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The Big Announcement


I'm very pleased to announce that this weekend, a very important decision was made. Perhaps the biggest decision I've made all year.

Darling people of the Internet, the diaper bag. It has been purchased.


After much thought and research and comparison shopping, I rejected Coach(!) as too summery and Kate Spade as too boring, and instead opted for a Petunia Pickle Bottom bag -- specifically, the Fortune Cookie boxy backpack.

(Oprah Winfrey gave a similar bag to Julia Roberts, in case you were wondering, which you probably weren't. Likewise, you probably don't care that Julianne Moore and Reese Witherspoon also have them. Yeah, me neither.)

(Liar. And also, snobby snob snob.)

And so, I present a combination portrait of The Belly At 20 Weeks and The Prettiest Bag For Carrying Dirty Diapers Ever.


P.S. Dear Mr. Creepy-McFetish-Man, please do not comment on this post or send me any more email. I don't care how beautiful you find pregnant women or that you want to date an actress who wears a prosthetic belly and I'm sorry that waitress from the strip club isn't returning your calls or whatever. Please take your freak self elsewhere.


bond girl

ooh, pretty choice! She needs to make non-diaper business totes. I'd buy one.


Ooh, pretty!

I need one of these! (the bag, not the belly, ahem)


those bags are all the rage in hollywood. Carrie-Anne Moss used one of those with her baby too!


I love those bags! So cute. Also, you are tiny for being 5 months prego. Whatever. I looked like an oompa loompa.
Does your husband need a diaper bag? The Skip hop ones are very cute and gender neutral. That would give you a good excuse to get another diaper bag.


I can't decide which is cuter -- you or the bag. Both?

Real Girl

Came across another adorable product I thought you'd enjoy: Daniella Simon Mommy-To-Be panties--bejeweled low-rise cotton briefs...Click for Mommy-To-Be Panties


OMFG!!! I'm so buying the "Fond of Flora". You rock, Amalah! Thanks for sharing!


*sigh* I'm so jealous! I just saw that bag a couple weeks ago, and wished I was pregnant JUST so I could have such a pretty bag!

and, oh!! I finally went to Sephora today!!!! My mall just got one last week, and I am SO loving it!

(oh, and by the way--I'm totally NOT a crazy pregnant lady-stalker, I promise!)


Has my husband been emailing you again?


I have a similar bag. It looks great but hasn't been as sturdy as my burly boy demands.

By the way, the CLEAN diapers go in the diaper bag along with your lipstick, 3 lbs of baby wipes, chew toys, 4 changes of clothes and a bazillion snacks. The DIRTY diapers go in the trash...

Lady Bug

Does that company make cute little handbags like that? I don't need a nappy bag but I SO fancy a handbag in that material!

Dr. Johnny Fever

I thought the prothetic belly thing was going to be kept between us. How mortifying.

(And it wasn't a strip club; it was a gentlemen's establishment. Big difference.)

Sarcastic Journalist

Uhh...sorry about the emails. Dr. Johnny told me that you blew him off at a strip club and I had to get you back.


Actually, Amanda, The Bag features a small removable nylon pouch for dirty cloth diapers, or in case of emergency diaper changes where there might not be a garbage can nearby.

Although it's also the perfect size for a travel makeup bag. Either way, versatile!


Oh! And I meant to tell everybody asking about non-baby-bag versions, no, the company only caters to mamas right now.

Although there IS a matching baby blanket for my bag. Which, you know, I'm just saying.

And Dr. Johnny, don't worry, I was addressing a DIFFERENT prosthetic pregnancy belly freak. Your brand of freak is okay by me.


OH MY GAWD, that is beautiful.

I think I'm going to cry. You should see my diaper bag, it's sad. No, sad isn't a strong enough word. I think I need one of these.

Fraulein N

LOVE that bag. They need to make a version for non-pregnant women.


I love those bags! I just started reading your site--it's great fun. You actually make living in the greater DC area sound like it might be something people would enjoy--no small feat my friend.


i love love love it!

I just may have to buy one for myself as well...:)


I say this in a non-stalkerish way: Cute Belly!
And adorable bag. So not like the others but cute and looks functional.


Okay...THAT is adorable. The diaper bag is a HUGE decision. And do you get one that the husband wouldn't mind carrying or do you just get two? (I know the answer to this one but I think I'll have to pretend to at least ENTERTAIN the idea of one diaper bag that either one of us could carry to humor him...)


Am I the only one that sort of wants her to post the letters so we can all make fun of stalker guy?

Also, if you have the bags the newspaper comes in, they make good diaper disposal bags in case you can't just toss the soiled diaper, or are visiting someone and need to toss one in their trash.


OMG, that is the prettiest bag for carrying shit I have ever seen! You have fabulous taste!


Other freak, here.

We're on our third child, we don't even HAVE a diaper bag. We just stuff a couple of diapes and some wipes in our pockets.

Or, more often, cross our fingers that we don't have a blowout. During church. Again.


OOhhh pretty! ;)

Scarlett Cyn

Pretty bag! GORGEOUS!!!!!!

Adorable 20 weeks tum tum! I'm so happy for you and Jason!

I really love that bag. It so sucks I'm still not knocked up. *Sigh*


seriously, with a name like picklebottom, how can you resist?


I feel so non-fashiony right now; my pride and joy was the black backpack diaper bag from It doubles nicely as a regular backpack and has those handy bottle-pockets for my own bottles of water.

The bag looks lovely AND functional but how can anyone reject Coach???


Warcrygirl: I know. It was a shock to me too, but the current line-up of Coach diaper totes are all pinky, pastelly and summery and would look totally stupid in the fall and winter, when I'll actually, you know, have a baby.

I could have waited for the fall line of bags, but as that involves both "waiting" and "not buying something right this second," that clearly wasn't going to work for me.


I only read your journal on occasion, but I can tell this is your first child ... either that or you have insane amounts of money because that diaper bag is DRY CLEAN ONLY ... very cute, but DRY CLEAN ONLY. You should carry it around while you're still pregnant then return it once the baby comes, 'cause you'll have shit, piss, vomitus, and mucus smeared all over that beauty in no time.


:::drool::: great, now you've got me wanting one too! Thanks alot ;) (My first too...27 weeks)

you know, don't let anyone rain on your parade just because bodily fluids could get on your cute expensive diaper bag. *You* paid for it, not everything in life has to be practical, and anyway they make Dryel for home dry-cleaning =)


Gorgeous diaper bag, and, if I may say so as a first time commenter without seeming stalkerish, gorgeous belly.

Bummer about the dry-clean only thing, though.


Adorable belly! And Lisa, the has my husband been emailing you comment made me spew coffee all over my computer screen. Too funny!

And the bag is the cutest! I do love the kate spade ones though. My SIL got a longchamp one, and while its a bit boring, sooo parisian and sophisticated.

Adorable Amalah!


I just found you via Painting Chef--love the site! I didn't even know they made diaper bags for people who wanted to use cloth diapers...very nice! I also like the idea of a backpack bag....we'll have to see when (or rather if) I ever get to that point

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