The Wrath of Con
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The Wrath of Con, Part II

OK, OK. Let's get this JournalCon post done and over and over and done with so I can get back to talking about my dog. And myself. My pretty, pretty self.

Verdict on JCon: Yay.

Mostly because I spent all my time hanging out with these clowns:


SNOBBY WHORES ARE WE. But we are merry snobby whores, so you can just suck on it.


We also brought Ceiba, who was not a snobby whore but was merely a lap whore. Was way more popular than me.


Left to right, top row then the bottom, just like reading a damn book:
1) The happy yet rather ragged-looking family. Amy's doing that weird squinty eye thing she does when drunk.
2) The amazing Dawnie.
3) The amazing Martha and also the amazing Chickie's amazing husband who is, as you may have heard, amazing.
4) Chickie and the Chicklet, who shall be mine, because I waaaaaant her.
5) The babies vie for the title of Official Mascot of JournalCon, or at least a comfortable spot to lie down on.
6) Cute puppy photo or shameless attempt to see up my skirt? You be the judge.

I pussed out and slept a lot, for I am a pussy who gets cranky without sleep.


But oh, there was much silliness and much mingling and much meeting of the loavely people.


From left to right:

1. Rebekah and Coleen, who totally make me want to dye my hair red so I can be cool.
2. Dawnie, Molly and Rebekah, who are all totally not posing for my camera, but for someone else's, but I took the picture anyway because I wanted to pretend that I hang wit them and am cool.
3. Coleen posing at Maggie Moo's fantabulous shop of ice creamery and crazy ice cream servers, with perhaps the greatest motivational phrase a woman can hear: Something had to be done, and Maggie was just the heifer to do it. True dat.

And I'm seriously mad that these are all my pictures. I didn't get pictures of all the other people who I shall obsessively stalk and maybe marry someday.

(Here come the shout-outs.)

(Watch out.)

(You might want to leave now.)

Loave and make out sessions to Chiara and Kate and Kalamity and Pratt and Booger and Mo Pie and Lovinglav and Pineapple Girl and everybody else who I met and people I didn't because I was stricken with a major attack of The Shy almost the whole time because y'all are too SMART and it indimidated me, for I am dumb.

(Oh, and I read this entry at the reading, and I am told it went over well. There was a MICROPHONE. I was not prepared for a microphone. I think my hands shook. I probably looked like a drug addict. I also did not wear a bra and that room was COLD. Shit. I was going to read one of the Many Loves essays, but Jebus. If you had HEARD some of the smart/funny stuff other people were reading? You would have totally applauded my choice to stay in my little puddle of sophomoric humor where I belong.)




Um, microphones are terrifying. I had to use one once at a conference and it was not pleasant. Love the entry that you read....I'm sure you were fab. Also? So much love for the Ceiba. For real.

Suzanna Danna

Great choice on the entry to read... and also... very pretty.


Where are the clown pictures dammit?! I know you have a picture of yourself wearing that clown nose!


Your reading? Was excellent.

Your dog? Excellent.

Your man? Excellent.

You? Most excellent.

It was joyous to finally meet you, oh Queen of Everything. I would have bowed and shit, but I was drunk and probably would have fallen over and knocked your teeny tiny self down to the ground if I had, so be glad I didn't.


Homey, stop trying to freak out Independent George!

Amy, you did fanfuckingTAStic at your reading. And you had a good time, and you made me so, so pretty and loaved. The weekend was more than a blanket success in my book, for real.


Dude, your shit was funny, yo. I was cracking up, and I had no idea who you were, and people were like, "Duh, that's the Queen of the WORLD," and I was all, "Well, SHIT, EXCUUUUSE ME," and so now I know, and you are so in my bookmarks. I wish I'd have met you, but I'm a dork and always miss out on meeting royalty.

And your dog freaked me out big-time, I must confess, but it is sort of cute in a weird way if you like dogs and are not really terrified of them in a sick and juvenile way, which I am.

Anyway. Rock on.

Scarlett Cyn

Now I"m realllly jealous that I couldn't go.

Oh, and I was totally just drooling over Tom Selleck last night watching a Friends re-run. He is STILL SO FREAKING GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! OMG!

Wait, I must pause to wipe drool.

Loved the pics.... as usual Amy! LOVE THEM! THANK YOU!!!

type a

totally having con envy . . . and also? dog evny.


Thanks for the compliment o Queen of Everything. I'm glad I didn't mention to you that I visited a volcano and flew over it in a helicopter.I will admit the whole time I was thinking Bert Lahr.

the pics and pup were great.Hope you go next year. enjoy the cd.


Please hurry up and heal, o doggy ears, cuz you look like horns right now!!!


I actually found myself musing over whether a mini pin would be a good dog to have around kids this morning. I, who have told the hubby in no uncertain terms that we will Not. Have. Any. Dogs. Ever. Then I come here to find MORE pictures including an adorable curled-into-a-compact-and-easily-portable bundle picture. Ack! How can a person resist that? Even the ear-horns are endearing.

Huh? Oh yeah, JournalCon. Looks like a good time and all but....PUPPY!!! *adore*


The Chicklet and Ceiba were enough to almost kill me at Journal Con, and now, pictures? My poor ovaries canNOT take any more of this.


The Chicklet and Ceiba were enough to almost kill me at Journal Con, and now, pictures? My poor ovaries canNOT take any more of this.

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