Two Steps Forward
Of Poop & Puppies


Ceiba is fine. Her teeny little reproductive organs are no more, because we are Responsible Pet Owners.

(Even though Jason was hit with an attack of the "But I want Ceiba puppies!" at the eleventh hour.)

Anyway, we went to visit her last night.





And that's all I have for today! What a total gyp. I should be ashamed of myself.

Tomorrow is The Wedding, we leave today in like, a few hours, I have not packed, I have lost the bride's card, I still did not sleep last night even after taking a motherfucking tranquilizer pill, and my shoes have wrecked my toenail polish.

Ceiba is staying at the hospital all weekend, which makes my heart all hurty, because I miss her so damn much. She is an unbelievable pain the ass who pees on the floor and rips my panty hose and runs around the house with cat poop in her mouth.

God, do I ever love that dog.

Max will be left at home with buckets of kibble and water and toys and treats and will not even notice our absence. I will miss him too, because staying at a hotel means I won't wake up with a 15-pound cat who thinks he's still a tiny kitten snuggled up in my armpit.

Wah wah wah. Shut up, Amy.

Monday: Wedding pictures of people you don't know! But also of me wearing the prettiest damn bridesmaid dress ever, and looking super skinny and busty in it because of miracle space-age lingerie!



Ceiba is freakin' adorable it almost hurts.

type a

look at the sweet baby . . . asa goes in two weeks. he kept me up all night last night. and i love him with all of my heart. squee!

have fun and miss us :)


Awwww...poor puppy! She'll be all right. The hospital staff is very responsible, I'm sure.

I love it when fat cats think they are still kittens. I have two that do that exact thing. I secretly love it.


Can Ceiba be our honorary dog? Because we can't have pets where we live and she is so damn cute that it hurts. Between pretty puppies and space age lingerie, it's shaping up to be a pretty cool weekend.


Now you are going to get google hits from people looking for puppies in space-age lingerie! Hee!


I can't even take how incredibly cute Ceiba is. It is almost too much. I second what Hudson said....we can't have pets in our apartment (blah), so I am totally living vicariously through you. I'm trying on bridesmaid dresses this weekend for my best friend's wedding, so send some positive vibes that I may look even partially as pretty and shiny as I'm sure you will.


Here little eyes looked so weepy and pitiful like she was sending out "Please feel sorry for me and feed me treats!" vibes to everyone around her.


Poor Ceiba! She looks like a trooper though. You made Bob Barker proud by being a responsible dog owner.


Have a GREAT TIME in Booneyville!



That Ceiba is so cute, she makes my heart ache! What is it about dogs and "kitty roca" anyway? Yech! The cuteness and "squee" make it all worth while.
Have fun at the hitchin' this weekend. Hey, do you get a pink velour sweat suit too?


Please allow me to indulge in the obligatory SQUEEEEEE! Ceiba can steal kitty crunchies out of the litter box at my house any time.

Bummer that we don't get to hear from you again until next week but we shall try to persevere.


Oh how cute!...i think i have a crush.
and the puppy? she's cute too.
Doh! ba daa boomp...


On a different topic: you ARE super-skinny. And VERY pretty. So I will just be happy to see another picture of you. Because it will be a pretty picture of a very nifty person.


Tell me more about this miracle lingerie??


"Schmoopy". hee hee.


Awww poor doggie :)) Have fun at the wedding!


Seriously, that is one highly functional dog. I mean cuteness and portability in one package? That's high quality.


Our dogs didnt have to have bandages...poor thing.

feisty girl

Traveling across the country was miserable with two cats, except for the fact that I totally found the antidote to sleeping in a hotel...having your kitties sleeping with you. SO fabulous. Poor baby dog.

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