Holy Crap, Y'all
Everything is Okay, Part II

Blankety Blank

Hello! How are you today?

For a summary of my day, I refer you to Exhibit A, Not Awfully Darn Good.

But no matter that I am worn out and tired and sleepy and working is working me like some kind of working work machine! (Work: We will squeeze every last drop of editorial skill from you before September! Every last drop! ) Never mind that I am not sleeping and cannot get any of my shoes on! I'm telling you, it does not matter, because look at the nice Internet readers I have!


That's the blanket that Bethiclaus made for me.

(Correction from a previous statement: Beth did not knit this blanket. It was crocheted. I apologize for the error, but would like to point out that I am not very craftmatically minded and couldn't tell you the difference between knitting and crocheting if my life depended on it. I believe one uses two needles while another uses one needle or possibly a pointed stick. Either way, they are both Way Too Difficult For Me.)

(Although at one time in my life, I was wicked awesome at making those little potholders out of the stretchy loops on the plastic loom.)

Anyway, the blanket arrived this weekend and it is breathtakingly gorgeous.

Ceiba was allowed near the blanket for a brief photo opportunity and then promptly shooed away. The blanket has been placed in protective custody until the arrival of a certain small person.  A certain small person who will most likely vomit on this blanket within five minutes and BREAK HIS MOTHER'S HEART.

In other news, there is a CAR SEAT sitting in my living room. With an adjustable canopy that I assembled myself, with only a minimum of cursing but with an awful lot of throwing stubborn plastic bendy things across the room.

I think there might be a baby coming to my house or something.



Love the color of your wall, love the floor, love the dog, love the blanket, ADORE the one-finger salute. Working pregnant in August is awful and you are a trooper. If you have a Coldstone Creamery in DC, go treat yourself and get a puppycone for Ceiba.


You'd think so, huh?

Lisa V

Tell people it's like your body is climbing a damn mountain, and cut you a break. You will be back to normal by early 2007. Assholes, they pay you and expect you to work. I hate that.


Oh, the blanket is just gorgeous! I love that the Babalah will be wrapped in hugs and kisses!

Real Girl

Am dying to learn how to crochet. So I can make adorable hats and skinny scarves and look all fabulous. Not so I can send other people gorgeous blankets (with ribbon!).

That perhaps makes me horrible and selfish. But I love your blanket, and clearly Bethiclaus is a star! (And entirely not horrible and selfish).

Enjoy your last month as a twosome...and get ready to be called Mommy!! Wheeeee!!!


Yay! It arrived! I'm so happy to see that Ceiba likes it. That way, if the babalah is like, *vomit*, then Ceiba will have a new blanket to play with.

Thanks again for the shoutout.


Stretchy loops and plastic loom, memories....

There is nothing comfortable or nice about the end of pregnancy.


I love the way Ceiba co-ordinates with the colour scheme in your living room.


haha, the plastic looms!

my DAD once made a ton of those and sold them around his neighborhood to earn money for a basketball.

this is what promted my mother to vow that we would never have one in the house. she didn't want us to turn out as wierd as our dad.

your blanket is GORGEOUS!!!!

Humor Girl

I think you may be onto something Amalah! :)


I noticed the faux brick/cracked plaster look on your wall! Clever transition between wall colors. Did you do it yourself? Can't wait to see the baby's room (Jason-hint hint).


Love the colour of your wall, how did you do it? Faux finish or is it a paint colour?


Your walls are very pretty. I can only hope that someday I end up in a place where I can paint and decorate, rather than a shitty studio apartment.

Bonanza Jellybean

Don't worry- crochet can be washed and washed and it will be fine. It just gets softer and softer if it's made with that cool baby yarn, which I'm sure it is.

Now, if I had made it, it would 1) not resemble a square or rectangle or even have recognizable corners and 2) ravel upon washing.

I'll just say congratuations instead.


Re: the walls. My mother-in-law did them, as she is brilliantly crafty and can probably knit AND crochet AND macrame.

It's a faux finish called a color wash -- the base coat was a hideous salmon color and then she washed on the other colors to create the terra cotta color. Same goes for the yellow -- that was a cream base coat.

The bricks? She handpainted. Yeah. Some people and their talent. Unbelievable.

We've been instructed to prime and paint the nursery a neutral cream color, and then she has Big Plans.



Oh! Oh! The stretchy loop pot holder things! Those were fun!


Just a quick "Thank You" for sharing the ups and downs and innies and outies and happies and sads and all the rest with us.

Take care of yourself and enjoy these last few weeks.


Sounds like you're entering the "GET THIS BABY OUT OF ME!" phase of your pregnancy. Captain Destructo was born on Aug 27 so I know what you're going through. BTW, your due date is my wedding anniversary. :)

Wacky Mommy

After Wacky Boy was born woo-hoo was i post-partum. I wrapped him in a blanket that my mom sewed for him and wrapped myself in an afghan that my grandma made for me when I was a kid and bawled my eyes out and got him and both blankets all soaking wet. It was so good. Then it got all better. Last week. Now that he's 3 and potty trained.

Sorry, just feeling all hormonal and mushy today.

Kisses to all 3 of you, and have fun with the blankie.


Beautiful blanket, Bethiclaus! Great job!
Smart move on keeping Ceiba McPee-Pee away from the blanket. She would totally do it. ;)
'Course, you're probably right about the certain small person messing it up too. But that's why we have soap and water.


Definitely love the walls. And the blanket. I'm sure Babalah will love to cuddle up in it, and hopefully will not vomit on it too much!


I can crotchet one thing - baby blanket. Just one style only. I have tried to read the "instructions" to crotchet other things, but my head has exploded every time. I need my mommy to show me how! But, baby blanket is cool - people love to get the homemade stuff.


Bethiclaus! Beautiful blanket!

What? Baby? What are you talking about?

I thought we were all just here for the hair advice.


What on earth is this plastic loom you speak of?

And sketchy loops?



Baby! Baby!

Woot! Woot!


Wow I don't know what is cuter, the dog or the blanket!


Wow I don't know what is cuter, the dog or the blanket!



you should probably cover max's ears when you say that.


(different megan than the one above)

For those who were not fortunate enough to experience the plastic potholder loom first hand at a Brownie or Camp Fire Girls meeting: weep not.

The are still around: http://www.dickblick.com/zz650/01/


Oh my God, the loom! And they sell NEON COLORED LOOPS.

That's hott. I may be buying that.


My Loom resides in my basement, at hand for whenever I need a little occupational therapy. You can purchase loops at any low-end craft store!


Okay, it's official. Ceiba simply CANnot take a bad picture. That's all there is to it, dahlings!

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