The JournalCon Freak-Out Post
The Wrath of Con, Part II

The Wrath of Con

This is where my JournalCon Aftermath post is supposed to go. It is not here yet. It is probably still drunk or something.

It might still be waiting for karaoke to start. Snobby whore.

In the meantime, Coleen and Martha drew some Judith Light fan art for you. Please enjoy.



I love my friends. Couple of drunk bitches. Also snobby whores. AND simple alcoholics.

(Yeah, the actual JCon post will be a lot like this. You might want to check back in on Wednesday if you want to stay out of squee-range.)



Oh fine -- post Coleen's and not mine. You snobby WHORE.


Okay, never mind that. For some reason, the picture shows up in IE but not on Mozilla. But that doesn't mean you're not a snobby whore.


Mozilla is the snobby whore. Mozilla hates bunnies too.


Independent George loves the snobby whores.

Suzanna Danna

I'm feeling so left out... next year ladies... next year... I swear... I'll be hiding in the corner acting all Delores Rubchik on ya'll's asses.

Suzanna Danna

er... Dolores Rebchuck... whatever.


Since when did Judith Light become an amputee?


Since, LEE, I was too busy laughing at Independent George and the Scott Baio T-shirt Stalker to properly DRAW. Don't judge and be all snobby whore on me.




I love it that Judith knows about Independent George! That makes her COOL! Yay!

P.S. Colleen and Martha should look for a good place to exhibit. Maybe the local hair salon or pharmacy. That's some quality material!!!


Oops. C-o-l-e-e-n. Sorry!

P.P.S. I am sure none of you are snobby whores. Unless you posted on Zach Braff's website with the other 1300 or so last week that did not understand it is PRIVATE between me and Zach, then I must say you probably are.


Aww, man! I was hoping the full rundown would be up already. Oh well, will keep checking back.

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