watched and bugged and might maybe get run over by a bus or some such unfortunate "accident." They're undeterred. They're getting back to work. Nixon is being sworn in on the television, and...

*Ding* goes the TiVo.

*Would you like to delete this recording now?* asks the TiVo.




Fucking. HBO. Signature. Got. The. Running. Time. Wrong.

Two hours and ten minutes is NOT the correct running time for All the President's Men. Two hours and 31, is.

So. Grrr to HBO Signature. The movie is replaying at like, 4 a.m. on Monday and I've instructed TiVo, under penalty of being thrown out the window, to not stop recording until at least five hours later. Because God damn it.

And while I know how the story ends, anybody who gives away movie details in comment form prior to Monday at 4 a.m. will be run over by a bus.

(Oh! The humanity! Just as I hit "Post," my Internet died. Completely. Along with my cable and my TiVo signal. Poof. So now I am left with an unpublished tantrum, ranting into the void. At 12:51 a.m. So I have stayed up entirely too late to watch a movie that I can't watch the ending of and to write an entry that I can't post.)

(Holy shit. I bet HBO Signature is monitoring my Internet. They knew what I was trying to post about them and they've shut me down! You will not defeat me HBO!! I will tell the people of your suckitude!! I will stand by my story!!!!)

(I think I might need to sleep now.)



There are some very sneaky bastards working at HBO. Look twice before crossing the street today, friend.


Suuuuuuck. That's like when they'd run Sex and The City about 5 minutes late last season, which I didn't discover until about 3 weeks in because that was when I finally got around to watching the episodes I'd TiVo'd.

Damn HBO! Trying to spoil the TiVo loave! They do it on purpose, you know...


So it would be bad to tell you Nixon resigned?

I keep trying to watch Angels in America, but being Tivo-less I scour the guide for it, only finding it when its half-way through, and according to the guide, not playing in the next two days. Aargh.


I smell conspiracy! HBOgate! Seriously, I cant believe you've never seen that movie. Great film!


I'm just having major TiVo envy! Grrrrrr.


I hate to ruin the end of the movie but, .... the Titanic sinks!


I'd type a comment, but I'm afraid that HBO would delete an...


What did TiVo know, and when did it know it?

feisty girl

I HATE that. Did that to me on the Sex and The CIty finale. There was much screaming.


Damn TiVo did the same suck-ass thing to me on Monday. Well, okay, not really the same thing. But an equally bad thing. I had set it to record North Shore and For Love or Money (QUALITY TELEVISION PROGRAMMING), and it didn't tape them! When you can't trust TiVo, what are you left with, really?

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