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This Is Your Brain On Infertility

(At some point I believe I shall have something else to talk about besides pregnancy. Unfortunately for you, that point is not now.)

Jason is picking out baby names and looking into college savings plans.

My mom sent the first baby gift with a tag made out to "Our Newest Little Angel" and is gathering up mementos of my babyhood to pass along.

Jason's mom is planning the nursery design.

My friends are gathering up their old maternity clothes for me.

Other friends have already started knitting.

My sister is planning to fly across the country for the baby shower.

As for me, I can't stop thinking about taking another one of these, just to make sure.


I just don't know yet. I'm too nervous/scared/bitter/jaded to move Tadpole out of the realm of the hypothetical and into the "Holy Shit, I'm Having a Baby" category.

Maybe I'll feel better in another six weeks or so. And we'll see what my belly looks like then.




you are going to be the type with such a perfect and cute baby belly! (although most likely very protruding, because i hear those tadpoles get pretty big in there)


It doesn't get real until you realize that the gas? is the PERSON YOU CREATED kicking your soft inside parts.

And don't EVER stop talking about the pregnancy!


Girl, I'm like to kill yew wit dat dere flat tummy. My belly hasn't looked like that since before puberty hit. Ah...the joys of having an Italian grandma who passed on her um..."Rubenesque" figure to her youngest grandaughter.

I can't WAIT to hear more about the tadpole.


Keeping yourself from "getting excited" will not make the hurt any less if something happens, I promise you. So you should definitely allow yourself to get excited. And start shopping for baby clothes and post pictures of them online, okay? Thanks.

Oh - and you have a GORGEOUSly flat belly! Yeah for you! That means you'll be "cute pregnant" unlike me with LilZoot (topping out at 5ft2, 198lbs) which was classified as "ogre pregnant".


Yay for belly pics! I've got two knitting needles and a big pile of yarn that have been staring at me for about three months -- maybe the tadpole will be my inspiration to learn how to use those things :)


I am excited for you guys about the baby and all but help me out here, why do I hang on daily for an update from a site that has published pics of pee sticks?

Wait I know, you crack my ass up. Go tadpole!


There's a TADPOLE IN THERE!!!!!

Lisa B

You know your life has changed forever, don't cha? You will NEVER be able to fully concentrate on anything else.... Its like that Being John Malkovich movie where Cameron Diaz (I think its her) is in his brain and all of these people look like Malkovich and are in a restaurant saying "Malkovich, Malkovich?" Ahhh Malkovich! But instead its like, "Baby, Baby Baby?" "Baby! Baby, Baby baby bbbaaabbbbyyyy!"

So talk about it lots and enjoy the ride. Us readers will!


You do know that Kate Spade makes baby bags, right? Congrats again:)


Keep the Tadpole tales coming . . zees ees so ahsum!!


Hee. I have a friend who took a pregnancy test every week for the whole first two months, so you are not alone.


seems like friends, family have gotten all bases
covered...just keep on peeing. :)

mortimer's mom

I've got 2 words for you, dear: BABY UGGS.....


Fraulein N

You heifer, with your flat stomach. ;-)I bet you're one of those women who stay relatively small throughout the pregnancy. You get to wear cute maternity clothes.

FYI, "Tadpole"? Is too precious.



Yay! I was waiting for that.

type a

you know i'm all about the baby blankets!


Congrats, Amy. Even more powerful than De-Lurking Day, it took your announcement to finally get me to comment on your site. I'm pregnant myself and can completely appreciate your enthusiasm. And I certainly think that anyone with as much unabashed appreciation for all of life's greatest joys (family, laughter and fun) will make a great parent.


oh goodness are you thin! i'm jealous!!!
yay! congrats to you again on being pregnant!!


yayyyyyy! congrats! Not even de-lurking day was able to bring me out, but how can I not resist posting a yay?


Congrats, woman!

And my belly is much, much bigger, and I haven't got a tadpole feeding inside.

Bond Girl

I hope the excitement kicks in soon.


You are just too cute...I'm happy for you.


de-lurking to add my best wishes! I didn't really look pregnant until after 16 weeks so, count it as a blessing and enjoy your pants while they still fit.


do you have a wish list where we can send gifts? Please let us know if you prefer maternity clothes or baby gifts at this time...


your heart will forever remain outside of your body now. it is both a blessing and a curse. you'll enjoy it.

RockStar Mommy

Wow, huge congrats and good luck :)


Okay IVE GOT A BIGGER BELLY! No I am not preganant just almost fourty! Still overjoyed at being called "auntie" Yet again!
P.S. I really dont remember the whole peaches n cream barbie incident.


Post all you want about being pregnant! It's great! Swell! Yay!


Hee! You did it! You're a slave to the internet, Amy! No wonder we all love you so.


HOLY SHIT I JUST GOT CHILLS. i leave the internet for a few days (to have a baby) and come back to see that YOU ARE NEXT.

homygad homygad i don't know you from adam and i am so excited about this news! i can't wait for the belly shots and then the post about how you can't believe you got so fucking fat (look at the first one and then the last one: *blank stare*).

true: birthing is not nearly as scary or horrifying as people make it out to be. just make sure you can't see your crotch's reflection in the tv. gaaaa.

(sorry for the all lowercase or all uppercase -- typing one-handed on accout of the teeny human being in the other hand.)


I am so happy for you and can't wait to hear all about the pregnancy as it progresses! Lots of love to tadpole.


Awwww :) Congrats! You are brave. Now I wish I could knit. Oh well... best wishes!


I loves me some pregnancy blogging. Talk about it all you want! I can't wait to read all about it. Except the part where you come back here the week after the kid is born and tell us how you are back down to your pre-preg. weight already. You might lose me then.

Oh, and I took 8 (yes, EIGHT) pregnancy tests with my first, so don't feel bad. I reigned myself in and kept it to five the second time.


Your belly is super flat. That makes me want to call you a bitch, even though at the same time I want to say congrats and good luck.
So, congrats and good luck skinny bitch. :0P


A bit late to the game, but CONGRATS, AMY!!!


You are going to hell for posting that picture. Or else I am. Because I am gonna laugh my ass off when you have a beach ball belly. But that will be behind your back. To your face I will say, "You are hardly even showing." Hu, Hu ,Hu.

Busy Mom

What wonderful news!


LOL Are you still going to be taking tests when you're 3 months pg? ;) Trust me, you've got a tadpole in there!
Enjoy all the attention!


I think you need to pee on another stick, you know, just to be sure.

RockStar Mommy

BTW, I just announced on my site that I'm pg too ;)


How wonderful! Congratulations, Lovely Amalah and Jason.

(Welcome to Mommyblog land ;)


holy crap! i have been away for about a week and look what happens! CONGRATS HON! Oh and just for future reference, when your mother tells you that you're in labor and you argue with her that you're having just really horrible gas pains and end up in the hospital that day - be prepared for the nurse to look at you and say that you're "gas pains" are 3 minutes apart. yes, it was not easy calling my mother at 3 in the morning to explain that to I am looking forward to sharing this journey with you - and again, congrats hon! hugs, nikki

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