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Probably Not the Last Time Baby Pictures Will Reduce Me to a Sappy Pile of Sap

In Case Anyone Thought I Was Kidding...

Steve says, "Crikey! That's a whole lotta Rubbermaid, mate!"


So I think we have enough airtight containers. Now we just need some food.

(Please note the sad little cloves of garlic, the sole survivors of the Great Kitchen Purge of 2005. They wonder, "Why were we spared? What strange plastic prison is this? What happened to our dear friend French Baguette, upon whom we were to be roasted and oiled and turned into delicious, delicious garlic bread?" And then they weep, but no one can hear, for the seal, it is airtight.)

Last night's BugWatch Patrol uncovered five of the little bastards: three dead, two alive. They were promptly vacuumed.


Behold! The nesting instinct in action!

Also, pregnancy arms! Squashy!



You are one cute bug-killin' mama! I wonder if I was that cute during my nesting stage 18 years ago?


The poor, poor cloves. May they one day find another baguette friend who will be worthy of their garlicky goodness! My heart goes out to them!


I'm just laughing at the Lament of the Garlic Cloves. It should be put to sad, sad music.


I admire your diligence in the quest to rid the house of the flour beetles.


squashy..heh heh ...made me laugh.

beetles never...amalah forever...


My sypathies about the bugs! My parents had an infestation years ago, and to this day vacuum out their cabinets once a year.

Thanks also for posting the link about Evelyn Miller on your "Hating" sidebar. It's just a heartbreaking story.

Granola Spice

I read this? And then I RAN to my online registry to add air-tight cannisters. LOADS of 'em.


Nola, I will buy them for you. Loads of them. And your card will contain a special wedding blessing for a bug-free household.

Sarcastic Journalist

that's kind of making me happy that I never nested.

Real Girl

Who else could suction up pesty icky critters with a smile?


I feel your pain. During my first trimester there were MICE everywhere and in additon to the OHMYGODtherearemicemicemicemiceMICE!! pregnancy added sobbing heaving cries of "the house is disgusting and I am unfit to become a mother and the baby will be taken away by social services and my husband will leave me for having such an unfit house and I will end up homeless on the street with only the mice for friends . ."


Then my husband cleaned everything with gallons of Lysol (I supervised by yelling disenfecting directions from the other room) and bought all new food stuffs and then I put them in plastic containers and after that my pantry looked like a page from an Organized Living catologe and my poor pregnant soul was soothed.


Amy, I had a freaking MUSHROOM sprout in the vinyl flooring seam behind our downstairs toilet the week after I had a c-section 16 years ago. I would swap that lone fungus for 10,000 beetles and two days worth of back labor to erase the look of abject horror on my mother's face ("I'm just coming to HELP, honey!")when she discovered that her daughter hadn't inherited her Cleaning Genes.

Lisa V

Wow, I am a slob, but we've never grown vegtables, Lori.

Amalah- that is the same color I painted my kitchen in my previous house.

You still look too cute to be pregnant. See if I posted my picture it would be like ghost of Christmas future and would scare a bunch of you into tying your tubes.


You're cute when you kill bugs!


Oh, look how well all your airtight containers match! Pretty! When I got a beetle infestation five years ago, I called on my friends to bring airtight containers, and still am using their leftover pickle jars (who buys THAT MANY pickles at once? the jar is HUGE!) and random bits of Rubbermaid and tacky seventies Tupperware.

Those beetles are a pain, but you seem to have managed beautifully.


Ew. I hate kitchen bugs. But they're almost gone. Yay! And the kitchen gear is so cute. And airtight.

P.S. Your arms still look great. I have elephantitis of the upper arm and I am, sad to say, not pregnant. Lord only knows what they will look like then.

Rockstar Mommy

I have the same maternity shirt in the same color. One of the only things I actually LIKED at Old Navy since everything else was all ruffled and ignorantly hawaiin printed.


Ew. Bugs. In baguettes? Ew.

Since you're taking pictures, how about a tour of the pad? And more pregnancy photos since you're like rockstar mommy and have a great pregnancy body. I looked like Shamu.

kalisah look great. You can't even tell you're pregnant in that picture.


As a parent of a murdered child it makes me so happy to see you make visable a beautiful missing child. Visability is what brings these children home!


I looked at that picture and thought you didn't even look pregnant and it kinda confused me, so yeah. Definitely not squashy.


Oh my god I am freaking the fuck shit out right now about London, sorry to use your comments as my outlet, but I just came to post this link about the story on your sidebar. People who commit acts like this just make me lose faith in people. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


but now you can't live in the same house as your vacuum cleaner, right? because what if they survived the suck up? oh my god, i would never sleep for wondering.


Awwww, poor little garlic.
Good thing you're getting those bugs out though! Yeesh....

Humor Girl

But the pregnancy arms are so cute! :)


I wish I had that many airtight containers.

Until you said it was garlic, I was thinking they looked like powdered donuts. And for some reason, it made perfect sense to me that the only foodstuff you had in the house was powdered donuts.


Oooh! Look at the new flippy snappy Rubbermaid lids. And to think, I USED to be a Tupperware girl.


I've read your site for about a year now. And you didn't know it. Am I creepy or what?

Nonetheless, wonderful site! :-D


oh crap. i'm not even pregnant and i have pregnancy arms. what's up with dat?

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