Adventures In Babysitting (Or, Daycare) (Or, Guilt)

Meet the Squishy

Pictures! Many, many pictures. All of which I am going to make you look at.


I am sorry, but clearly, this is the cutest baby in the history of ever. The nose! The toes! The "Oy vey, all this poking is giving me a headache" pose!

Click here for the annotated-what-in-sam-hill-am-I-looking-at version.



Click here for the annotated-what-in-sam-hill-am-I-looking-at version.


Jason: You know, because it's a boy? Our chances of giving birth to the antichrist are bigger now.

Amy: Did you just imply that our precious unborn son is going to be the antichrist?


Click here for the annotated-what-in-sam-hill-am-I-looking-at version.


Our ultrasound technician was a highly nervous and excitable Indian man who at one point stopped the exam to order Jason back to his little chair after he'd gotten up to get a closer look at the television screen.

Ultrasound Tech Man: I am sorry, sir, but I am afraid I will not be comfortable if you keep creeping up behind me like that, sir.

Jason: Okay... (sits back down, looks at Amy like, what, did he think I was going to knock him out and go on the lam with a stolen ultrasound machine?)

Ultrasound Tech Man: Look at that beautiful little arm!

Click here for the annotated-what-in-sam-hill-am-I-looking-at version.


Okay, I'll admit it. Like the vast majority of my readers, I thought I was having a girl. I just assumed that since I'm a girl, my body would naturally only produce its own kind. A boy is like, a different species or something.

The idea that I've created a little man, with little man parts, kind of blows my mind.

Click here for the annotated-what-in-sam-hill-am-I-looking-at version.


After showing us the boy parts, he turned around and gave us a look at his bottom, which I just want to pinch because it's so cute.

I am going to spend a lot of money on diapers for that little butt.

Click here for the annotated-what-in-sam-hill-am-I-looking-at version.


Amy: What if he doesn't like me?

Jason: (leans over, kisses Amy on forehead) Don't worry, baby, he's going to hate you.

(Don't you love our sense of humor? Don't you think we're totally ready to be parents?)

I can't say I'd blame him for hating me, though, if this habit of posting pictures of his little private parts with big arrows continues much longer.

Click here for the annotated-what-in-sam-hill-am-I-looking-at version.


This is my son. My little tiny man. I promise to play sports with you and tell you that it's okay to cry sometimes and whether that shirt goes with those pants.

I can't wait to meet you.



LOL the 4th one down? Looks like a kitten!


Oh, your little Prince of Everything is beautiful! Many congratulations!


Congratulations, he's beautiful. Get ready for the ride of your life!

Miss W

He's gorgeous Amy! And I think the big head indicates a burgeoning large intellect. Can we say Ivy League bills?



He is so darn adorable. I can't wait to see him when he's on the outside too! What was that doctor talking about with the "picture quality" crap?


Awww. Congrats again.


He's so cute Amalah! You make gorgeous babies!


Congratulations! Having boys is the greatest! There's really nothing cuter than the little tiny men. Unless it's your husband with your little tiny men. That's pretty darn cute too.


He mooned you! I love this kid.


He looks awesome!!! I cannot wait until I get to see pictures like that! I'm only 12 weeks along now so . . .



Aww hes so cute! Now you can start picking out cute boy stuff!!

suzanna danna


Many, many congratulations.


Aww... I'm having the worst day, and reading that made me feel better... It's so...heartwarming..and shit. :) Congratulations again!


What a precious little man!! And he will NOT hate you, how in the world could he?

Congratulations again, you and Jason are going to be amazing parents.

Lisa B

Congrats. So very excited for you. He's very, very beautiful.


I was amazed at looking at the time....your appointment was at 9am, and you were actually in there at 9:14? Wow....I had to sit for 45 minutes with a resevior of water in my pregnant bladder waiting because I was the only one on time.

Cute baby boy :o) Congrats!!


He will not hate you - boys always love their mommies more than their daddies. Nope, no stereotyping here - just move along, folks .....move along.

I am only 18 weeks along and WAS patiently waiting. I want my ultrasound NOW, dammit.. I have a serious case of Sonogram Envy here.......


boy, boy, boy. I love it. Yesterday I had the condom talk with my 6th grader because the public school left it out of their "Family Life" curriculum. See what you have to look forward to??

the photos are great. so clear. I didn't even need the annotated versions. He's very CUTE.

I remember when I fist saw my son in the delivery room, the first thing I said was, "He looks just like his ultrasound!"


His wee willie winkie is already too cute!


Aww, he is so cute. Mucho congrats.


Awesome! Glad he gave up the "goods" so you now know! What a cutie! I love my "little man" and I call him that all of the time!


So wonderful and beautiful! Truly amazing and joyous -- thank you for sharing this.

Oh, and just so you know? In 5 years when you are giving him a time out for being super sassy to you? He will yell at you "You're MEAN to me, Mommy!!"
...Like mine did the other night. :-)


Wow, he's a real boy already! I mean, not all tadpole-y like, with all his pieces-parts developing perfectly. Amazing! (Which goes to show you how much I know about birthing babies if I'm referring to them as "tadpole-y like.")

So now, when do we start voting on Boybalah names!?!?


Awww! So cute. You will enjoy him, and when he's 12, you'll be doing shampoo and deodorant checks. "Let me smell your head. Now your armpit. OK, let's go."


Cute cute cute! :)

FWIW, I thought my son was going to be a girl too for EXACTLY the same reason. How does my body know how to make a penis??


Ahh, congrats!!

But, it is so not fair! Two more weeks until I find out.

*Stiking my tongue out at you*


Awww... a boy!!!!!!!!! Too cute!


CONGRATULATIONS Amy! And Jason! And Baby! I'm so very happy for you guys! That kid has NO IDEA what he's in store for! I meant that in a good way, of course!


Hurray for Little Boy Babbalah!


Amalah, I think it's PERFECT that you're having a boy because you can teach him all about skin care, which boys should totally know.



I've been lurking on your site for a while, but I've never left a comment. Today, i had to. You just made me cry whilst sitting at my desk at work. BEAUTIFUL! I'm soooo happy for you. my sister in law just had the first grandchild in our family. I never knew how amazing it could be. CONGRATULATIONS!


YAY for you! Boys turn into humans, according to my grandparents, who had five of them. It just takes a while.

Mom & Dad

We waited all day to see the pictures. The most beautiful baby in the whole world (well, maybe except his mother!). Happy Nana and PopPop here.


He looks so great! And thank you for sharing some of the funnier comments rather than the standard gushy comments. Although that's okay too. ;) Congrats!


too damn cute!


He's perfect! Yay for baby boys!


*wipes tear* That was beautiful. So happy for you. Boys rock! Yay! :-)


HA! Just wait until you get to take pics of him streaking through the house, especially when he learns he can take off his own diaper. Then there's the potty training. Oh the cute pics of him sitting on the potty and making cute faces at you! And yes, those ARE cute faces and not him straining to shut the bathroom door on you.

May I suggest you joining,,, et al? They send you coupons and shit and those diapers are muy expensive.


I especially enjoyed your pictures. I'm in the same week you are and probably won't get another ultrasound so seeing what your baby looks like at this point is so exciting! Congratulations!


Cool post and cutie little man. (I'm sorry your HANDSOME little man ;) )


aw, he's beautiful!


I'm sniffling here. He's precious. Little boys are fabulous and so much FUN. My two are giants now but they're still my babies.

type a

he's so beautiful girlie! just like his momma!


Wow, you could really see his boy parts. You must be so proud.

Fraulein N

Aw, that's awesome. Honestly? These are the first ultrasound pictures I've seen where I could tell what the hell I was looking at. That Boybalah, he don't mess around.


I knew it! I'm now 2-1 in the predictions. If Zoot has a girl, I'll be 3-1.

Congratulations... overalls and hiking boots and Matchbox cars, oh my!




A boy!? Really?! Little boys are so awesome. Not as fun to shop for, but man do they love their mamas. Congratulations, girl.


Boys are magic little creatures. He will always love you, he will always need you, and he will always think you are pretty. He will change your world and there is nothing you can do to prepare for how much you will love him.

Real Girl

Mazel Tov! Thanks for posting the pics so soon.


forget the cute butt, look at that CUTE WIDDLE FACE!!!

yes, i said widdle. don't be a hater. it's cute.

yay, yay, YAY! he's going to totally be the only boy in preschool who knows how to post a picture on a blog and edit comments.


He's a keeper!

Dr. Johnny Fever

You can totally see his wee brains in that first one. What a cute little genius he is!


Yay congrats! And I guessed right!


I am so very happy for you, what a lucky little boy to have you as a Mom.


Yeah, just wait until he's a pre-adolescent and decides that Axe body spray TOTALLY replaces the need for any type of shower or bath-type activity. Clearly Laura up-thread and I are sisters in 12-year-old armpit-smelling. And then you say "how did my life get to be this?"

Anyway, congrats. My sister is having a boy, and we all totally thought it was a girl, and now we enjoy taunting her by saying SCROTUM repeatedly. Something to consider.




A boy! A Boy! Congratulations! Welcome to the world of peeing on the edge of the toilet, little league, and lots of love. I'm so happy for you. :)

zoots mom

What beautiful pictures Amy....I'm thrilled for you....

B Watson

If you can get the 4D scan, I highly encourage it...we did (posted up at my blog) and it was amazing. Congrats!


YAY! Congrats to both of you! I don't know if I can call him Squishy, but whoever posted 'Boybalah'... I can go with that :)

Congrats congrats, congrats! Much love!


Congratulations on the baby! You should be very proud of Squishy - he's adorable:) I talked the ultrasound tech into video taping my ultrasound for me (he could have gotten fired for that), so I got about 8 minutes of awesome "live" footage when I was about 6 months along (Jared was a September baby, too:)). Seems like just yesterday - but he's 17 *sigh*.

Enjoy it, and hope you find just the right daycare.



He is absolutely precious!
I am also v. jealous of you because your little boy cooperated and showed you his man parts. In all of our many ultrasounds we were never able to get a good reading of the gender. My doctor guessed it was a girl but would never commit. So we were genuinely surprised that it was a boy!

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