Still No Baby. Still Plenty of Boring.

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Yesterday's total number of page views had an extra zero on it. Y'all are going to get some major carpal tunnel syndrome if you don't quit with the mad refreshing.

So this entry is simply today's Good Morning Calm Down No Labor Yet Placeholder Entry.

Perhaps I shall write something clever later today, but if I wait to update until something clever actually occurs to me, I might cause the Internet some permanent harm.

So here. These are the only babies currently present in the Storch household. This situation is not expected to change for several more days, or possibly months, because I have one damn comfy womb.




I love that rocking chair. You look so mommy-ready sitting there with the pets. :)


Isnt black slimming? ;)


Ceiba is so going to miss that little shelf you have for her!


I love the strategic placing of the animals. You don't even look pregnant in that picture!


Just wanted to say...I'm feeling your pain. I'm due next week and have the slightest hope that I may be induced tomorrow at my dr. appt. - of course i have a half wit cervix that refuses to budge and inch..."f" the cervix!

Here's hoping your water breaks, sista!


Looking at that picture (very cute, by the way), I see that your nose still very much resembles how it looks in the picture of you as a little kid... I'd love to see you recreate that kid picture as an adult. hee hee

Thanks for thinking about us, and I hope it's Comforting and not Creepy to realize that lots and lots of strangers are keeping close tabs on your cervix. (How could that be creepy?)


good luck! your babies are beautiful. (and so content... too bad they're about to be jealous!)


oh, and YOU are beautiful, too!


Awww. Also, so many of us have lost the pot. Can we re-guess?

I say April. You'll have him in April.



I'm sending 'go into labor' vibes.


Oh gosh, you are now dreaming about us! "hello, I need to tell the internet"! Even when you have nothing to say, you still make me laugh!


Crap. I'm going to be 2 days without internet access in about 2 hours.

Think of it this way, babies are easier to take care of while they are still in your uterus. Enjoy your last few days, before you meet babalah for the first time.

I can't wait to see your little man. Best of luck to you all.


Thanks for the update! You STILL look fabulous!


This is the cutest picture ever! I love your furbabies! : )


Am I the only one that thinks it's crazy that your cat is larger than your dog and that your belly is larger than them both (possibly combined)? I mean c'mon people, that is not normal!


We can't help it, we are obsessed you see!

I think the pets are in cahoots. See how they are silently communicating with each other? "Listen, Dog, if she goes into labor today we lose our comfy babyshelf!" "Oh yes Cat, you are so right, we must continue the no-labor hoojoo chant!"

Heather B.

"Y'all are going to get some major carpal tunnel syndrome if you don't quit with the mad refreshing"

I love that "Y'all" and "Mad refreshing".

Babalah's going to come out saying things like "I'm here mom. Word."


De-lurking to say here's hoping for a Delivery Smackdown this week instead of advice!

Love your writing, and your tiny dog and gigantic cat :)


Thanks for thinking of us. It's like a drug, the refreshing. "Maybe something changed while I was working on that paragraph....Just one little click, what could it hurt?" You know that with every click our minds are all racing with thoughts of you on the way to the hospital, unable to update us. Pathetic!! But the first step is admitting you have a problem. Hi, I'm a clickaholic! : )


Awww! A visual record of the pets' last visit to the nursery (and your lap) before they and all their shedded fur are banned until your boy is 18.

(HA! You know they will be snuggling up to him within hours of his arrival home...)


"Clickaholic" is my new favourite word. Click, click, clickety-click, clickaholic!

Sarah King

You look very pretty. I hope that cheers you up a little bit while you continue with the waiting and the sitting and the holding of the pets.


Looking forward to an afternoon update.
Seriously - I think we deserve a twice daily update. :-)

I've been referring to my own womb as the Kiddie Condo. However, the rent is coming due and the jig will soon be up.

Real Girl

If I remember correctly, I think I guessed Sept. 30...but I just realized I'll be away then! And by the time I get back on Oct. 2 from my hiking-in-the-mountains-and-yes-I'll-still-be-wearing-bronzer-and-lip-gloss extravaganza, there will likely be both 1) A BABY! A BAAAAAABY! and 2) Ninety gagillion tramillion spazillion and onety comments of love and none from me because Ack! Away!

Real Girl

Oct. 4...I meant Oct. 4...


Try not to worry about the non-budging cervix....some women hang at 2 or 3 cm for WEEKS and others go from 0 to 10 cm in 3 or 4 hours. May yours be one of the latter!


Now see, this is why I take advantage of the RSS feed. All I gotta do is go to my favorites, and if there's a new post, it tells me. It's freaking brilliant.

It's only when you don't post for a few days that I get concerned.

And I guess I'm out of the baby pool.


Well I have been reading for months, and now feel the need to write you! I too am with child, and while it is lovely - there is NOTHING better than holding the baby. Just a couple things I wanted to tell you about, since this is my second time around and no one told me the first time!!! day three (after delivery) be ready to BAWL! make a list for feeding and diaper changes - you will be quizzed on this for the next three months. Everyone's assvice is just getting started - and screw everyone! Do what feels right for you despite it being your first you do and will know what is best, and when things are good/bad. Also make sure you have a lot of soft wash cloths for the baby - no wipes until 3 months.

All the best ;-)


I am really hoping that your next post will be several days from now, and it will be along the lines of "the baby is HERE!"


Oh, one more thing - which group seems to be more psyched about your baby's birth: your readers, or your family and friends?


i see max is just like my mitchell.

and watch it, if your womb is THAT comfy, he might crawl in there.


We will just start calling you "Earth Mama Nature".


No wipes till baby is 3 months old? Why, pray tell?

Add that to the list of parenting mistakes I've made.....


Wipes are fine under three months.

I was six days late. Longest freaking days of your life. If you can get through them without crying, it's a good day.


I think twice-daily updates since you work from home are a must.

On Days of Our Lives, Belle just found out she was pregnant like a month ago and gave birth today. Early. That has to annoy the shit out of you.

Amalah Service Announcement

I love reading Amalah, so I clickety-click on the ads.



Darn. And I'd placed dibs on this day as your delivery date. Partly b/c it's also my 2nd anniversary. ;)

I'm still sending labor vibes to Babalah, but obviously my powers don't work anymore. Sorry. I hope he decides to move out soon!


Yah that Expecting book says no wipes but that's bullshit according to our doc. We just used the newborn wipes for the first month or so cause they are all hypo-allergenic or something. My guess was today at 6 something p.m. cause my son will be 2 months old today so I thought it would be good luck. There goes that theory. Good luck, sleep now while you still can.


Man, I wish you would just go away and not type anything to us for about a week or 2.

But only because you are too busy with a new baby to type to us. I'm sure everything will go well. Good luck!


BTW, how late is your DR willing to let you go before he intervenes in some way??


Kitty-no way! I also picked today as the due date partly b/c it's my second anniversary! funny!


Hey, so good of you to think of us at a time like this! If we couldn't live vicariously through you, we'd have no life at all!


Bring all ye fuzzy creatures to me! I am with child and feeling all nurturing and shit.

You look great. 9 months pregnant, and great. Why don't I hate you?


You look great.

I nearly peed myself with the cooking pictures - aside from my intestines cramping at the mere thought of all that cheesy goodness.

(Love the stuff. D. does not like what it does to me. Neither do I as a matter of fact)


The end always feels longer than the first 11, er I mean 8.75 months. Hang in there!


I'm thinking your pets know something... maybe tomorrow? Hang in there and get some rest!


I love that the cat is so much bigger than the dog.

Cat would totally win in a pet smackdown.


*I am in no way promoting a pet smackdown.

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