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More Pet Photos Than Are Really Necessary

Big important meetings all day today, folks. Place your bets on the following:

1) How many times I'll need to leave and pee.

2) How many times I'll get distracted by Squishy's acrobatics and completely lose track of the conversation, then totally make some bullshit up to cover this fact.

3) How many sandwiches I'll eat at lunch, and in what manner I will kill anyone who dares comment on how many sandwiches I eat at lunch.

In the meantime, please enjoy some random pictures, taken by our brand! new! camera! A Canon Digital Rebel XT, which is Jason's father's day AND birthday AND Christmas present for the next five years.

(To balance out the gifting universe, I bought a new purse.)

(Coach sent me a 25% off preferred customer coupon! Twenty-five percent off! I couldn't afford NOT to use that!)

(How does one get to be a preferred Coach customer, you may ask? Well, I started getting the coupons and invitations to seasonal unveiling parties right around the same time I added my handbag collection to our homeowners' insurance policy, so I'm guessing you just need to spend gobs and gobs and gobs of money first.)

Anyway. Pictures. Moving on.


Ceiba: Freedom from the lampshade collar! Worms! Bees! Pointy blades of grass to poke in my eye! Awesome!

Amy: Poooooop, dog, poooooooop.


Yeah, I keep posing the same. Positioning my arm like that minimizes the upper-arm pregnancy mushiness and also helps me remember where my waist was once.


She looks how I feel. It's 95 degrees in Washington, DC today and I? Am GOING TO DIE.


Max the Eyeball Mauler: I will not stick out my tongue for the sake of a picture. No, I will not do that.


This was taken after our very tiring trip to the doggie ER, so please excuse the 1) hair, 2) skin, and 3) overalls. All pregnant women are allowed to wear comfy comfy overalls, and you are not allowed to think they are not cute, because we will cut you, motherfucker.


24-and-a-half weeks. My belly button is so stretched out, I recently learned that I actually have freckles in there.

(One day our new camera hopes to take pictures of things other than the pets and my fat ass. Like maybe, Jason! But that would require me learning how to use the new camera, so...no.)



1. love the new bag
2. hate pets (but I've been over that)
3. actually, pic of pet about to die is pretty damn good.
4. I hate you because your arms and legs are skinny and you have a cute belly and are waiting for your first precious baby and I am jealous.

RockStar Mommy

The whole hand pushing the arch of your back pose really does work to minimize arm mushinness; I do it all the time. But I would like to kick your ass because you haven't gained the ass and/or hips that I have along with the belly, boobs, and arm mushiness. But, I'll wait until after you deliver for the ass kicking. I'm nice like that.


New reader. Loving the handbag (because it is so much more then a purse) but loving your blog more!


we've had that camera for about a year...the pics on it compared to our old Canon Powershot (which was top o'the line in 2002) are amazing. It's as if the old camera was shooting thru cheesecloth, and those pics looked great, until you compared them to those from the Rebel. Good choice (and on the handbag too!)


Excellent handbag, as always.

I'm surprised the Boybalah hasn't kicked OUT the navel yet, what with the kung-foo fighting and all. Oh, and you? Have less stretch marks on your tummy than I do (that would be NONE, it looks like), and I'm not pregnant.


Beautiful choices on the camera and handbag. You look awesome pregnant, therefore you totally suck.


What is this "waist" you speak of? I am unfamiliar with that word.

LaLa Lisa

Hey, how come the DC sucky humid weather doesn't turn your hair into in mass of frizzies like it does mine. No fair! And you're not even sweating or shiny. Sheesh! ;o)

Love the pics and what a cute little belly shot! Oh, and the purse is fabulous! And isn't it a pregnant woman's prerogative to get out of all-day work meetings? :)

suzanna danna

very cute... good luck in the meetings today.


Love the pictures AND the Coach bag. I've got to ask...any idea where Jason got your engagement ring? It's gorgeous! Did you pick it out?

Real Girl

So glad Ceiba's well enough to be de-coned! But have to admit. She's adorable in that plastic prison...

And kudos to the stylish maternity top, which is cutie cute cute.


Welcome to the Digital Rebel family. You will never be the same.



Amalah--watch out--I am TOTALLY going to steal your dog!

Gah! The cuteness! It's too much!!

oh...and you might want to keep an eye on that Coach bag of yours, too.. :)


I totally take back my comment about your denim overalls. I think I'm just jealous that a.) you're pregnant and all glowy and b.) I could never get away with wearing shortalls as I am freakishly tall for a girl and they never quite fit right, even when they were all the rage during junior high. Rock on, girl!


Okay, the perfect pregnancy nails? So incredibly jealous.

So glad that Ceiba is able to have at least a little freedom form the cone, poor thing.

Good luck with those meetings...


Drooling over your bag.


Nails - Soooo pretty. Mine can't grow 2 millimetres without flaking.

Maternity wear - Fabulous dahling! The cute bump is extremely well attired. And I don't judge the overalls whatsoever...

New bag - I cannot express how jealous I am at the moment, especially of the "Preferred Customer" title.

Pets - Looooove. I want them so! And I'll have the new camera too if you'll be so kind as to throw that in as some sort of deal...

type a

the freckles in the bellybutton are too cute. to balance that, i'll hate you for having a cuter purse than me.



Ooh, just saw the blue layout on the archives page... is this going to be the new site layout? It's purdy :)

K. Brown

Nothing more beautiful than a pregnant tummy! Thanks for sharing!!!


How do you get freckles in your belly?


Pregnancy overalls are not only cuter than anything, they are an absolute necessity!


Wow! You've got a baby in there! Seriously, you look really, really good, even if you ARE suffering in the heat (we are too, here in NYC).

Oh, and I looove your new your new purse.

Spurious Plum

That bag is hot.

And it probably looks awesome with overalls.

Dr. Johnny Fever

I'll never forget the jealousy I felt when my wife was pregnant and her belly button was completely gone. Inverted! For men, there's no easy way to get all of the lint out of there.


aha, new camera. and so the elph sucked? you never said. it was you, right? with the elph. same camera as me and it won't take a nonblurry pic in the house without a flash.... did you have that problem?


hey, if jason wants a picture of himself he can just turn the camera around, right? but really, why would he want to, because what is cuter than alien-hat dogs and belly buttons?


I hear you on the freckle. I've just discovered a little mole in my belly button, which keeps getting shallower and shallower. My coworkers are eagerly anticipating its becoming an outie - I am not so eager about it.
I may have to adopt your pose, though I don't know how much it will do for my expanding ass.


I'm a 40 year old father, of one amazing child, who is slowly becoming a young man before my eyes. I can still remember changing the diapers at 2:00 am and preparing bottles at all hours of the night when he cried. I held him in my arms and slowly rocked him back to sleep. You have a long way to go, so use the camera as much as you can. It all goes by so quickly.

I first began reading Amalah when you first became pregnant. I was just entranced and found your wit and style to be just adorable.

And yes, I'm old enough and secure enough in my manhood to use the word adorable.

Reading about your life and preganacy is something I dare not share with any of my male buddies.

Your site is like that secret stash of candy that is crept into every once in a while.

Thank you for adding that something special to my day.

Oh ya....belly shot....adorable !!

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