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Aruba: The Photographic Evidence

I know some of you were beginning to doubt that I actually did go to Aruba, and were probably thinking that I lied and actually vacationed in like, Newark or something and have spent the week trying to Photoshop pictures of Newark into something more tropical-like.

Well, ta-da, Aruba photos, finally retrieved off of Jason's work computer and uploaded into a completely ass-backwards order for your enjoyment.

Click for the Aruba 2005 album.

(Have you ever seen the Aruba 2003 album? It's about the same only more drunk.)

And for those of you following the ultrasound saga: My doctor called this morning, and lo, he was awesome. He immediately apologized for not asking me more about my concerns last Wednesday, and OF COURSE I should get an ultrasound now if I'm anxious about anything at all. OF COURSE. He'll fax over the referral right away, and don't worry, we'll still do another ultrasound at 26 weeks just to double-check the sex and everything else, because really, I should be able to look at my baby as many times as I want.

That was...easy. And I was all set to like, RUMBLE and shit.

Upshot: 20-week diagnostic ultrasound at 9 a.m. next Monday. Mark your calendars and tell your friends.



umm...okay?? BITCH??? In a BIKINI?? I am so hating you right now as I try to get my non-pregnant self (wearing the same size 6) looking decent enough to wear a regular bathing suit when I go to Aruba at the end of the month. How is it FAIR AT ALL that you get to be adorable and skinny with a cute little pregnant belly in your bikini while I will merely look like a tub of lard?

And where did you get those cute white sandals you're wearing with a couple dresses? I love those, and I need white sandals...I can console my self for my inability to wear a bikini with the thought that at least I've still got thin, pretty feet. :)


Thanks for posting the Aruba pics! Since I'll probably never get to go there, I will continue to live vicariously through your blog. :)

You two are, without a doubt, the cutest couple ever on the planet! Nay, the galaxy!


Goodness. Great pics! Very jealous. You're so small compared to me. I was such a gigantuan pregnant lady despite the puking. :(


damn, I can't wait to go to the beach. Great photos! I can't believe you're wearing bikinis! I wish I had been so confident & bold when I was pregnant. Very cute!



Okay, I will tell you where I got the white shoes, but you cannot laugh. You can call me a bitch in a bikini, but you CANNOT LAUGH AT MY SHOES.

I got them at Target. They're Isaac Mizrahi, and they cost $12.99. Shh!


Damn, you two are too cute for words. In other words, you totally suck!

I'm glad you had a lovely trip and were all lovely in the pictures of the lovely trip.

I'm even more glad I was wrong about the doctor and you are getting your ultrasound. Yippee!!!


I just want to pat that adorable little belly, and also pre-reserve my seats for you at 40 weeks and 3 days pregnant, looking back at those pictures, declaring that YOU HAD NO BELLY back then, LOOK at you NOW, etc. ;)


oh, I could kick myself! I almost bought those sandals last year but didn't... Now I SO wish I had!

Anyway, thanks for posting the pics! They were all great.. I am looking forward to going even more now that I see how warm and beachy I will be.. :)


Yay! I'm so glad things worked out with the ultrasound. You can unroll your sleeves now that you don't have to "rumble". Ha.

Lucky - I want to go to Aruba. Actually, I want to go anywhere sunny and tropical :)


love! the pictures!!!!
and you are cute while pregant, and i love your purple dress and your jcrew dress. am jealous.


Okay you are a little little pregnant girly. Super cute and I miss AND love Aruba, please tell me the brand of your digital camera.


Way. Too. Cute. Seriously hating you for the adorable bikini shots. So glad you had a good time though sorry to hear about the sober-ness. ;)

YAY on the ultrasound! Are we taking bets on gender yet?


Aww! I love the purple dress/belly pic! Adorable!


After looking at those pictures of you, pregnant, in a bikini?! I can't even talk to you right now.



Hey, maybe your doctor reads your site..unbeknownst to you? Maybe he saw your entry about confronting him and spent the entire weekend shivering in fear? (Maybe way off but fun to think.)

And I second, third and fourth what everyone else is saying about your photos...I'm finding it difficult to loave your right now, (she says jealously.)

type a

hee! don't you love being so cute while so pregnant?


Great photos. And so glad to hear about your ultrasound!


I agree - adorable photos, great news!


You have obviously been depriving the baby of Doritos and ice cream. Don't you know that babies need that for fetal development? Geez.


You know, I want to go back in time six years just so that my pregnant, size NINE THOUSAND, bloated, funky, ugly, burrito-eating ass can bitchslap you for looking so damned perfect.

Bitch. You are making it look way too easy. Start coughing up some ugly morning sickness pictures, stat. :)

You look gorgeous. Babalah is probably going to come zipping out in nine minutes with a perfect round head and a Coach minibag.


Your vacation looks awesome!

Good news about the ultrasound. Can't wait to see those photos!


such a cute belly!

Thanks for sharing the pics! Can't wait to hear what babalah is this Monday! And hating you for saying that you wanted to hide your thighs. Bitch.


Ditto on all the "I can't believe she's wearing a bikini" comments... I had my daughter 3.5 years ago and STILL don't wear a bathing suit! I'd be harpooned. You are TOO CUTE, Miss Thing!

Have fun with the ultrasound. You deserve it!


I'm going with GIRL.


Congrats on your impending ultrasound! And just so you know...that size six dress that was non-maternity? I can't get my left thigh into a size six dress.

Bitch, indeed...

One day if I'm lucky and the planets are aligned and I get off my fat ass and exercise I'll be a size 10 again. I think I've typed the word 'sex' about 10 times in this post instead of 'six' and 'size'. Time to get me some.


So, I've spent the past week at work doing NOTHING but reading through your archives. Thanks for all the laughs. You are the cutest, tiniest pregnant thing ever.

We've gone through lots of the same shit with the Clomid and the difficulty in conceiving. It sucks so much. But congratulations to you and Jason, and I can't wait to read if its a boy or a girl!!

Oh, and did you KNOW...Sephora now has an ONLINE GIFT REGISTRY!!!!!!!! (I live in a sad sad place, there are no Sephora stores in Augusta, GA.)


Painting Chef, not that you want to drive two hours, but there is a Sephora at Lenox Square in Atlanta.


I know, and I have been there. But that is the worst two hour drive ever. So boring. Hmmm...I wonder if there is one in Columbia, SC? That's only an hour away. I'll have to check. Until then, I remain the website's bitch.

Jen Dangergirl

Alas, there are no Sephora stores in the entire state of South Carolina that I am aware of.

Laura B

"So, I've spent the past week at work doing NOTHING but reading through your archives. Thanks for all the laughs. You are the cutest, tiniest pregnant thing ever."

Me, too! I seriously just started at the beginning and the read the whole thing. Your writing makes me laugh out loud. A lot. Which is not great at work!

kat jealous! Aruba looked gorgeous!

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