In Case Anyone Thought I Was Kidding...
Four Days Later & Still A Big Sappy Pile of Sap

Probably Not the Last Time Baby Pictures Will Reduce Me to a Sappy Pile of Sap

We had one of those fancy new-fangled yuppie-riffic 4D ultrasound things today.

And damn, I'm so blown away and totally in love with my little boy that I'm rendered completely snarkless. I mean, look! A baby! Who is mine!


He spent most of the session hiding behind his hands and sucking on his toes, but he eventually cooperated and let us get a good look at his beautiful little face.


We invited our parents to attend, which meant there were six slightly blubbering adults crammed into the same room.

My mom thinks he looks like me.


10 fingers, 10 toes. Everything looks perfect.


Also cute little ears.


12 more weeks until he's here. I seriously can't wait.


It was great to meet you today, little guy. Your mama and daddy love you. A lot. 




How precious! I'm in tears as well.

zoots mom

Ok..go ahead and just make me cry...Congrats..he's beautiful


Amazing! Those things are amazing.

I love babies.


De-Lurking here.

How beautiful he is!

I sobbed like the pregnant chick I was when we saw our little girl on the 4D. She looks just like her pictures today even.

Congratulations on putting the face with the boy kicking your liver. :)


Wheeeeee! Sob.
Does he look like you cos he sucks on his toes? Hee.


He DOES look like you! He's adorable! In about 15 years you'll be beating the girls off him with a stick!

Congrats to you and Jason!


I have never seen a 4D, absolutely amazing!! Your boy is gorgeous, just like mom & dad!

Real Girl

Ohhh lordy! He's so cute, with those cheeks and those cupid's bow lips already making little gurgly sounds!

And dude. Huge feet. You're birthing a stallion there. A Studalah.


Awesome! This baby already rocks.

Obviously, it runs in the family.




OMG I'm weeping here. He's adorable and has beautiful parents.


Wow! What a cutie! He really does look like you, too =)


Wow! What a cutie! He really does look like you, too =)



I love the babies.

Bonanza Jellybean

I can't lurk after this... those pictures are AMAZING. Congratulations!!

I REALLY wish they would have had those when I was pregnant.


Congratulations, he is simply beautiful. You and Jason are so so lucky.


Awww. He's beautiful. Congratulations, Amy.


Awwwwwww... Am entirely speechless.


Those pictures are just priceless. I love the one of his adorable little face.

I am anticipating when it is my turn! We are waiting to see how cooperative our little one will be in the next couple of weeks at the ultra-sound. If he/she doesn't reveal themselves, we'll get it sooner than later!

Thanks for sharing!


Gorgeous! Congratulations :)


What an adorable little guy! Thanks for sharing the pics!


Good stuff, Squishy! And he *does* look like his momma. But I'll betcha he'll be dark like Daddy.


So beautiful! congrats to you both. seriously tears in my eyes!


Those are adorable pictures



awww! that's amazing and what a cute little facey face!


I saw on your side links that they suspect the little girl's body has been found. I was saddened. How bittersweet it was at your site today; with the ultrasound pictures and your Hating comment.


How unbearably adorable is he?????? Amalah and Jason, your son is perfect--congratulations to both of you.

I'll bet those pictures make it even easier for you to feel like you're getting to know your sweet little boy already...

Dr. Johnny Fever



I had never seen a 4D sonogram before. That is amazing, he looks so gorgeous.


Oh my god he is too cute! I'm not usually one to cry either... And he DOES look like you!


What a very cute squishy!


He is so cute! I have to get one of those NOW cause that is way too cool and a hell of a lot better than those black and white ones.


amazing cute little boy.
Well done and good luck to the rest of the 12 weeks - and beyond!


Amazing! He's so cute, too! All I can say is wow, we didn't have those back in the old days; ultrasounds even were only done in high risk cases.



He is unbelievably beautiful! You will have to set aside a whole new space on your page for gorgeous Sqishy pictures!


That is just so cute!! That is awesome that you share that with everyone! I enjoy reading your blog its very amusing.


delurking... wow, what a beautiful child! Those toes and fingers are absolutely adorable, how will you ever say no to this child?! :)


wow. I used to think the idea of seeing a 4D image of your baby in utero was creepy. But that was adorable. I think he does look like you.


Isn't it AMAZING? Our 3rd child is due in 17 wks, and can totally relate. And as much as you think you love him now, just wait til he's here! I never imagined that I could FEEL that strongly about anyone. And your love for Jason will multiply, as well. It is truly overwhelming.....good luck.


I have never seen an ultrasound picture like that before. How amazing! How exciting for you!

I have to tell you, reading this blog does not help a woman keep her baby fever in check.


That's really cool. I had no idea they had ultrasounds like this.

And Frema's right - it's hard to control the baby fever when you do posts like this. Talking about all the gross body reactions though... that's another story! ;)


Those pictures are so amazing. Technology can do some pretty awesome things these days. Thank you for sharing Squishy with us!


I really needed to see something really beautiful today and your little boy made my day. Actually I showed the pictures to everyone that I work with and they all agree that he is very beautiful. Thanks


You have an absolutely beautiful baby boy :) I agree with everyone else, he does look like you :) I'm SO having a 4D ultrasound next time!

Lisa V

Congratulations, the twelve weeks will go fast. Then you will be able to kiss those little feet and ears.

suzanna danna

Thank you guys for sharing your progress and the beautiful pictures with the rest of the masses. He really is perfect. Congratulations, you done good. :)


Holy cow. Wow.


Actually he does look like you! Those 4D ultrasounds are the best andhe looks just beautiful. I can't speak for all the commenters but I'm pretty sure they would agree: we can't wait to "meet" him either!

Have a happy third trimester.


Technology is stupidly amazing. Congratulations. May your boy wear his Coach outfits (and i'm SURE there will be such a thing) proudly :)


I am amazed by the technology! It's beautiful. I think when you find out someone is going to have a baby, the hardest part is having to WAIT to see what they look don't!

Congrats, he is BEAUTIFUL...wait that's not a man, HOT, but most of all...your baby son!

Sarcastic Journalist

He's a cutie! I love little baby fingers. We had the 3d with my daughter and I had the pic on my desktop. I stared at it every day. Then she was born and it was so weird, there was that face we were staring at all that time.

I'm happy for you, you're going to love being a Mama!


He is just perfect! What an adorable little boy. I am so happy for you and Jason.


He does look like you! (Well, if you were curled into a fetal position and swimming in placenta, but still, the resemblance is there.)

So precious -- thanks for sharing!


He is beautiful, congrats!!


Wow! You're so lucky you got such clear shots. I've heard of many people who had the 4D that didn't. He's beautiful! It'll be cool to match up these images with actual pictures of him when he's here.


Hi..I came upon your website by accident while looking for something last year...I looked at your pictures and comments and I really found them interesting and funny. I would visit often but then had some major computer problems...those damn viruses!...and I lost all of my bookmarked pages...I tried to find it again..but just couldn't remember how to spell the website's name...then just the other day....5 months later...I was doing a search...on hair styles...and I come upon it again! Anyway, this made me happy again as I got to catch up on the events in your life....wierd..cause I don't even know you...but I guess it's fun looking in on other people sometimes...with their permission, of course!

You look beautiful pregnant...I'm still freaking out wondering if I should have one...I've been married for 3 years...and now I am starting to feel like I should..but I'm not ready yet!

Well, take care, respond if you feel like it...just know that your website rocks!



Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow!!!!!!!


That is SO cool. Congrats. Guess all the puking is worth it in the end :)


That is SO cool. Congrats. Guess all the puking is worth it in the end :)


That is incredible! You kinda get a better idea of how he is squished in there too.

I cannot get over how clear of a picture that is.

Granola Spice

Look. At. The. NOSE! So cute it hurts a little.


Wow. I so wish we would have had those 4D ultra sounds when I was preggers. How great to have such a vivid picture of the little life forming inside you! Congrats & God Bless!!



AWWWWWWWW!!!! Those are surely the best pictures I've seen online in the last week.

Yay for cute-eared babies!

Humor Girl

That is the sweetest thing I have ever seen! Amazing! {{wipe away tears}}


technology still amazes me sometimes. those are precious.


Yay! Amalah, I had to delurk and say congrats to you. He is adorable and I'm so happy for you! I think it's so cool that you can see that much detail before he's even born! Seriously, when he's older, I'm sure he'll think it's very cool seeing himself before he came into the world.

Thanks for sharing!


Awww! What a cutie patootie!


congrats on the beautiful boy!!
I bet there have never been this many people all looking forward to a baby being born! Good luck to you and Jason in the next 12 weeks!! And any name you pick will be perfect.


Make that seven slightly blubbering adults, one of whom wasn't even in the room with you!! Seriously, I am SO NOT a baby person, but I'm completely captivated by this precious little guy. Thank you for sharing!

Trophy Wife

Wow, what a beautiful baby boy! Congrats to the both of you!


Those 4D are absolutely amazing. My friend had one and I was so jelous to only get a 2D. He looks beautiful, congratulations. Wow, 10 weeks, super close!


Thought I would share this little song with you by Built To Spill. Completely pin-pointed exactly what my ultrasounds were like... that sigh of relief: See, I'm fine.

Wiggly days wiggly nights
When it's dark bring in lights so you can see
What a sound straight through my spine
Bounced off me
Makes me round
3-D sound
Push it down move it around, see I'm fine
Ain't it strange that I can dream
(You can say it's night or day
Snow or rain it's all the same)
When there's nothing I have ever seen
(In here, In here)
Ain't it strange that I can dream
(You can say it's night or day
Snow or rain it's all the same)
Ain't it strange that I have brain activity
(In here, In here)

Who brought those cameras in
Who gave who the right
Inside a sea turned from frog to freak
(Linnart Nilson shut off those lights)
To tiny, red, and meek
Strange that I'm a human being
Ain't it strange that I can dream
(You can say it's night or day
Snow or rain it's all the same)
Aint' it strange that I'm a human being
(In here, In here)
Ain't it strange that I can dream
(You can say it's night or day
Snow or rain it's all the same)
Living in the womb
Running out of room
Have to come out soon
Have to meet the sun and moon and...



Those pictures are incredible! (Enough to bring me out of lurking!) Maybe I'm just an out of touch undergrad student, but I had never even heard of a 4D ultrasound until today. Your Squishy is beautiful. =)


Oh how incredibly sweet and beautiful :D


Wow - Makes me want to have another just to have the ultrasound. What beautiful images.


(me again) He's got your nose!!!


I love opening your page and seeing the baby pics! It makes me smile everytime and I also have to go back through them all again! Even my husband got a huge kick out of them. We are 11 weeks PG and want to do soemthing like this when I am farther along. HOw did you you find your place? I am SoCal. Thank you for sharing your precious little boy with us!


Aww, thanks to everyone who commented and said nice things. He IS awfully darn cute, isn't he? I mean, on a completely objective level and all. No bias here or ANYTHING.

MK: I found this center through Google. Just search for 4D (or 3D) sonogram and your state or city and see what comes up. This was the only center near us, but they were totally worth it.


OMG! Sitting at my desk bawling my head off! How beautiful! I'm mostly speachless!


Mainline Mom

That is SOOOO cool! I thought about doing it, but didn't think it was worth the money. Maybe I will next time!

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