Of Poop & Puppies

Please stand by for The Big Fat Drunk Wedding entry, which has been delayed on account of PROJECTILE PUPPY DIARRHEA.

The Precious is sick. I'm staying home with her today. Because I am a wreck. Because she is sick.

We picked her up from the vet last night and she seemed okay, but she obviously lost some weight during the whole spaying-and-boarding ordeal. Which is HUGE when you only weigh like, 3 pounds. If we were on Animal Precinct and someone saw our skin-and-bones puppy we would so get arrested.

But she's a super picky eater so we figured she just didn't like whatever the vet fed her. She chowed down at home and we were all, "Yeah, she's a brat diva."

Then the poop came. OH MY GOD THE POOP.

Ceiba: Mommy and Daddy came fer mE! Yay home and hi kat. FOOOOOD. YuMMie,. Uh oh. haver to pOOP now. Allover floor. carpit! pilES and piles of greeN poop. WAh.


Max: Fuck. They brought that damn rat thing back after all. WAh.



Awww, poor puppy! Did they put her on some kind of medicine? My dog had pain killers after she was spayed and they messed with her poop, but she's a way bigger dog and it wasn't such an issue with her weight.

Hope she feels better!


Rice and plain, baked or boiled chicken can be good for upset puppy tummies. And a glass or two of wine can be good for owners of puppies with upset tummies.



...and sorry, ceibapuppy!

...and hang in there, mommy amalah. she should be better very soon. it could be emotions and/or medication and/or sudden vaccum-like sucking up of food and/or dehydration. make sure she drinks a lot of water.

i hate it when the babies are sick.


Awww, poor Ceiba. And poor you, as well. Hang in there, sister.


ewwwwwww! also, awwwwwww. *pets everyone*


You can get some charcoal tablets (health food stores usually carry them) for doggy diarrhea. I hope she feels better soon. Getting fixed is an ordeal for them. Griffin still holds his breath every time we drive by the vet, ever since that day...


Its called stress - all puppies do it and especially after they have been boarded or gone through surgery. Do what keepergirl suggests and just get some solid food on her tummy. Minature breeds all have an inherit digestive quirk and can be quite brutal given the right combination.


Poor Ceiba. And poor Amy. Cleaning up doggy diarrhea is no fun.

your adoring handmaiden for ever and ever

Oh yuck---- we had the same thing last Spring-- what I was told was changing a puppy's food is akin to giving her water from Mexico. So, stabalize her back on whatever she was doing fine with pre-vet visit. Ugh-- I feel for you. In fact, I can even smell the indescribable scent-- excuse me while I hurl . . .


awww..poor wittle thing! hey people stay home cuz their kids are sick all the time, I say it totally counts when the kids have 4 legs and fur..heck we should get doggie leave act if we wanted it dammit.


I hope Ceiba (and you, too!) is feeling better!


Oh no. Poor wee Ceiba. Here's to a... uhhh... cleaner tomorrow.


Lord, Ceiba. No more pooping all over the carpet! And just because I said that, no pooping all over Mommy's shoes, neither.

She'll be fine, sweets. Bouncing back tomorrow, I bet!

feisty girl

Is it wrong that I have assigned little voices to your pets? Hee hee.

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