ETA: Never



Not to be a spoil sport (did you take a picture???) But, I lost my plug ten days before I had my first.

Nice eh?

RockStar Mommy

Okay, Jamie? No offense, but you clearly need to be slapped around a bit. Amy WILL be going into labor today, damnit.


any progress is good progess! come on babe!

Miss W

Yay! At least you're finally moving in the right direction!!!


Yay! No mucus plug = well, I don't really know what it equals, but it sounds like you're moving in the right direction. Like pulling the drain out of the tub.


HOORAY!!! IT'S STARTING!! Okay, sorry for the gratuitous caps and exclamation points but hello? Excited!


You can lose it early but if you are already past your due date it usually means that labor is imminent. At least we hope.

Zoots Mom

Just around the corner...I have no doubt!!!


Thanks TB. Now I'm imagining Squishy sort of swirling around and then POP down the drain.

Which is very disorienting because I just woke up.

Yay for Amalah, though!


Yay!! I'm so happy for you :) This means that labor is coming! Woohoo!
And a positive labor story: my first came after 4 hours of hard labor (the 12 hours before that were mild cramping, so I went shopping, out for lunch, took a nap, ate 4 oranges in a row, watched "Father of the Bride" and ate chocolate cookies) and my second only took 2 hours from start to finish. I'm sure that as an expectant mother, you've been bombarded with horrific stories. I just wanted to share my not-so-horrific story. :)
I'm looking forward to reading about your baby's arrival! This is SO exciting! hehehehe!! (I'm a friend of Shiz's by the way)


Congratulations on managing to evacuate that pesky little plug!! Now you can work on evicting the Babalah from his cozy little Kiddie Condo...... hee hee


well, since my constant refreshing has surely added to the "extra 0" thing over the past 3 days since reading about all the babynes, i feel it only right that i say YAY AMALAH!! :)


YEA! Progress! :-) I'm so excited for you.

Meanwhile, I checked my stats on my site this morning, and was like, what in the world??? LOL.


Arrggh!! My eyes! My eyes!

Couldn't resist and googled "mucus plug." Life will never be the same again.


Step one- sit at desk. Step two- take breakfast out-start eating. Step three- check mail- yea! Amalah updated! Step four- eat breakfast -see the words "mucus plug"- get mental images. Step-five- put breakfast back.

Just kidding- so this is good right?I don't know anything about birthin' babies!

Real Girl what does that mean? Not in a graphic, blow by blow way, but is this the body saying: Time for labor! Watch me dilate!?


Yay, sounds like it could be anytime now! I know, I am Captain Obvious.


Lovely, wasnt it??
Hoo-boy..I think we've started the previews and are just in time for the main feature! So excited for you!


I am so excited for you guys!! Please get as much rest as possible now....Lord knows you deserve it!


Yay! So exciting!


YAY! Progress!!!!!!!



*Sidenote: I was scanning over the other comments and I saw "DearHearts" (two above mine) and I totally though she called your mucus plug "So sexy".

I had very little sleep last night, but even on no sleep - a mucus plug is probably the farthest things from "sexy". Exciting, yes. Sexy, no.


Hey Rockstar mommy, wanna put bets on that? heh heh heh.

You know what I hated though, when I was 10 years pregnant like our good amalah is, when old ladies would come up to me and say, "Oh just be glad they're still in there... it's so much easier!"

Now those women needed to be slapped. ;)

Melissa S

YAY! I lost my plug the morning before my due date and she came that night. I know that doesn't happen in every case, but I thought it might be encouraging anyway.

And I made my husband get out of bed and look at it just because it was so disgusting. :)

I hope he's on his way!



Come on Squishy! Today is a GREAT day for a birthday!!!

Good luck Amalah...sending you lots of strong pushing vibes and a VERY SAFE delivery. Oh...and pain-free...too.

Let's have a baby!!!


Congrats!! And thanks for keeping us updated. I really hope you go into labor soon.



Yeah!! Things are moving along!! I hope it happens for you soon!


I know better.
I really do.
When I first saw everyone googling "mucus plug" I resisted, because that is just...wrong.
But when someone tells me NOT to do something, it makes me want to do it more.
I just wish I hadn't been eating scrambled eggs at the time.


"Mucus plug" = "cervix snot"


Chompin' at the bit...
Fingers crossed...
Here's hoping he makes his debut today!


sending some serious contraction vibes your way...well, how about nice and cozy contraction vibes to start with...



Come on, Babalah!


Adding to the chorus of YAYs!!!!!


I lost my plug 3 weeks before I actually gave birth but I was early. But according to the pictures I've seen of "da belly" and because the kitchen countertops are done, you should be in labor right now right? Yay!! Oh and Ceiba being all territorial about mommy, I believe she knows someone is coming soon, very very soon.


Waaay Cool!

*Doing the mucous plug dance*


Didn't read through the comments, so forgive me if I repeat something.

I was 3 days past my due date with G-Unit when I lost my mucous plug. I went into labor the next day.

Good luck!

Real Girl

(By the way...why does have e-cards for "Sweetest Day" on 10/15, whatever that is, but nothing to exclaim "Yay! Your Mucus Plug Is Gone!")

(Clearly we need to start a letter writing campaign.)


Come on Babalah! September 29th is my mom's birthday and is a most excellent day to be born. (not as good as MY birthday of course, but come on, that's in December)

Good luck, here's hoping he makes his appearance soon!


You lost it?

Well, go find the darned thing! otherwise you'll never get your deposit back.


Woo hoo!! That is a fantastic sign of progress! I expect to hear about various and sundry contractions next, followed by babalah's grand entrance!


Holy crap! My "haven't reproduced yet" ass doesn't even know what a mucus plug is but....gross...really, really gross.

But it must be good thing, so yeah!

Dr. Johnny Fever

Please tell us you'll be liveblogging the delivery. I want to see how man "gahs" we can get out of one of those DEFCON 5 contractions.


Hey that is great! Progress is good. Best of luck to you!



there will be no defcon 5 contractions.
there will be only mild crampings and then little squsihy will pop out easy as can be.
everyone should start concentrating on happy painless birthing images now.
it's the least we can do for amalah.


Oh and don't listen to the spoilsports! Progress is good!! Don't even think that it might be ten more days.


Wow! I have no idea what your mucous plug falling out means, but it sounds quite important! Here's hoping that baby slides out nice and smooth here pretty soon.


YAY! After breathing deeply to keep from puking at the site of the words "mucus plug" (nothing personal, I just have mucus/snot=gag issues), I wanted to say YIPEE! This is progress! Here's to hoping that baby is out and about by the end of the week! :)


omg. best wishes for a speedy delivery!!


This is from tomorrow's Sydney Morning Herald (Aust.)
Is this for real???


Awwww yay!!!


Woohoo! I don't know anything about mucus plugs, but it sure does sound like progress!


i STILL googled it. wow.

Well, hells yeah for progress!


"You lost it?

Well, go find the darned thing! otherwise you'll never get your deposit back."


Am picturing this... because I too did not heed the wise words of Peyton and googled it... BWHAHAHAHA!


Everyone's saying that's a good thing so I'll follow along and say Yay!!
I hope the rest of your labor symptoms follow suit. And quickly! :)

Lisa Ann

I don't even know what a mucus plug is (and I'm sure as hell not googling it) but you sound so happy that you lost it so... HURRAY!! Come out and play little baby.

Send good labor vibes your way....


Wow, dk, that is unbelievable. Where I gave birth (Georgetown U.) only allowed 2 people in the delivery room. I just can't imagine having my whole family watch!


Hooray!!!! Good Luck, here's to dialating!!


Oh my God. I am weak and I googled.
(turns green)
I'm too innocent for that.
Hang in there Amalah, I think you're being a very brave girl.


Pretty soon your going to be holding this amazing little baby in your arms. I'm so excited for you! Sending up a prayer for ya right now!
Your internet family....


I lost mine AT WORK. It was quite something.

You can do it! Come on out baby!


Go Squishy Go!


Good for you, Amalah. We're all rooting for you, Jason & the Babalah. I'm an idealist, so I prayed for painless labour. :)


Go Babalah!!!
I've got a frosty chocolate milk shake, just for you, if you make it fast!


Good luck Amalah - you're getting there!


I know this is a repeat, but I must say Hoorah! for losing your mucus plug. And no, I'm not going to google that.


Hey, congrats! I am proud right now that I have resisted the google urge unlike most of the other posters above. Although, now I know how to freak out my husband should that need ever arise.

Bonanza Jellybean

Congratulations on your mucus plug!!

And I hope I never utter those words again as long as I live.


I cannot resist googling The Phrase Which Must Not Be Named, but I will at least wait until I get home. That way I can give my boyfriend a sneak peak of what our baby-bearing future will entail.

On second thought, that may not be the best way to reel him in. Hmmmm.


I hope the socks got there... and I hope his highness makes a lovely arrival safely!


Hah I've already seen one in my underwear so I am -not- looking.

But yay! labor! Yay!!!


I am more addicted to the outcome here than when my own sister gave birth. Babalah, you're killing me!


I don't know what losing the mucus plug entails and I'm not going to Google it because it sounds... squishy and, well, I had my annual this morning and I'm just a bit overwhelmed with pelvic area business.

On that note: GO INTO LABOR!!


Don't remember noticing that I "lost" it with my son (who was born on his due date) but I was only 35 weeks along with my daughter when I saw it in the toilet while I was at an Angels playoff game. It freaked me out because I was supposed to be on bed rest. She came two weeks later, but I'm sure that had nothing to do with "when" I lost the plug and more to do with bed rest and Terbutaline.

Good luck to you! It will be soon!

Sarcastic Journalist

I totally showed mine to my husband. He wasn't impressed.

And there I was, thinking it would bond us together.


"lost mucus plug"

Well don't slip on it.


Wow, from the other side of the bog water,I am sending my positive thoughts to Amy and to baby!

I gave birth to two kids, but I didn't felt or realized loosing the mucus plug - whatever it might look like.


I started googling for the mucus plug pictures before Peyton posted her warning. No matter, when I saw the words "stringy mucus," "sticky discharge" or (my favorite!) "Can a mucus plug look like a booger?" I realized I was better off not knowing.

You've had some nice restful (perhaps agonizingly so) days. I hear that rested Momalahs have a much easier time with that whole squeezing a human out of their yin yang... so you're in good shape! Many prayers for you and the Babalah.

p.s. I think you should make all us commenters godparents.


This is so funny! I've never seen the word "yay" and "mucus plug" so many times. I gave birth 11 days early, lost my plug (I'll just leave that other word out) on Saturday morning and delivered at 6:45 on Sunday night. Surely you won't make it past tomorrow! Congrats on the progress b/c it is progress.


ok, ew. I read that twice and it wasn't until my third visit that I understood the title.


Yay! I hope we don't hear from you for the next few days and that it's because the plug isn't the only thing your body is letting go.


Damn! Shame on you for suggesting we google that image...and shame on me for being THAT bored... I never would've thought to do that without your prompting and now am scarred for life...Eww, gross. I never saw mine w/my son. Now I'm praying I don't see one w/the one due in December either!

Good luck!!! Labor is imminent!


Right now somebody at google is perhaps wondering what all the excitement is about.

I dare you to visit



Would "Mucus Plug" be a good name for an alternative band? Discuss.


Yeah! So now I'm hoping you have a nice, short labor like I had. You deserve it, by this point!
(Okay, so it wasn't "nice" but it was exciting.)
Can't wait for the next post...


I forgot to say - laughing my ass off at "Amalah Unplugged" You are hilarious!


I hope I don't get fired for googling "mucus plug" while at work.


Yay!! Most people I know went within a day or two of losing their mucous plug... SO EXCITING! It's progress! :)
I'm totally looking forward to all of this fun stuff! :)


I have an overwhelming urge to prank call my local library and ask them to check the lost & found for Amy Storch's mucus plug.



Is there a plan for updating when you are in labor? Or should we just assume if we don't see anything that you are birthing?

I know this sounds weird, but I am more excited about this birth than I have been for some friends' babies.


Ah, the old "So, I lost my mucus plug..." Makes a great beginning to a birth story! Labor, she is coming!

Also, I have an idea. Point at your belly and say firmly, "OUT, BABY. OUT." Many a good birth stories start that way, too.

Just trying to be helpful.


Hey! Every time I have lost mine, I've delivered within a day or two. Things are happening!

Best of luck. I'll be thinking about you!

Lisa B

I had to laugh at your "unplugged" comment. And I hope that as I type this you have already delivered and are cuddling with your little man right this minute. :-)


damn you people with your google mucus plug don't google mucus plug. of course i had to and eww-i have to do that one day?
on the other hand cograts for popping the cork.


cute blog


Just kidding!

Please don't tell me you are saving it in the scrapbook.


aw, makes me want to be pregnant again!

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