The Weekend of the Leaf

Things Amy Did This Week Instead of Sleeping

- Stayed awake.

- Covertly poked Jason with toes to see if he was really asleep.

- Stared at stupid cat that sleeps 22 hours a day and seethed with jealousy.

- Flipped pillow over to cool side approximately 80 bazillion times.

- Decided to try glass of warm milk.

- Burnt milk.

- Counted my shoes. (Not. Telling.)

- Haiku’d.

- Sent Chris annoying IMs of “Are you there? Are you awake? Huh, huh?” only to realize I was sending them to his cellphone because Trillian wouldn’t change his status to “mobile device” or whatever until AFTER I sent the IM. Fucking Trillian.

- Stared at buddy list and tried to subconsciously will somebody to log on.

- Checked email obsessively.

- Sent out delirious and poorly typed emails to people demanding that they explain this Rockchild individual to me because what the effing hell.

- Ate $5 low-carb peanut butter right out of the jar.

- Wrote things on Post-Its.

- Made note to steal more Post-Its from work.

- Thought about that guy I saw at that bar who was wearing a polo shirt with “Allstate Catastrophe Team” on it. Seriously? That needs to be put on a polo shirt?

- Pondered the return of the upturned polo shirt collar and how totally toolish it looks.

- Started exercise regimen of sit-ups and push-ups.

- Shelved exercise regimen.

- Looked up law school costs.

- Blacked out momentarily.

- Drank.

- Self-medicated.

- Wrote this entry.

- Forgot to change post status from “draft” to “publish.”

- Saved entry repeatedly in confusion.

- Checked site obsessively for missing phantom post.

- Muttered obscenities and decided I didn't really want to post this after all, so there.

- Realized mistake.

- Put head down on desk.

- Laughed like a crazy, crazy loonybird.



Damn. I have vague memories of responding to your Rockchild inquiry, now that I read this entry. I forgot you sent that.

Get some sleep hon. Its what God would want you to do. Lisa says so.


"The cool side" - That's what I was doing last night too. Seems sleeping was a problem all over. Hope you get lots of sleep togight to make up for it. If my keyboard didn't have a backspace key, you would not have been able to read this comment.

type a

of course you'll be able to sleep tonight. because you don't have to get up tomorrow. and that's always the way.


Okay, I clicked on the Carbon Leaf lin kto see what the y were, and will now be stopping on my way home to pick up the CD. Many thanks for the clue.


I didn't sleep either. Now my head hurts. And my mind is going all over the damn place. I'm convinced that insomnia is being passed along. Through IM.


Is there some twilight zone of not sleeping happening here? Tom and I couldn't sleep either, actually had trouble with it all week. Now tired and not so much coherent at work. I think GranolaSpice is right.


I, for reasons only to be contributed to a cold caffeinated drink too late it the day, got to sleep very late. It was punctuated by annoying dogs barking on my back porch - why is it if it's not your dog, it wakes you up? (wow. check out how cool is it if it's looks together.) But now I feel perfectly able to sleep, since it's raining like crazy. I wish you lots of sleep, queen of everything!


Amy - I know just how you feel. Had the busted air conditioner/cheap landlord blues earlier this week when it was all hot/humid at night and whatnot. (I live near DC too) I also think Carbon Leaf is awesome - they will be playing for free Labor Day Weekend in Va Beach! Right on the beach! But it will be at night so there will be no burning of fair skin - I'd have to wear like SPF 600 if it was during the day. Anyway - have a good weekend and get sleep!

Scarlett Cyn

Hey love,

I haven't been sleeping either. For over a week now. Well, not until I completely ran myself down and I just completely passed out. Literally. This insomnia bullshit is totally catching!

I hope you can catch up on your rest this weekend sweetie.

Fffing cats huh? Lucky bastards. Take care babe!


I snuck out to my car at lunch today for a nap and proceeded to only get close to actually nappage. 30 minutes *close* to sleep does not make up for hours and hours of sleep missed.


drunk as a meme, fun. Insomnia as a meme, not so much.


Yikes! I feel like an insomniac from just reading that post. Blech...sorry. Also, I just heard this cool tip for cool side of the pillow tossers. Have two pillows....gives you more cool sides. Hope you find some sleep. Feel free to talk to me if I am ever up that late!


One word: Valium. No wait, that's probably a really bad idea. Forget I said anything.

Fraulein N

Wait. The upturned polo shirt collar is back? Really? Why, God, why?


Sooo.... why keep us hanging? Did you get to sleep?


Next time try some whiskey, nutmeg and cinnamon in the milk ~ might not put you to sleep, but it sure is yummy.


When you figure out Rockchild will you please put up a post and let me know? Seriously.

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