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Ceiba Compleat

Return of the Smile

Hi. Guess what we did on Sunday.


This is Ceiba. (SAY-bah.) Everybody say hi to Ceiba and tell her she's pretty. You can tell her she looks like a rat, but only if you do it affectionately.

She's a four-month-old Miniature Pinscher. Wee. WEE. Four pounds. Won't get much bigger. Will fit in your freaking pocket. Paging Paris Hilton and etc.

Her ears are taped for cosmetic reasons...in a week or so they'll stick straight up like a Doberman's. Whatever. Stupid. The breeder did it. The breeder was a tad Best-In-Show-type scary.

Breeder: Blah blah blah pedigree champions purebred blah

Us: We do not care. Give us cute puppy. Squishy.

Breeder: Dog show!

Also? She uses a litter box. A. LITTER. BOX. We're still doing the whole crate-training-housebreaking process, because we like to make things difficult. Also, cleaning up pee is fun! For the whole family!

And it's really hard to focus on your own personal drama hell and mental funkitude when there are PUPPY BLADDER CONTROL ISSUES at hand. I mean, I have priorities. For real.



Amalah's dog is good to eat, yo!


Oh My Gawd. Now I want YOUR puppy. And I'm sorry about your last post, I missed it until now so I missed out on the Amy love. I'm sorry things are so tough right now girl.

But the dog? ADORABLE. Keep us posted on how he/she and Max get along.


aww. cute puppy :) and um, yay!? for cleaning up dog pee! oh, how i wish i could join in on the fun! ... ?


Hi Ceiba! Hello, you pretty little rat-faced pooch. I can't wait till Amy sends you over to live with ME because you are too cute not to be MINE!!

And about the pee... fun for the whole family = Jason, right?


Aww, cute dog! Don't let Max confuse her with the puppy toy though. Hope she makes you feel better. :-)


Oh my. So very very cute. We can't have pets at our place, so I'm constantly living vicariously through others who can. Ceiba is awesome, and I am jealous.


Oh lordy. If you carry her in your purse I may have to stop speaking to you. But she is very cute in a rat-like kind of way.

I hope she cures what ails you. :)


So cute! Every weekend I go to a local pet store around here... not because I'm going to buy anything (I won't be able to have a doggie of my own for a few more years), but because I have to get my doggie fix. You should post pictures frequently to help with the doggie fix =) Enjoy her =)


Awwwwwwwwwwwww! Cute lil' thang! It's about the size of my Great Pyr's paw! Down right adorable, and I know from personal experience, that nothing cheers you up like having a wee one around the house.

Beautiful name, also.



She's a keeper! I've never heard of a doggie that is litter trained. Will she share with Max?

Puppy pee is cute though. It's a little present from the puppy to you!

type a

she looks so sincere! tomorrow? photo essay of max meets ceiba? pretty please!



dOg is ug-li & dumbn!

Pleaz rejturn stoopid ddog.

Luv - Max



Soooo cute! Thinking good thoughts for you on the stressy stuff. Have spent plenty of time myself, staring at the ceiling, thinking "what the eff, God? And a little help, please, if you don't mind." Good job taking care of yourself - you sound like you are thinking on your feet.

Take care.


UBER-cute! Me likes the small doggies! Ceiba's a cool name, how'd you come up with it? Puppies are sooooo fun, and pee is just the beginning - wait till she throws up. Wheeee!

Hope she makes you smile every day. :)


Awwww....how adorable!!! She's very cute!

Fraulein N

Ah! So. Damn. Cute. But please don't put her in your purse.


She is very cute! Now all she needs is a cute knit sweater and she will be set!

Suzanna Danna

Ceiba is darling, please do not let her go too far overboard with the cosmetic surgery. Having her ears done is one thing... tell her to leave her nose alone, it is too cute, if you have to... show her the before and after pictures of Jacko.

Holy crap, did I just make a poor Michael Jackson, cosmetic surgery / your puppy's ears being taped thing?

Sorry Ceiba. You really are cute. You are exactly what my hubby wants to love and squeeze and call George.


Look how cute she is! And tiny. For some reason, when you said miniature pinscher this morning, I pictured a miniature terrier, which is not the same. You'll have to sneak her in to the office one day.


Okay, I didn't even finish reading this whole post, because I had to tell you how happy I am for you and what a great idea this was. I think this will be really thereaputic for you too (after you get her housebroken that is). Now I will read the rest & comments.


Oh yes! Nothing like puppy love to wash away the bad, bad, hard world. When T got laid off last November we were gutted-- and then we got puppies! And everything has been trending up ever since. Welcome Ceiba-- looking forward to reading all about your wild times.

Scarlett Cyn

I'm loaving me the baby Ceiba puppy.... LOAVE HER!!!! She's such a very pretty baby with a sweet face! I've never seen an all red mini dobie before... my aunt had the black and red one. She must take after her Auntie Cyn, ya know, all red and all!

Max's post??? Freaking cracked my ass up. AWWWW, lots of love to the Max bitchy boy.

Litter trained dog? OMG. I want one. That is so damn great.

PS: Amy? You look so very pretty today. Luv you darlin! MWAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!


Awwww, she's ADORABLE!!! I had a black & tan minpin named Chibi, had to give him to minpin rescue cause he was attacking my dad (long story). He now lives on a farm in CT where he likes to herd the horses & chickens :-)

He also would go in the litter box (and everywhere else, cause he's a boy and boys are like that!). Girls, I've heard, are much easier to housebreak!

Good luck with your new darlin' and if you need any advice about minpins, let me know. I've been thru alot with mine!


Cute, cute, cute! How did you decide on this breed? Were you looking for a pet that would fit in your pocket? I SO want a dog that uses a litter box!

We're in the search process. Hubby doesn't want a "little yappy foo-foo dog." He'd prefer a dog that conveys his manliness, but yes, make it a female. (???) Whatever.

She's really sweet!


You're a smart girl. Nothing like caring for a dependant little being to make you look outward and focus on something other than your woes! Chin up and smoochies to the skinny little doggy.


ooh she's oh so darling and cute. And nothing like puppy pee and poop to distract you from any other problems at hand!

I hope Max is taking it okay.


Ooh, precious little rat-puppy! Love her! And how bad can the pee clean-up be? She's so small that's like half a Kleenex-worth at a time. Pwecious widdle puppykins!


Petting puppies is good for what ails ya, I say. Also, though I don't always like small dogs, she's just so darn cute!


Pooping is fun! I love waking up Daddy at 3 AM and making him clean up poop. I'm going to chase my tail now. Oh wait, have to pee on Mommy and Daddy's nice floor first.



Oh, she's so cute! I just want to grab her and pop her in my pocket, and take her back out, and look at her, and squeeze her (not hard) and kiss her, and put her back in my pocket!

Oh I love me some dog (but alas, dog does not love my family, 3/4 of us are allergic - severely).

Jasara Evangelist


Hello new puppy! SO SO cute! I hope that she and Max grow to be life-long friends. :) She looks so cute in the photo.... kinda like she's saying, "So what if my ears are clipped... I'm cute... What of it?!" lol

Happy poop-scooping! :)


adorable puppy you have there! even the bunnies think so.


OK so now you have a cat AND a dog? Both adorable as hell as well? Damn you. I don't have either. If I do, I would have to permanently attach a clothespin to my bf's nose. (allergies up the wazoo). (Did I just say wazoo?)

But seriously, she's so adorable. But she looks so delicate!!!!


My parents had a min-pin those things do not listen to their owners, very high strung... They tried everything, It would sneak out of the house all of the time and then they couldn't get it to come back in. It snuck out for the last time and ended up as a hit & run casualty =) I hope you have better luck...!


I would like to offer up an official welcome to the "cute girls with adorable dogs club" (it's like the babysitters club with no shortage of hilarious misadventures). Zoot is president and I am treasurer but we're holding new elections soon. If you bring cookies or booze to one of our meetings we might elect you to some fabulous as-yet undetermined position. Welcome!


Max? How could they do this to you? How COULD they?! Welcome to Hell, kitty! har! Ceiba is SO tiny! and litter-box trained? Who needs kids?!

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