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The JournalCon Pimping Post

You know, I’ve been feeling especially loavy-doavy towards my readers lately. Y’all are a wacky bunch, really. And I regard a lot of you as my friends. It doesn’t matter that we’ve never met, or that we only know each other through IM or email or both. Welcome to the New Friendly Internet. Population: more people that you probably realized.

In the eight months since I started this journal, I’ve gained a posse, a support group, a community, and this one thing that defies explanation. Not to mention dozens of partners in crime and slacking and several friend-crushes. I have met just one of these people in real life, but that doesn’t mean I feel like I know any of you any less.

But still…I want to meet the rest of you. Share a drink and party and do drunk karaoke and maybe a pillow fight? Or a slow dance? Wouldn’t that rock?

Well, come to JournalCon then, you fucking bunch of losers. (Sorry, was just getting a little too mushy there.)

JournalCon is August 20-22, right here in Washington, DC at the rocktastically groovalicious Hotel Helix. I’ll be there. The Judith Light Brigade will be there. All the cool kids will be there.

And guess who else will be there? Yes, really. Pet-Friendly Hotel = Internet Celebrity Pets!

Anyone is welcome to come. Bloggers, Journalers, Sporadic Updaters. Don’t have a blog? But thinking of starting a blog? Come to JCon and learn all the stuff that most of us had to learn the hard way. (Hello, why does my style sheet keep going away? Why does my registrar list my goddamn home address on the WHOIS Lookup? How can I turn my blog into a New York Times Bestseller?)

So speak up. Who’s going? Who’s not sure? Who needs a little gentle persuasion or a good kick in the pants?

Because seriously. I will be there. I will perhaps let you touch me. I may possibly give you a hug. I might also be drunk and fall down. How many more reasons do you need?

Okay, how ‘bout some bribery? I will have presents for every reader who attends JCon. Seriously. Special presents, above and beyond whatever crap swag I bring for all the little people. Just let me know when you register and then try to contain your excitement until August.




Wow, I am totally there. Totally. I know you're thrilled. Oh wait, it costs money. And is far away (ergo, costs money to get to.) Nope, I'm not there. You can all relax again.

But have a good time. ;)


WAAAAAH! I will be at my best childhood friend's wedding in Galena, IL, about as opposite an experience you are ever going to get from a freaking wild weekend at JournalCon with you knuckleheads. Woe, despair, we'll just have to have a "private" meet later. Maybe in the Bay Area... and you can all come and we'll have a major drunken sleepover! OK?


If Mindy's couch looks anything like Amy's, I say road trip.


Maybe by then they will transfer me up there. I'm trying really hard right now to get my boss to send me to work in the Pentagon. I doubt it will happen by August, but it will happen by Christmas or at the latest Valentines day for sure. Right now I'm an eight hour drive away, so lemme check with the hubby on that one. I'd love to go and meet ya'll. I'll get back to on that one. But cross your fingers for me!


I would totally love to go. Maybe I could learn how to get more than 4 readers at my blog? Or how to keep my comment feature from always being screwed up? Or how to move my blog off of Typepad and onto MT but not lose everything that is on there right now? Or how to drink scary green drinks out of fishbowls with Amy?

Because I could totally afford the $60 that it costs to register! But I totally can't afford the plane fare to DC or the $ for a hotel!


First of all - Martha? Only four readers? Whatever - you crack my shit up - if you dont have more people reading you than that - then I'll kick some ass. Fo' Real.

Second of all - I registered. I reallly did, months ago. But now? I think I need more persuading. More importantly? Persuade MrZoot to go with me...Thanks!


Zoot --

If you can persuade Mr. Martha to kick up the dough for a plane ticket for me to go to DC and to agree to watch the kids for the weekend, I'll persuade Mr. Zoot to go to to JournalCon with you.

And okay -- it's probably more like 15 or 20 readers. I think I missed the "How to get people to actually read your blog" lecture in that Blogging 101 class...



I can see if they'll do that panel for JCon. Really.


Coleen -- if they do do that session, make sure to send me a copy of your notes. Because I think I need a crib sheet!


I wish I could be there.. I want a teleport divice. Like NOW :))


1. You guys think I am kidding? Anyone willing to pony up the airfare to the Bay Area has dibs on the pull-out.

2. My couch totally looks like Amy's! Only it's beige. And down-filled, comfy-comfy. Woo-oot.


I think I'm now in trouble with the Mr. because I told him I think this sounds more fun than his painstakingly planned roadtrip to Flagstaff. Have a good time all!


I was telling Mr. Cactus the other day that I would totally come up there to see everybody if I were going to be in the area. It's like the week after I leave for Amsterdam! I'll be waiting for the complete run-down on your blog. :)

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