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Because I need a break in talking about HOW I AM NOT IN LABOR YET, I decided to scan some photos from this kind of hilarious cookbook I found in my office last week. And then say semi-funny things about the photos, like I'm James Lileks and the Gallery of Regrettable Food or something.*

Click here for the The Company Cookbook: A Journey Through the Center of the Middle of the Shredded Cheddar Cheese Universe

*I am so not James Lileks and the Gallery of Regrettable Food or something. I'm just bored and again, NOT IN LABOR YET.

(EDITED TO ADD: Before everybody thinks I'm taking easy potshots at the gentle Midwesterners and their love of the Hotdish and Cream of Mushroom soup, let me state for the record that this company is located in Florida. Which makes zero sense, I know, but yes, Florida.)

(And it's always okay to make fun of Florida, right?)



W-O-W. That was the best thing I've seen in a long time. You just made my Hump Day. Thank you.

Though I must add that I shared this hilarity with a coworker, and she seemed genuinely interested in and excited by "The Green Dessert". BECAUSE SHE ATE IT LAST WEEK. *shudder*


How how HOW did these cookbook people get a hold of the Thanksgiving menu from my motherin-in-law? Seriously...those disgusting things looked all too familiar. Soooo unfortunate.


I would have recoiled in horror if I had seen the cookbook, but with your commentary, I laughed instead. Hillarious!


That is awesome.....especially since I've eaten waaaay too many of those exact dishes at my own company meals. All the cheese ones, anwyay...thankfully, not the mold balls.


As a Florida native, I'm very, very disappointed.

Although I love me some cheese!


Brilliant as always...remind me not to read breakfast casserole recipes in the morning. Excuse me while I go wipe the coffee off my laptop screen.


I swear my cholesterol doubled just looking at those pictures! I will NEVER make another dish with shredded cheddar cheese again.


Oh, my goodness! LOL - I really needed that laugh. Thank you, Amalah. :)

Ms Meh

Yeah, I am officially off the cheese now (not like I wasn't before - hello, WW!)

Seriously, I'll be in town tomorrow. Need some delivery from Austin Grill?


Wow...I feel like I was just held hostage at the worst church potluck dinner I've ever attended. That's the kind of food that makes you want to swear off cheese and anything else where you can not distinguish individual food items.

I think with this critical commentary you may have just avoided receiving jello molds or cassaroles after you give birth, though!! Let's hope so for your sake.

The Fuzz

MY DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN. I just wet myself. I think many of us from towns in the South, Midwest, wherever have experienced the joys of various forms of cheese, meats, and starch congealed in harmony in casserole dishes, via the church potluck dinner. If only we were so lucky to get it where we work too.


My hindparts are freezing up just looking at all that cheese.


2004? Are you freaking kidding me?

Surely they mean 1974!

Damn, that's impressive.


Their office must be full of fat people.

Holy comments, Batman! We love laughing at the cheese.

Melissa S

Finally delurking to say hello. And that I have to go home now, because nothing else in my day could possibly top this and all of it's hilarity!
Thank you for making my Wednesday! I'm sending that to everyone I can think of.

Best wishes with the babalah. Soon you'll get to hold him in your arms instead of your stretched-to-the-max belly. And then make your hubby carry him around so your back can take a freaking break!

Ward Clark

I'm not sure what all of the fuss is about. American families eat these dishes every night. How else could we be so fat? You all know that you have had more than a few casseroles made of cheese in your life.

Real Girl

Refresh! Fresh!'s so exciting to-o me... (Am I dating myself with that song?!)

I mean, what else do you do when work's so boring you could fall asleep? And isn't today OB/GYN check up day? Should I really not know that?


Holy shit, that's disgusting.


OK- I was forwarded this from a friend of mine and my first comment to her was - this is odd, half of the recipes I have personally experienced at random block parties after we moved from NYC to Tampa Bay. Then I noticed the Bucs mug and realized this has got to be from Raymond James - one of the largest employers in Tampa Bay....OMG - the's bad enough that people eat this stuff but to be proud enough to compile and distribute to unsuspecting Business Partners?? There should be a law or they just enjoy being poked fun at....


that is the funniest thing that I have read in a long time...funny enough to spark a first time comment :) Those of us in Texas are quite familiar with many of those XTRA cheesey dishes as well!! can't wait to see pictures of the baby...and read many more entries that will have me laughing out loud at work while everyone gives me weird looks! good luck Amy with your delivery!


My fear with this is that, just by looking at the cookbook, you'll regress back to the first trimester with the all-the-time sickness, and that Squishy will just wait another seven months to make an appearance. Which, seriously, if that's the case, I will personally burn that cookbook.

Thanks for always making me laugh. I hope you have that baby, like, TODAY.


The funniest was one of the first ones with all that damn plastic ivy and matching placemat. How unappealing!

(sending labor vibes)


I imagine breakfast potlucks at this company must be awfully boring with everyone bringing the same casserole...

Where's the Krispy Kremes?


This was freaking hysterical! I needed a laugh like this today.


I love this! My MIL gave me one year for Chanukah a spiral bound cook book called "100 Quick recipes from California Home Ec Teachers." It's too funny to throw away.


Laughed my ass off and lost 2 lbs. It is hilarious. Needed a hump day pick me up....Thanx a million


I think it's obvious that the National Cheese Council has been working undercover in Florida.


I think it's clear that the National Dairy Council has been doing some undercover work in Florida. Why, I don't know, but I'm sure their reasons are smothered in melted cheese.


Oh the horror. Growing up in Wisconsin, I ate unidentifiable concoctions involving cream of mushroom soup daily, but no radioactive orange cheese. In Wisconsin we have some respect for cheese. Although I am sorry to say that my own mother recently sent me a "Mexican" casserole recipe including ground beef and Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. Because apparently she hates me.


On the tater tot/beef/cream of mushroom soup dish, you failed to count on the Weber grill pictured with it, which I found highly amusing. Either that is one gigantic dish of slop, or they actually photographed it with a miniature Weber...I don't know which I find funnier.


Delurking to say...I almost pissed and vomitted at the same time. I just have to wonder... How in the Sweet Name of Florida do those people take a poop? I've never seen such an abuse of cheese and soup...and sausage. My fave was the burrito gravy. MMMmmmmm got to get me some of that!


I don't exactly have as much time to keep up as I used to, what with the 2-year-old I have acquired over here, but my sister sent this link and said I had to come catch up over here, and oh my sweet jeebus, I am laughing so hard that said 2-year-old actually TOOK HER ATTENTION AWAY FROM FRICKING ELMO ON THE TV to stare at me. So thanks for that. And I will keep checking back until you have the damn baby, already.


My favorite was the Ring o'Sausage and apples, garnished with the dollop of scrambled eggs in the center! MMMMM! That AND the cheese ball slathered with the 'jarred dried beef.' WTF?!?

Laura E

Brilliant! Simply brilliant. I wish my brain was half as sharp as yours when I was as pregnant as you are (or ANY time for that matter!). I've contributed and cooked from a workplace cookbook - but even better, and in your future should you ever birth that baby - school cookbooks! No picture involved, but you can learn so much about those families by their recipe contribution.

Thinking good labor thoughts for you!

person of interest

Jeez!! This is an example of what happens when a country with no inherent culture of it's own tries to "make up" recipes! Cream of Mushroom soup, Velveeta and Casseroles! The nightmares!

I can't imagine being forced to eat this crap!

At my old employer we had a Chili cook-off every Valentine's Day. Now THAT was some good eatin'!


That cookbook is awesome!!! I used to live in Wisconsin (yes, the cheese state) where people bring caseroles to every freaking outing. I forwarded your link to all of my friends back there. They love it (and some want to contribute)! Thank you for making me laugh to so hard at work!


Absofuckinglutely amazing what people think that others want the recipe for...the one with dried jarred beef just about made me barf. A good non-stress test and biophysical profile are so fun, because you can know that babalah is just fine and cozy in there...come on out babalah...


Jeez, thanks, now one of my coworkers is real pissed off at me because I was telling her about this hilarious cookbook and picking on this awful American trailer trash tradition that consists in cooking using almost exclusively processed, industrial ingredients.
Turns out, that's pretty much how SHE cooks. No wonder her ass is the size of a Buick, but that's besides the point. Now she's mad at me and I'm going to have to deal with her foul mood for at least a couple of days. Well, maybe that will motivate her to visit the farmer's market and (shudder) the gym. Peace.


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! That is the best laugh I have had in a long time! Take care and hang in there. :)


OMG that is sooo fucking gross...i have been following your pregnancy for a few months but never posted, but this cheese shit definately deserves a response....BLAH


I knew there were some people out there that believe cheese or "cream of" soups can make every dish better...I didn't know they all worked at the same company though! Ewww!

And the disobeying begins...tell Babalah he needs to come out now - or else! LOL I will raise my beer-wine glass in toast to you, hubby, and the little guy - may he arrive happy, healthy, and VERY soon!

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