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A collection of half-finished and half-assed thoughts that are all I have time for today, what with the job and the creating life and the miracle of it all.

On Tuesday night, Jason and I went to one of our favorite restaurants just for the sheer hell of it. (Also because we were having a bit of a face-off about who's turn it was to cook that night.)

(Hint: It is never my turn.)

Anyway, towards the end of the meal, a girl came up out of nowhere and said to Jason, "I just wanted to tell you how much I love your website."

I immediately acted supremely retarded and kind of let out a shriek, because DUDE, he just got RECOGNIZED. Like a ROCK STAR. As we were explaining to the girl that no, he's never been just randomly recognized like that, a girl at the NEXT TABLE suddenly turned to Jason and said, "Wait, you're D.C. Foodies?"

Surreal, y'all. He's totally famous, which means tons of people in my neighborhood know exactly what's giving me heartburn this week.


(Hey, remember the "gah gah gah" divider thing I used to use all the time? If so, you've been reading way too long.)


In other Jason News, he sent flowers to my office yesterday. This is nothing new. The man spoils me terribly and loves to send flowers for no reason at all. It's so bad my coworkers barely even comment (through bitter, gritted teeth) about them anymore because they just know it's not my birthday or anniversary or Flag Day or anything.

Regardless, I love getting flowers and always take time to parade them around the hallways for just a few minutes more than is really necessary.

But then I read the card for these particular flowers.

Happy Mother's Day, babe!


The note went on to say how excited he is about the baby and finding out the sex on Monday and also, that he loves loves loves me.

I cannot lie. I totally cried. Who knew you COULD top getting sent flowers for no reason?


My office is no longer stocking the hot chocolate mix with the mini-marshmallows in it. This makes me very sad.


The baby is kicking now. No more little fluttery popping sensations. We've moved on to full-on thumps and jabs. They're strong enough to feel throughout the day now too, which means if I'm ever just staring off into space at work I get a nice reminder to pay attention and work, Ma, because I want to go to Harvard and probably already need braces.


My boobs are very big. I am very pleased about this. So is Jason.

My nails are very long and too pretty for me to bite down to stubs. And so strong I snapped an emery board while trying to file them. I am very pleased about this as well. So are Jason and the pets, who all enjoy a good back scratch now and then.


I need to break up with my therapist today. It's a long story, but mostly, it's not her, it's me. I've changed, moved on and want different things in life. Like an extra $110 a week that is not being spent on therapy.


If you were a carry-out lunch place, why in God's name would you sell the bottles of Pellegrino with the non-twist-off caps? Do I look like the type of person who still carries a bottle opener around on her keychain? That I carry around just in case I fancy a nice cold PELLEGRINO?

I do, however, look like the type of person who would seriously injure herself back at the office while trying to pry the damn cap off with a pair of scissors. Shit.


If you ever recognize me on the street? You probably just want to stay the hell away. For your own safety.



How cool that Jason got recognized. Whenever I am in a restaurant that I know he likes (Heritage India, 2 Amys), I look to see if you two are there. I would probably be too shy to go up and say hello.


Well, if you ever decide to visit Indianapolis, there'll be at least one reader in the vicinity who would be happy to say hello.


hell no. If I recognize you on the street, I'm going to run up to you and scream, "I LOVE YOUR SITE! YOU'RE FAMOUS! LIKE A ROCK STAR! ONLY WITH CUTER SHOES!"


That is so cool that Jason was recognized. I totally took his advice on my last trip to DC (Mmmm. 2 Amy's). He is da bomb.

suzanna danna

I would hide in the plants if I ever saw you guys because I am Shy-y McHolyShitShe'sHidingUnderTheDesk when it comes to meeting people... See exhibit A: Susan Not Going To JournalCon for the Last FIVE FuCKiNG YEARS and Randomly Capitalizing Things.

I rest my case.

Also. I want that (Spring Coach) purse you posted a link to in your Wed. Advice SmackDown. SOOO cute. Loave.

Susie Sunshine

Yay for flower-sending Jason and Happy 1st With-Child Mother's Day.

Welcome to the Jungle!

Fraulein N

Happy Mother's Day, Amalah.


yea, i'm with the majority, if i ever run into you somewhere, i'm totally stopping, bowing and asking if there is anything you need.
you. rock.
(and then i might ask for an autograph!)
yay for the baby kicking!! does it hurt?


I get recognized occasionally...but in the angry mob that chased Frankenstein with pitchforks and torches type of way.


This was random today! But I loved it! And also, thanks god the 'gahgah' is back. I missed it. Makes more sense of the randomness, truly.


It may be random, but I love it.

Awesome little Babalah comments in there, too. Of course Babalah wants to go to Harvard!


Happy Mothers Day!!

And can I say from one Mommy to another, don't get the Parenting Mag, go for Parents instead. Thats my personal fave out of the two.


first off, i totally read your site like religusly. it's gotten to the stalker-like point. soon, i may know what you're doing before you're doing it.

but i digres..

my point is, good luck with little babalah!!!

Also preggers

Hey, my birthday is on Flag Day. I've never seen or heard anyone really recognize that day! Ha! I am famous!

Sara-11 weeks pregnant with #2!

bond girl

Return of the gah! yessssssss!

Real Girl

Lovely husband you have. Lovely.

And, just sayin', Yale undergrad is way better than Harvard. Go Bulldogs!


In contrast to both kalisah and suzanna danna, I would likely see you (or meet you through some mutual friend -- hey, DC's a small town) and spend 20 minutes trying to figure out where I know you from.

Then I would bolt awake at 3 am two days later having just figured it out.

Therefore, you should be spared any stalker-esque behavior on my part.


Aw, flowers. So sweet.


WHAT!? No mini-marshmallows!? The place has really slipped since I left...


I remember the gah gah gah! :P
Very cool on the husbandly recognition.
Also, my office stocks the hot chocolate with marshmallows (swiss miss, i think. the blue box).. i'll totally jack some for ya if you want it. :D


that is so sweet of him to send you mother's day flowers :)


I have been lurking-schmurking for a while now but I have come out of hiding because my life has been radically changed for the better.

I bought a foundation brush.

IT KICKS ASS. What was I thinking with the little sponges?

Thank you very much... :)


Awww, the flowers. OMG I actually teared up a bit when I read that. Happy Mother's Day indeed! I didn't know your Hubby even had a website. I'll check it out just in case I'm ever in the DC area and get hungry. It may never happen but what the hell? I love food.


You are CHEATING US. Where is the snarky comment about how he was recognized but you were not? You know you have one. ;)

In other news, you should totally hang out with me, because my company keys came on their own keyring with... a bottle opener.


I'm the girl who recognized Jason (actually it was my husband but he's shy) and now I feel like a ROCK STAR for being on someone's blog besides my family's ;)

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