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The Carousel of Progress!

The Week in Pictures

Actually, just one picture sums it up nicely:


See? Crumbs? Of Cake? Because my week was...(wait for it)...CRUMMY?


(Oh my God, I'm so sorry for that.)

So let's see. Where to begin?

Mom update? Check.

She's doing good. Really, really good. Like buying baby clothes on the Internet good.

She's meeting with a breast cancer counselor next week who will help with a prothesis and she's found a little store where they actually sell NICE bras for masectomy patients. (The women in my family, we enjoy our lacy underthings, which is why I have yet to buy an actual nursing or maternity bra and will probably still be wearing some cleavage-enhancing lacy thing when I go into labor.)

Baby furniture? Check.


We chose some very nice solid oak furniture, which happened to be the heaviest furniture in the entire store. And possibly on the east coast.


We live on the third floor, and we are never moving again.

We haven't attempted to assemble the crib yet, but we did inspect the two pieces that came assembled (a crazy concept, as we are only recently learning that you can buy furniture from places other than IKEA and there are no hex keys required).

And of course, the biggest, heaviest piece of all -- a dresser/changing-table combo unit thing -- has a crooked hinge and a funky-hanging door. We both stared at it for awhile and then decided that the best plan of action is prop the ironing board in front of it and walk away.

Sigh. There is no progress. There is only chaos.


While our new floors were being installed on Wednesday, I was barricaded in all that craziness, trying to work and write advice columns from a rocking chair in the far corner while my terrified pets fought over precious lap real estate.

Max eventually gave up and found comfort elsehwere.


Oh! Would you like to see our new floors? Yes, of course you'd like to see our new floors! Or maybe not, but YE SHALL INDULGE ME AND FEIGN INTEREST.


They are very much in need of mopping, but ta-da! Floors.

(I wish I could tell you that the whole mattress-and-boxspring-propped-on-the-floor thing is just a temporary, post-construction phenomenon, but alas, this is how we actually live.)

(The bed-being-made thing actually IS a temporary, one-time phenomenon, as I made it simply so I could take this picture.)

And here is the other side of the room, which I'm sure is just as thrilling for everybody.


The stairs are not quite done, however. Because we're idiots.



We assumed the stairs were plywood, just like the floor upstairs. But noooo, the stairs were solid wood, and only needed to be refinished. But by the time I emerged from my hole in the nursery to realize this, they'd already destroyed the original treads and installed several new ones.

Our contractor was very peeved at the workers and is coming back to finish the thresholds himself, because GODDAMN, YOU TELL PEOPLE THEY ALREADY HAVE WOOD FLOORS BEFORE YOU START SAWING THEM DOWN TO ITTY BITS AND SLAPPING UNNECESSARY WOOD DOWN.

(Heh. "Unnecessary wood." Heh.)

And now for the crummiest part of the week.


Ceiba had her yearly examination on Wednesday -- rabies and distemper vaccines, eyeball checkup, yadda yadda, etc.

Her eyes have completely healed, and she charmed the pants off everyone in the office.

I mentioned that she limps sometimes. It's something she's done for months -- she'll temporarily lift up her hind leg and hop around on three legs for a few minutes. Then she's fine. We assumed it was leg cramps or her just being a little drama queen.

Nope. A luxating patella. Or, a kneecap that does not stay where it should, namely, on the damn knee. This was confirmed by the vet while I was waiting for the refills on her heartworm pills and she started limping around. I shrieked for the vet to come see and he dashed over and popped her tiny kneecap back into place.

So! Ceiba needs knee surgery. Like a tiny little football player, or something.

Honestly, I spent all day yesterday reading every damn article on luxation of the patella that Google could dig up and am moping more over this than I did my mom's masectomy because I'm really, really warped sometimes.

The condition is really common and isn't hurting her right now, but it will get worse and lead to early arthritis or possibly a torn ligament -- or worse, thanks to the lovely new hardwood floors she has to jump onto. So we've decided to have the surgery sooner rather than later, while she's young and can recover quickly.

And I'm not even going to talk about what it costs, because it gives me hives.

(Goddamn pet insurance with the goddamn "no coverage for congenital conditions" clause and goddamn again for good goddamn measure.)

Well! This post has rambled on for long enough, methinks. Let's close with the World's Worst Belly Picture, because Jason left for work early and I forgot to have him take one.


34 weeks. Note the slight downwards shift and the loss of my nice shelf to balance my cake plate on.



Well NOW what are you gonna balance your cake on?! Sheesh.


Oh, that is a crummy week. Glad you're mom's doing okay. Maybe you can work it out with the cake people to get a weekly cake of various delivered until things are less crummy. Do they have that? A cake-of-the-week-club?


Cisco sympathizes w/ Ceiba... he has the same condition.


AWE! Poor Amalah! On the bright side (I try) your mom is doing GREAT after her surgery and Ceiba will do the same! Oh, the things you will do for your pets and the money you will spend. Do you KNOW how that will triple when babalah arrives!
Oh, oh, oh, almost forgot.........
BEAUTIFUL hardwood floors (and stairs, d'oh)! AND I will say this in every post, seriously, beotch! You are so adorable pregnant!


Your loft bedroom is SO fantastic! Its H-U-G-E. Also? Still the cutest belly ever. Its getting so CLOSE! Can't wait to see him and find out what you're naming him.

Poor Ceiba, I'm so sorry to hear about her little knee. But you are definitely doing the right thing in getting it fixed now instead of waiting, it'll be so much easier on her.


Hi there!
As you're about a month ahead of me on the bun in the oven schedule, I just wanted to let you know how much fun it is to be able to periodically confirm that, yes, my behavior IS normal! Look, Amalah says so! She's said/done/felt the same thing! So, thanks for that. Although, as others have recently stated, I'm becoming worried about how we'll miss you when you're out for the big event! =)
Also wanted to know, did your vet mention the possibility of needing to do Ceiba's other little knee? Thought I would mention it so you could ask. And not that it makes you feel any better, but it gives ME hives when I have to TELL clients how much it costs for that type of surgery...sigh. Good luck with everything. XOXO


I recently went through the life changing experience of buying REAL furniture that didn't require hex keys, also. Shocking ,eh? Who KNEW?


yay for mom!! glad she is doing better! Sadness for poor Ceiba but don't worry all will be fine. I remember when I thought my cat had diabetes so help me god I sure did curl up next to him on the floor and start crying. AND I'M NOT EVEN PREGNANT!


Hi Amy- soyou probably hear this like ALL THE TIME, but I love your site. I really do. It provides me with entertainment during my otherwise groundhog like day (that's what I have been calling work since congressional recess started. The days just never seem to end). About your dog's weirdo limp: my uncle has a jack russel terrier who has that exact same limp. Their vet told them that their breed often does that and it's like their hip gets kind of stuck. It just takes them a bit of hopping until they re-align it. They are under the impression that it doesn't hurt the little guy, it just makes him look like a gimp to all the other dogs.


WOW! Someone else who bought a chifferobe! When I had my son, no one else knew what it was when we got it. We still have it and it's huge and bulky and heavy, but oh so beautiful. Glad to hear that Mom is doing ok! :)


We have 2 min pins (6 and 4 years old) and the older one was diagnosed with luxating patellas. As you say, its very common in minpins. We elected not to have the surgery, and our vet recommended just giving him glucosamine pills (sold at pet store) and/or doggie food with glucosamine in it (also sold at pet stores). He's doing much better, though he still limps occasionally after playing hard. Good luck to little Ceiba - she is (almost) as cute as my two boys! :)


OMG! I totally thought our vet was trying to scam us out of some money when he told me that my 1 year old cat had luxating patellas! Vet said he would eventually need surgery but I am talking about a vet that charges $185 for yearly shots,I just thought I needed a new vet.

I hope your little Ceiba makes it ok with her surgery.

Also glad to know that what was wrong with my cat is not made up, or am I? CRAP.


I am so glad to hear that you mom is doing well. That is wonderful!

I hope the poochie does as well with her surgery.

Nice furniture!



I think a little part of me just died of jealousy.

Glad to hear your mom is doing well! And hug Ceiba for all of us...


I just read "the loss of my nice shelf to balance my cake plate on",and was all, "Isthat some sort of euphemism? Amalah is too smart for me".Then I realised it actually wasn't a euphemism.

I am seething with jealousy over the hardwoos floors.

Not so much over Ceiba's knee. Hope her sugery goes well.


Seriously gorgeous belly, and I love y'all's bedroom. Very nice space.


Oooooh, I love the hardwood floors. BEAUTIFUL!

I am so so sorry about Ceiba. My little pooch, Tango, was sick last week, and seriously, I was unable to do anything. I couldn't sleep, couldn't eat, couldn't concentrate on anything because I was so worried. It is scary how much you can love your pets, isn't it?

But I am ecstatic to hear that your mom is up for baby buying stuff. That is great news.

Good luck to little Ceiba. Tango and Murray (my pups) send her lots 'o' licks.


The hardwood floors look almost as beautiful as you do!

Ya! for the Mamalah! Sorry to hear about Ceiba. She'll come through it fine, though.

You know, if you folded a flat sheet around your box springs, it would look like your bed was on a fancy upholstered pedestal or something...


No, MY pregnancy pictures are the worst ever because I had to take ALL OF MY OWN and most of the time? The bathroom mirror was DIRTAY and I was too fat and lazy to clean it. So, I'll totally fight you for title of Worst Belly Picture(s).


HA! I took about five pictures before that one and then realized that unless I went and grabbed the Windex there was no way y'all would be able to tell what in sam hill you were looking at.

So I made the bed AND washed my bathroom mirror for you people. Aren't you impressed?

Lisa B

The floors look great. Am so jealous because it looks like you actually have SPACE to do things like walk and move around. I hate my house. Oh and sorry to hear about your pup's problematic kneecaps. I'd say you need more cake.

And that was a very cute belly pic. Awww. Makes me all nostalgic. Only my butt seemed much bigger than my belly at 34 weeks. It was extremely scarey. But I blame my hubby for bringing me BLT's (with a pound of bacon) and chocolate shakes on an almost daily basis.


Little woman ~ big tummy.

Real Girl

Hardwood floors: gorge.
Window over bed: gorge.
You very, very pregnant: Annoyingly thin.
Max in buggy: Too cute for words.
Ceiba: Awww, sweetie.

Your Mom being okay: Priceless.


Ooooooooh pretty, pretty floors. And HUGE, HUGE bedroom. And dropping, dropping belly.

You are getting so close. I hope you blog from the delivery room. We expect nothing less.

Oh and yay mom!


Your rooms, floors, and furniture are beautiful. I am glad that you included the chifferobe picture so that we could see what a chifferobe looks like.(You know there is that old song that has a repeating lyric of "Chifferobe.") I think that the song is about child abuse.

On a more pleasant note: As a mom, you will love that Boppy and probably buy a few more.

I wish you and the sweet baby the best.


HOLY big bedroom, Amalah!!! And HOLY big belly on the tiny, tiny girl!!

Too cute! If every woman looked as adorable pregnant, there'd be a heck of a lot more babies born!


Cutest. Belly. Ever.


We once had a Min Pin (may he rest in peace) who had the same condition, I wonder if it is common for that breed? Anyway, he got along just fine though this was over ten years ago and the vet told us, he'd be fine and for the most part he I feel guilty for the little guy and he's dead! Anyway, wow! You're having a baby like soon! Congratulations again! It seems just like yesterday you were announcing your pregnancy! Have I been on one big acid trip since February? Perhaps so. All the same, congrats to you and the family! Oh and also..(yes I ramble) my grandmother is a survivor of Breast Cancer and she's had a clean bill of health ever since she went into remission. I hope it goes the same for your mom.


love the pics.

Laura GF

Am so very jealous of your beautiful floors and especially your gigantic bedroom. Incredible! Good luck to your mom and Ceiba's recovery (now and later, respectively).


Good job Amy's mom. We knew you were tough like that. And yay for pretty underwear :-D
Your bedroom is rad...I love the window. And you look beautiful, Amy...still totally "cute pregnant". Best of luck to Ceiba...she's lucky to have an owner as caring as you.


So sorry to hear about the puppy surgery. LOVE the hardwood floors and glad to hear that your mom is feeling better already.

Laura B.

I'm too impatient to read all your comments - cuz you always have lots of friends that talk to you - but my dog, Kaissa, (the most prettiest doggy in the world) had a luxating knee and we decided to have the surgery in a year when we could better afford it. Her knee NEVER subluxed (?) again...ever. So, maybe Ceibalah can get by without it? I hope so for everybody's sake.

Bad Penguin

Poor Ceiba, and her little tiny knee. I never really thought about dogs having knees before. Glad your mom is doing well. And your new floors are gorgeous.


I dig the column/right angle by the door of your bedroom. Very Demi Moore in St. Elmo's Fire!


Wow, you HAVE dropped! It won't be long now, chicky. And again I must say that I'm so jealous what with all your weight gain being JUST in your belly and your cute, petite non-linebacker arms that I ended up with and we won't even mention my thighs.

But this isn't about me.

Don't sweat the crib, dear; you'll most likely end up breastfeeding in bed because it's sooooo much easier than getting up and it makes the nighttime feedings a breeze. AND...if you nurse in at least two different positions you won't get mastitis (which is nothing serious).

LOVE your floors!


GAH! Poor Ceiba; it sounds like she's in good hands though. Our dog ended up getting a hip replacement after being struck by a car and he's doing just great (he was around 8 yrs old when it happened).


AHA! downward shift! you know what THAT means...

oh amalah, amalah, amalah. so much to comment on in this entry.

-max is trying to make a statement there, you know. HE is the baby. not that belly-creature everyone is excited about. you can totally see it in his eyes.

-don't feel bad...we've been married 7 years and just got an actual grownup headboard and actual furniture this past year. and plus, you're closer to the wood floor this way. for ceiba. ;)

-i feel really bad for little ceiba. you know, sometimes my shiloh gets all shriek-ey and like he's gonna puke and won't let us move him and it seems like for no reason except to emotionally manipulate us, but now i thank you for giving me something to be paranoid-ly worried about because OF COURSE if it can happen to ceiba i will assume it can happen to MY baby...because, duh.

-i LOVE your floors. you know, i don't want to be TOO nosy, but if you wouldn't mind divulging how much it's costing you to do this (did you have to rip up carpet? i forget.) that would help me because my husband has been nagging me and nagging me about how he wants to do this exact thing in our house (you can email me if you feel so inclined).


I'm glad to hear your mom is doing well. And that your floors are in!
I hope little Ceiba does just fine in her surgery. I had no clue that actually happened to dogs. I'll keep my fingers crossed that she has a speedy recovery. Before you know it, she'll be back to her normal, peeing self. ;)


I'm so happy that your mom is doing better. And poor poor Ceiba! But luckily she has the best owners ever and so she'll get through her surgery and be happily jumping on and chairs and couches once again.

Also, your house is adorable.

Pecos Blue

Wow, I am only 10 weeks but maybe I should get the stuff sooner rather than later. Sounds hectic--hope you are caught up by now. Best to your mom.


The way to help those painful kick from the baby - a cold can of soda! Seriously - when ther is a foot of knee in the wrong place, just put a can of cold Coke and that baby will move, believe me!


Wow, that is a SWEET camera.


Those floors. Make me drool. Our psychotic landlord just decided to cover our lovely (if not poorly maintained) hardwood with wall to wall BLACK CARPETING. Yeah. There are four cats, a dog, and three blue-collar workers living here. It's so so so heinous and filthy already. Gah.

Poor Ceibalah! How can such a teeny tiny knee cause so much trouble???

Glad to hear Mamalah is feeling better!!!


Your rockage knows no bounds! THANK YOU!!


I had knee problems as a child/teen - subluxating patellas!! I never knew the same condition could be shared with canines, I am so honoured. I also had surgery and am now much older (not telling) so I can assume all will be fine for Ceiba. She may not be allowed to ice skate or play volleyball for a while (like me) but she will still be allowed to go swimming.

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