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Amy Still Is Taking A Break, She Just Had To Tell You This One Thing Real Quickly Like


A lovely and talented and desperately-needed candidate accepted our offer this morning. I would weep for joy but I'm all cried out.

Of course, it's too late for her to be any help with my current googamungous to-do list, but it's light at the end of the tunnel and blaaaaah. Still, she better not suck, and she better be all CHOP CHOP with the learning curve. Am pre-emptively bitter.

(Okay, apparently I am NOT all cried out, as I was just reviewing my schedule with another coworker and very nearly started to weep and shake with the sheer OVERWHELMINGNESS of it all.)

I now return you to your regularly scheduled hiatus.




GOOD work vibes sent your way. I hope you get through all of your work at a kick-ass speed.

I love your site and will of course MISS YOU...but as any fan will and does understand...the work thing (and the home thing) are priority!

Happy Tuesday


Hooray! Here's hoping the new girl dazzles you all.


Yay! I'm so happy for your moment of good news in all of the craziness.

Take care!


So, if this new assistant is good, then you will be posting all the time, right?


HURRAY!!!! am so happy for you!!


Praise Jeebus!

If she doesn't work out, you send her to me. I show her what's up.


Bout time someone said yes. Who were these other people, turning down a chance to work with AMALAH?? Dumbasses, that's who.

It's crappy she can't help now, but here's hoping she'll help prevent a future crisis. In the meantime, I'm sending Superwomanish vibes your way. Hugs.


I want/need an assistant too. I've debated hiring myself a temp to do all of my dirty work, but I don't think I would break even in that deal. But I wouldn't have to file crap. Hope your assistant is helpful, Amalah.


I'm sending positive thoughts your way! And also hoping that your new assistant will cater to your every whim before being asked. The psychic ones are always the best. ;)

type a

dear god,
please let amalah's assistant be helpful. and nice. and able to complete simple tasks without asking 800,000 questions first. and god? if it's not asking too much? may she also not wear perfume.

unlike the one with whom you have smoted me.



Yay for the new assistant!!


Woo hoo! Assistant!

Amanda B.

I understand the overwhelmingness-es of work, and I hope things get betta soon. Hang in there kiddo.

Don't forget to do somthing nice for YOU chicka.


Joy to you sweets:)
I am so sending you positive vibes RIGHT NOW as I type because I can do two things at once on certain days:)


Congratulations! Or is it Hallelujah and Holy Shit? Whatever -- you helped me out, so now karma is giving you a nice pat on the back. The newbie will be superb -- let's face it, you have excellent taste!


Congrats on finally hiring the assistant! I hope she CHOP CHOPS astonishingly fast for you. (That cracked me up!!!)


Lovely AND talented? Is she single? Has a sister? Secretly longs to date a blogger?

Sorry, lost my head. I'm signing my divorce papers today and am a tad bit excitable...

Congrats on the hire!



I hope your new assistant does a good job, but what does she have to chop? Indian Weiner Schnitzels?

Congratulations, again!


Super awesome! Congrats!


Hooray for assistants!

Here's a tip I wished I'd been given. In the beginning, have her repeat back to you what you've asked her to do if it involves the tiniest bit of complexity. Beware the bobble headed nod-and-smile act of "I have no idea what you are talking about but I want to be helpful, so I will just say I understand" thing that people do. That always turns ugly on the back end.

Good Luck!

Fraulein N

Congratulations on the new assistant. May she lighten your work load and make you look even better than usual.


does assistant have a sister that wants to work for me? please. am drowning.




it's about goddam time that assistant showed up. Mebbe with the kick ASS snow we are getting you may get a day to recoup and stay home, watch bad movies, recharge. Do NOT that job get you down girlie girl.

And I speak from experience, Q of E.

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