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I'm at home today. Sick and sicker. Sinus infection or something and then, just to be twice as loavely, a urinary tract infection. All kinds of special. (And guess which infection I omitted to my boss when I called out this morning, but which he now knows about, because he reads this site? Go on, guess!)

Anyway, many thanks to all my wonderful friends who have kept me amused and distracted by sending funny emails and waving shiny things in front of me. And especially Chris, who not only spent all morning IMing with me, but also provided me with a ready-made entry so I would not have to worry my feverish little head about it.

Be warned: We're very, very weird. And I can't really blame my multiple infections for it.

rudecactus: sorry to hear you're not feeling well :-(

amalahbeth: sucks

*** Auto-response from rudecactus: I'm away right now.

amalahbeth: what? where?

rudecactus: oops...I'm here...
rudecactus: not good!

amalahbeth: I still almost went to work, because I'm an idiot. I was driving there and suddenly thought...why the hell am I killing myself to get to work?
amalahbeth: take a sick day dammit!

rudecactus: hell yeah! its only work!

amalahbeth: dude, the next harry potter title has been announced

rudecactus: yeah? what is it?

amalahbeth: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

rudecactus: interesting...have they put a release date to it?

amalahbeth: doesn't look like it

rudecactus: regardless, I bet it involves me being at a bookstore around midnight

amalahbeth: You are a very powerful wizard
amalahbeth: to see into the future like that

rudecactus: I try ;-)
rudecactus: it'll sound like an odd question but we were all discussing it at the office yesterday - have you seen rasputin's penis yet?

amalahbeth: um. what?

rudecactus: Clicky.

amalahbeth: um. ew?

rudecactus: lol ;-) yeah...but still, who'd have known someone would save that?

amalahbeth: do they know if it's really his?

rudecactus: thats what they claim...Elliot was taking about it the other morning and it showed up on Yahoo

amalahbeth: yick
amalahbeth: and also, impressive
amalahbeth: I wonder if Ron Jeremy will have his pickled?

rudecactus:'s no wonder he was popular with Alexandra

amalahbeth: I have watched like, 7 episodes of M*A*S*H today

rudecactus: that's a lot of M*A*S*H
rudecactus: better than tons of saved by the bell episodes though

amalahbeth: i'm on my second ep of Cheers now

rudecactus: better
rudecactus: don't let me catch you watching touched by an angel or anything though

amalahbeth: oh god no
amalahbeth: only classic and reputable sitcoms

rudecactus: just steer clear of the whole PAX network

amalahbeth: but I thought I might watch some services over lunch with that weird pink-haired lady

rudecactus: lol! :-) see if you can find Benny Hinn
rudecactus: he's always amusing

amalahbeth: Benny Hill?
amalahbeth: he's too racy for PAX

rudecactus: no...Hinn or something like that...he's a healer

amalahbeth: ahhh, yes, loave those guys

rudecactus: he brings old people on stage, knocks 'em over and suddenly they're healed

amalahbeth: the POWAH of CHRIST! SMACK!

rudecactus: yeah! it's awesome...and amusing...if it weren't just so horrible
rudecactus: he wears cool white neru jackets too
rudecactus: Behold, the power of Hinn

amalahbeth: welcome to my childhood

rudecactus: yeah, I thought that might hit a little close to home
rudecactus: at least you didn't have ministers spouting racist and elitist humor at you
rudecactus: well, no more elitist than all religion

amalahbeth: *wanders off to go make eggs, which she burns*
rudecactus: *does work, for he is industrious*

amalahbeth: ok, I just went through and reread our conversation thus far, and I'm totally posting.
amalahbeth: it, that is

rudecactus: cool with me! :-)

amalahbeth: we're hilarious. even when we're not really trying...and one of us is delirious
amalahbeth: I mean, we went from harry potter to rasputin's penis to televangelists in one swooping tangent

rudecactus: I know! we're multi-topical!

amalahbeth: by the way, i loave martha more and more every day
amalahbeth: her paris post? had me CRYING. Actual water tears.

rudecactus: I know! and so did one of her visitor's comments - about yelling jambon at taxis

amalahbeth: yes!

rudecactus: that just cracked me up...its what prompted today's post from me

amalahbeth: it is wrong how much I love grits.
amalahbeth: I have eaten two bowls today.

rudecactus: could be worse

rudecactus: could be lard or something

amalahbeth: or veal kidneys

rudecactus: or pig penis

amalahbeth: or Rasputin penis

rudecactus: definitely could be worse

amalahbeth: dammit, I have watched everything on the damn TiVo already. damn, dammit, etc.

rudecactus: oh no!

amalahbeth: time to switch to DVDs I guess
amalahbeth: the standard sick day movies

rudecactus: ahhh!! which are?

amalahbeth: hmmm...Office Space, South Park...maybe Fight Club
amalahbeth: and then A Beautiful Mind or Sleepless in Seattle if I want to take a nap
amalahbeth: or weep, either way

rudecactus: that sounds so sad :-(

amalahbeth: I like me a good weep though
amalahbeth: especially when I'm releases toxins or something
amalahbeth: but I think I'm in more of a violence mood right now

rudecactus: then in that case break out the big guns like terms of endearment
rudecactus: but violence will work

amalahbeth: I lent Dumb & Dumber to someone and I want it back

rudecactus: that's hardly violent

amalahbeth: no, but it has the best diarrhea scene in the history of cinema

rudecactus: I enjoy just plain stupid...I was one of the three people who liked Ishtar

amalahbeth: I don't think I've ever seen that

rudecactus: a classic, misunderstood movie
rudecactus: with some excellent stupid song lyrics

amalahbeth: would you judge me if I told you I own The Fast & The Furious?

rudecactus: hell no...i've never seen it so I cant judge...looked wonderfully mindless to me though
rudecactus: (and that's a good thing)

amalahbeth: Best Worst Dialogue Ever: Vin Diesel: I live my life a quarter-mile at a time!
amalahbeth: I HOWL at that line everytime.

rudecactus: LOL

amalahbeth: plus: fast cars! furious people!

rudecactus: who'da thunk it?

amalahbeth: i'm never gonna get this entry up if we keep saying funny things

rudecactus: lol! it'll just be that much more good material though...oh...and for an Escheresque twist, hello everyone reading this post!

amalahbeth: Stop it, man! You're BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL! NOOOO!



No, the next Harry Potter installation: Harry Potter IS . . . "The Prisoner of Poon!"


And Harry Potter 7? Is... "The Chamber of Poon!"


fark says it's "Daniel Radcliffe and the Zillion Dollar Trust Fund"


"Harry Potter and the Poonanny Stone."

Damn, this IS fun, you guys. Everything's funner with poon.


Holy Conversation Batman! That was very fun to read though. Feel better soon! Sinus infections suck poodle.


hey! i watch two episodes of saved by the bell every morning.

it really gets me going.


I saw a televangelist with a pale pale pink shirt and a double breasted pink jacket which sounds horrid, but it was beautiful. Too bad the things coming out of his mouth weren't, although he wasn't as bad as some. Can I say I was too chicken to click on the Rasputin link, but I am not surprised his penis survived considering how resilient he was.


it seems like everyone in the real world and in the blog world is sick! I hope you feel better soon, but you do sound like you're making the best of it...

Whitney Houston-Brown

That redhaired bitch done GAVE me her cold. How am I supposed to perform in Shanghai and make those little Communists see the Lord Jesus our Savior when I am hacking up my lungs? And don't give me that, "Oh, Whitney, if you'd give up the wacky tobacky, you'd get better" booshit. The pot is what keeps me going. Keeps! Me! Going, I say!

Bobby, come on and take that Coleen ho OUT for getting me sick.

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