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Amy Gets An "F"

Freak Out

No post today, obviously. Am too busy having a heaving all-about-me panic attack over this entry.


I'm not that sick. And yet I'm sicker than that. Oh my God. Help.

(Will be back tomorrow with the funny and the whatnot. Must go walk howling dog now and make smiley face at neighbors.)



*gasp*sigh*gasp* NO!
If all the sane people are crazy, what does that make me?


i know. i cried. i hate that people like you and Dooce - who make the rest of us smile so much - feel so trapped in your own sadness and anxiety. i wish there was something i could do for both of you.

my shift key is stuck. sorry.


Oh that caused hurtage on my insides. My mom wanted me to check into the hospital, but I didn't. It still scares me. But I'm functioning, really I am ;)


The rabbits say hello. they are sending warm fuzzy bunny wait..they're ordering a pizza!!! hey! wait!! I said No mushroom or anchovies!!! Those bunnies! Hope you feel better.


Sending hugs your way.... I think Heather is really brave not only to get the help that she needs, but to be so honest about it. A lot of people wouldn't do either. And hopefully in the midst of making it all about you you'll make sure to stay on top of your own demons, too.

(But yeah, after I read that post I called my therapist. For real.)


i think there were sharp intakes of breath all over the country today, and lots of tears. I know I cried and then asked certain people to PRAY. It's amazing, the amount of love (and hate, for some twits) this woman called Dooce generates. But Amalah, we love you too, and want you to get healthy and happy. Whatever it takes.


I read that too, earlier today, and felt so sad for her. I know it must be so hard when you are controlled by something you feel absolutely NO control over. Suck, suck, suck! I had anxiety issues too, and have gotten help with them, but they sound so small in comparison.

I hope you feel better and find your exact perfect solution soon. Good night!


That threw me for a huge loop, but it also made me happy, because I know she's safe and she's going to have some tine to get things straight, but I know exactly what you mean, it scared the holyrolling fuck out of me, too. Hugs.

feisty girl

For anyone who has issues (okay, more than issues) with anxietyand depression, it's hard and yet oddly comforting to know that other people are on the same painful journey. Even though I have never even met her, my heart is right there with Dooce, and you too...because I can identify with what you are feeling. Give that puppy a hug, and I'll be thinking of you both.


Sending loads of good vibes your way, and Dooce's too, of course. I've been there, so I empathize more than I can say. Hang in there, sister.


Oh, that entry broke my heart into a million little pieces because oh my God, I was *this close* to being there and what if I end up there again and I don't realize it until it's too late. You just do what you have to, pretty Amy....


That entry from Heather took away my breath when I read about it. Take care of yourself Amy - I hope that you find something that works too.

Fraulein N

Oh, God. My heart goes out to both of you. Like feisty girl said, it's oddly comforting to know that not only are other people only going through something like this, but that they find a way to make it through.


OMG how very suck!
I know what Dooce is going through, I was hospitalized myself for a month for various symptoms. Unlike her, it was against my will, but now in retrospect I know that sometimes you gotta do what ya gotta do.
Best of luck to both of you, and anyone else with an "it". I feel your pain.


Oh, my heart is hurting for Dooce and her family. How sad, yet how brave for going ahead and taking care of herself so she can be present for her child.

Instead of focusing on the "bad" part of her illness, think of it this way: If she had pnuemonia, nobody would think twice about her going to the hospital, but because of missing chemicals in the brain, people get very "oh my gosh, what's WRONG with her" because she's going to the hospital. She has an illness that needs to be treated, just as if she had a broken arm or a broken leg, or any other sort of malady.

Just remember that she is getting the treatment that she feels she needs. Her husband and her daughter and her entire family need her to do this. I commend her on her bravery and insight, to know that she needs to do this.


Take care of yourself! And your Ceiba!


Quiet thoughts and prayers to you, doll. And lots of good drugs, too. (Just kidding. Sort of.)


I hope you'll feel better soon Amy. You're a beautiful intelligent young woman, don't you ever forget that! ((hugs))


What can I say? It seems like the brightest lights out there are the ones struggling right now. I wish I had a magic wand.

You are in my thoughts and prayers.


I agree with doulazanie.
dooce is the unwitting leader of yet another societal breakthrough- this time she's teaching us to accept depression as the treatable ailment it is. Yes, most of us look at hospitalization as a fearsome place and the stigma of going to a psych ward is no less than scandalous.
But unfortunately if your meds don't work, you're on that roller coaster in hell and too many of us have been there (and heck, now we blog, every last one of us, no really). dooce is in the BEST place. Amalah stay the course.
We love you and your blogalah.


I love you. Even more than loave itself.

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