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Where Am I?

I'm over at The Random Muse, partying down with Lauren and Martha.

It's the first installment (god, what is with me and these series-type things?) of our "Girlfriends' Guide to Fabulousness & Fantasticity." Which is really us posting funny pictures of celebrities and then saying funny things. Funny things that are most often very mean. Because we're like that.

Anyway, we're hilarious. Go check us out.



Hilariousness, indeed Amalah! You have done it again.

Clearly, cuh-learly this is not just genius times three. This is Genius times Genius times Genius, which would equal Genius to the power of three.
You should be doing commentation on one of those red-carpet shows instead of the guy, oh what is his name? Stephen something, and the Rivers Duo so needs to be replaced.

Suzanna Danna

Amen Michelle.... I am so going to buy tickets to the Girlfriends' Guide to Fabulousness & Fantasticity show when it comes to a theater near me!

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