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Enough Yakking. Let's See Some Pictures Already

So I finally got over my blushing flower of shyness self and asked someone at work to scan my ultrasound photos.

This is the first one, at about seven weeks. (Click to embiggen.)


In case you are confused, in spite of the label helpfully pointing out which smudge is the "BABY", here's a close-up of the little blob.


If you tilt your head a certain way, I think it sort of looks like a lizard.

In just four weeks, the baby made an impressive jump from blob to big giant alien head.


(For those of you who have no clue what you're looking at, click here for the Ultrasounds For Dummies version.)

The baby is only about two inches long right now, which...okay, I guess that's why I can still see my feet. Sort of.


And since these were also on the camera, how about some photos of the original babies?


Max would like to remind you that he is still here, and is still too beautiful to be adequately captured on film.


Ceiba would like you to save her from the gross squishy belly that is totally cramping her lap space. She'd also like to tell Mom to just buy some bigger jeans already instead of lounging around with them all unbuttoned like that. She is so disgusted, she looks away in disgust. Like this.



The babies! Look at all your babies!!

* pat pat pat * on your cute little baby tummy

That made my whole day!


Oooo!! Lots of Amalah babies! I'm here with a sick teething baby and am now overjoyed even more at seeing the pictures of yours.

May we rub the belly?


super cute alien head baby and belly!


Awwww. Babies. Very cute.


Ok, I have to delurk to tell you how cute you look pregnant.

Anne A.

The belly! It is soooo cute!!!

Real Girl

Awwwwww. Near seizures from the cuteness. Gorgeous baby head!


Yada Yada, the baby's cute...yada yada.... But what about those animals! Wow! Gorgeous. The little dog is very handsome, and cleary knows he was meant for pictures...

Dr. Johnny Fever

What a handsome little black-and-white lizard you have behind your cute "innie."


That is the cutest baby alien head I have ever seen!

type a

i've said it before, i'll say it again, "the sweet baby? she is so pretty."


Great shot on the belly. Kind of rare for a mommy-to-be to throw down with a cool art shot.


Aw, now I'm all warm and fuzzy. Wait, that's my sweater. But still - so cute, all the babes and their mommy.


I love your belly. And Ceiba.

bond girl

awww, babies. :-)


Nice shoes! Just kidding! You all are just one big bundle of cuteness.


Aww...thank you for the cute baby pictures. And don't feel bad about the squishy tummy in the slightest. You're still skinnier than me!

How do you think Ceiba and Max will react to a baby at home? Hope they get used to him/her quickly.


I love a belly.


Yea! Thanks for the baby pictures and tummy shot. So cute!


OK,looked at the "Ultrasound for Dummies version", just for clarification yknow, and saw the label fingers? Ahhh s/he has fingers! Beautiful perfectly formed little fingers! Waaah!


Beautiful pictures!


i LOVE pictures!!!

um, by the way? you are gorgeous.
and you have such small feet! i am jealous...cause you always have cute shoes too!


*squeals and dies from the baby and kitty cuteness*

You shouldn't be worried about the animals... the baby belly is cute :)


So sweet! Thanks for sharing. Despite all the puking, you look beautiful!


Yay for pictures!
Congrats on your little blob turning into a giant head. Eraserhead (heee!) is looking good!

I love Max's blue eyes, and little Ceiba's scrunched up face. I can just see her thinking, "God, MUST you take my picture again? Okay. Cheese!"

Sarcastic Journalist

that big head means the baby will be very, very smart.


You're all just completely adorable. Such a precious belly - I had my last baby 9 years ago and my tummy STILL looks like that. But it was worth it, believe me.


This is such a great time. I love ultrasounds. Your belly (and your feet) look great!!


Awwww, sweet pictures!


Man, I wish that you could see her feet! Something tells me that this baby is going to be born with some fabulous shoes on.


Baby! Yay! I love this world, where Amalah has baby photos up, and we can all dance and sing even before the baby is born about how wonderful looking the baby is already!

Very happy for you and Jason!

B Watson

Just found the site. We too had issues with infertility, so we understand and are excited for you. If you want to see how dangerous a husband can be with a camera and a PowerBook, look at the time lapse of my wife's belly at


Your frequent posting was making my day - we're at a standstill amalah... please give us some more!


i love the belly AND the ceiba. i think she just can't bear sharing her mamma.


Congratulations on the new baby! Very exciting.

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