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This Is Your Brain On Work

Blrrptt! Geffrribbddlle! And also, plrrawwr!

So the work thing, not getting any easier, that.


But does your job make you wear a lampshade collar? No? Then shut the hell up, Mom. Love, Glowy McEyeball.

Ceiba's eyes are much better. A checkup on Tuesday revealed that the puncture wound in her right eye has all but healed and the infection is gone from both eyes. Yay for the ointment in a tube!

The lampshade collar is a thing of the past, but the pictures, they are FOREVER.


And? I have nothing else to say. Here. Belly at 25 weeks. Going to sleep now. To sleep, perchance to dream. To dream of the days when I did not live in fear of a violent belly button eruption, which seems to be quite imminent, especially since Jason CANNOT STOP POKING AT IT.


Even the baby is rolling his eyes in there about the supreme lameness of this post.


LaLa Lisa

Poor Ceiba is never going to live the Lampshade Head thing down! That's ok though, every once in a while our spoiled pooches do need to serve as a source of amusement for us.
Belly shot is so cute! Not even a single stretchmark in sight. You rock! Is there a magic lotion involved? Do tell! :)


Very cute are aware your belly button Will pop out, right?

Real Girl

Baby big! Dog small. Foresee gladiator type match in near future...


Like I said, the violent belly button eruption seems to be imminent, so...yeah. Am well aware of the innie-to-outie phenomenon.

I give it another two weeks, give or take a big meal.

(And I use the Palmer's Cocoa Butter cream for stretch marks twice a day, even though the Internet say it's bullshit. But my mom SWEARS by it, and my mom is a lot smarter than the Internet. So far, so good.)


Ceiba looks so cute in his collar!

But really. The belly button thing. I'm thinking of never having children now.


Oops. Her.


cute dog!

cute belly!

cute Amalah.

sleep well, dear Amalah, for tomorrow is FRIDAY!


Well I'm 34 weeks and I have not yet had the violent belly button eruption. Of course I check every morning to see if it has popped during the night. I even had a dream where it popped and it was huge, like the size of a baby's pinky. That was creepy. I've been using the Palmer's cream as well but it has not worked so well for me. Of course my husband had to point out that maybe it was working and the stretch marks would have been way worse without. I did not find that helpful. The most annoying part is that I have not technically gained any weight. I currently weigh exactly what I did before I was pregnant on account of losing 15 pounds during the evil first trimester. So even though my belly is not huge comparable to most women at 34 weeks, I still have the stretch marks. Although I do feel better after seeing the woman on baby story today who was 34 weeks and looked like she was carrying triplets but it was really just one giant baby. Seriously her first kid was like 10 and half pounds and this one ending up being over 10 as well. Of course her husband was the giant guy who proposed to her at a buffalo wing eating tournament. So in comparision, I guess a few stretch marks aren't so bad.


Sorry work isn't getting easier, I feel your pain.
I'm a bit freaked out by the popping belly button too. But I'm not pregnant, so technically I have nothing to worry about. When I was a kid though, I thought that when the belly button popped out it meant the baby was done. Sorta like an oven timer for food. Lame I know...

Lisa V

Hell that is exactly what my stomach looks like now, and I last gave birth over 7 years ago.


There is hope - my belly button never popped out, depsite lots of poking :)

I'm a newbie - just started reading your blog this week - and what a week to catch you on! Hope this weekend is less stressful :)


Don't stress about the belly button thing. It can have a very practical side: you get to clean out the lint once and for all. I'm not kidding. I found a pile of fuzzy stuff inside my belly button once it finally popped out. Yeeek. Good luck w/ work and dog, baby and cat. Have fun!


Okay, CUTEST pregnancy picture and pajamas EVER.

Happy Friday!!!

Jenny Wren

Hey...your belly button may never pop out. I've had three pregnancies (well, four, if you count the miscarriage) and mine never popped out. I developed what we lovingly called...a smoothie. Sigh...June 2004...that was the last time I had a tight taut abdomen....


My belly button just went completely flat and returned to it's normal 'inny' self after I delivered. So never fear.

When Jason pokes your bellybutton does he say lame things like "DING DONG!" Just curious.


Oh fer cute squishy! So, are your abdominal muscles all separated and pulled-apart yet? Because, um, that totally happened to a friend of mind. It made her belly pooch like a mofo.


My Min Pin has some funky skin stuff going on right now so I fear that a lamshade is in our future as well. I will find out on Saturday when I take her in.

Is it just me or does she look like some type of outerspace lion in the second photo.


Please update us on the home remodeling project!

I am very worried about the pop of my oh-so-perfect belly button. Seriously, I tell people I could be a bully button model. I will be v v sad if it is ruined.


Very cute belly. And I'm 36 weeks and still don't have any stretch marks and I haven't used any special creams and hardly moisturize my belly(I know I'll pay for this in the future) The stretchmark thing, all genetics baby and I think if you don't have signs of them at 25 weeks, you may come out clean! You're belly looks great and doesn't look like you are packing on the pounds like I did!

My belly button is now an outtie but not TOO bad. Another pregnant girl in my birth class, her's was like 2 inches long I swear, very gross. I think your belly will be beautiful all the way til the end!


Eyes looking good. Belly looking good. Happy Friday!


Very cute pjs.


Stress – it sucks big ass
But what won’t kill you makes you
Stronger (still, it sucks)

Hello Amalah!
I am new to your fan base.
Loving this so far!

So glad I read links
On others’ weblogs because
That’s how I found you.

Your weblog? it rocks!
Never have I laughed so hard
Reading old archives.

Made a movie too!!
Too late for the B&B
Had fun anyway.

Happy that you’ll be
A mommy soon ‘cuz it is
Such a great job, yo.

Love the baby bag
It has personal appeal
‘Cuz I own one, too!

(really quick shout out
petunia picklebottom,
krispy crème and coach)

Thank you for the laughs
I will be around for more
Focking cool blog, yo!


What a cute outfit--and a cute belly--you seem to have fought the stretch marks so far, keep up the cocoa butter--it can't hurt!

Looking at that photo made my ovaries ache, just a little bit though, because I know that soon we will start trying, (I think)...looking forward to the outie belly-button photos!


Ok, where did you get the clear lampshade? Our dogs always got the white one, which seemed so much more lampshady.

LaLa Lisa

Palmer's Cocoa Butter, huh? Yeah! I already use that now, so hopefully that means I'll have a head start and maybe have fewer stretch marks when I have a squishy someday. To the person who said they're genetic...shh, don't tell me that! I want to stay in denial that I'll be able to avoid them if I lotion up really well. :) It's obviously working for you Miss Amalah. The belly looks great! Hmm, maybe we should place bets on when the belly button will pop out! ;o) 20 bucks says it stays an innie until the end. Haha!


"Glowy McEyeball" ... ahahahaha. Too funny.


It's all genetics. If your mom got 'em, you most likely will, too. If the Palmer's makes you happy, then by all means, continue to slather, but chances are it's not doing much.

And my belly button never "popped" it just went completely flat, like ti wasn't even there. And it does go back to normal - I even reinserted my navel ring when my kiddo was 5-6 months old. Inspiration to stay thin, I suppose!



My belly button never popped out with LilZ, I'm hoping that means it NEVER will. Otherwise? I'm inducing labor on myself tomorrow.

Also - I went my entire pregnancy wtih LilZ thinking I had NO stretch marks and was SO proud. Until I had him, and realized they were all on the underside of my belly and tops of my thighs, wehre I couldnt see them. So yeah - now? That I'm covered in them? I dont care as much.

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